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If The Spirit Moves You


Our realities are being challenged every day and personal reality is changed at the speed of a television or radio transmission. The words and the visuals are flashing at us constantly and sometimes fantasy images can eventually make themselves very real with the aid of technology and chemistry. There are contrasts of perspectives and shocking revelations that have you re-evaluate your beliefs on a constant basis.

Attitudes change like yesterdays underwear and some of us have trouble keeping up. In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen tells Alice how easy it is to believe impossible things as you get older and claims that she believed in six impossible things before breakfast.

Maybe it is definitely a metaphor where adults will tell you to believe in God and Satan yet will deny you the possibility of monsters or specters lurking in the shadows to take you away while you dream

Finding the core of the subconscious mind where dreams are generated may yield some very interesting clues about past present and future. The difficulty is finding effective ways to harvest from the subconscious tangible metaphors and interpreting them effectively. It would be fascinating to find an oracle that accurately gives us a possible glimpse into tomorrow. The question is how it would affect us in the present.

We hear of oracles in fiction and mythology. A tool that can open doorways into the dimensions and show us that past present and future are happening all at once and all we see is now.

It may be confusing but we must understand that there is so much about us that we do not know. The dreamscape may have vital information about our being, how time is simultaneous and how we all feel and store images and sounds deep inside of us. We may even have stored in us past lives and possible pasts and futures that can be extracted.

The human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or Evil the messages exist in a realm of multi-verses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat.

All over the world, cultures have their shamans, medicine men, seers, occultists, fortune tellers, gurus, holy men, visionaries, and contacts that produce and put into zeitgeist ideas and scenarios that lead to predictive programming in the public.

They are capable of seeing numbers that appear in strange orders, combinations and cognitive connections. This is called, for lack of a better euphemism, “the pattern.” The process of seeing or hearing that pattern can be written off as being a form of Pareidolia; however, that does not mean that the pattern should be dismissed if it appears in context.

If it has significant meaning then why should it be discredited by skeptics as a flight of fancy or delusion?

We are beginning to see that many of our modern shaman are the actors we see in movies and now we are learning that symbolism and mystical messages are being channeled into the music we hear. I have pointed out that while there are many popular singers that claim they are in cahoots with the devil, we may not comprehend that there are some people that are most definitely conduits to other realms and that these ethereal realms are eventually brought out in the art and music of the individual.

We always wonder if the talent that these artists possess is their own or if it is manifest from other worlds.

The power to speak with discarnate beings has been spoken of in all histories and texts for centuries. Magicians, preachers, popes and prophets all claim to have been influenced by spirits. Some claim the ability of automatic writing and scrying.

I have seriously been thinking about this idea ever since I read about the untimely death of Jeff Hanneman the guitarists of the band Slayer. There are a few of my listeners that are aware of the band.

Slayer is one of those bad boy heavy metal outfits that have been very forthcoming in saying that they are all about singing songs with satanic themes.

Hanneman it has been reported was recovering from a spider bite that led to a diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that nearly cost him his arm. Such an infection can develop from a minor cut or scratch.

This eventually led to liver failure and took him at age 49.

This has prompted the hateful Westboro Baptist church to show up at his funeral. The church group tweeted about Hanneman’s death by including a photo of him performing alongside fellow Slayer guitarist Kerry King coupled with a separate image of another recently-deceased performer, Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly along with the line “Which of your idols will God kill next?” and the hashtag #picketfunerals.

With songs like “Not Of This God,” “The Anti-Christ,” and “Witching Hour“, Slayer has been the seminal “all things Satan” band and the death of Hanneman has given fodder for many born gain preachers to say that this is what happens when band sell their souls.

However, it needs to be mentioned that a Christian heavy metal band As I Lay Dying is now the focus of controversy as the lead singer Tim Lambesis, was arrested in California on charges that he sought the help of an undercover detective to have his estranged wife killed.

The irony is that As I Lay Dying would often tour with Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and all sorts of so-called Satanic bands. Lambesis claims that he had been struggling with organized religion and biblical texts, but according to his own blog, considers himself a follower of Jesus: “I’m still inspired by the words of the man who told us to ‘love our enemies’ and to serve ‘the least of these.’ Regardless of where a person stands religiously, that is simply a better way to live, full of compassion, and alleviating our selfish suffering as we put our energy into serving those worse off than ourselves.

Meanwhile, as the wrongful death trial of Michael Jackson continues, some interesting testimony was given about how Jackson was able to summon magical qualities and that for some reason in his final days he was unable to do so. The manager of the “This Is It” tour, Kenny Ortega, had learned form an associate producer, Alif Sankey, that Jackson was dying. She testified that in Jackson’s final days he had claimed that God was speaking directly to him.

I was once told by a born again minister that Christian rock is something that is an oxymoron. He was speaking primarily of the heavy metal band Stryper that used to tour around the country throwing bibles out to people while performing.

He told me in an interview that there is a power that is mystical and in his opinion darker that exists and that it is a more diabolical muse that sparks heavy rock music. He had commented that while it is easy to say that the power comes from the devil he believed that the power came from a more cosmic realm. He was of the opinion that rock music was inspired by a more earth based or planetary based vibration, where there are spirits that dwell in the earth and in the air that influence the music of most rock musicians.

Another band out of Los Angeles called Black Lodge actually seems to be a band that exemplifies the explanation I got from the pastor.

The name of the band is taken from the Native American Black Lodge where certain ceremonial rituals are performed that draw upon planetary influences. According to guitarist Johnny Royal, “The name Black Lodge comes from an old Native American mythology. Certain tribes believe that particular woods were enchanted and that if you were to enter into these parts of these enchanted woods at a certain time…when the planets are aligned, you have to enter with a heart full of fear or a heart full of love.

If you do, you go into this other dimension and you either can go into what is called the White Lodge, which is like Heaven, or you can go to hell, or you can come back to Earth. If you come back to Earth, you come back with a gift. It plays into the idea with, where the music is, it’s on the darker side of things. It goes pretty deep into an idea of taking a look at the way things are in the world right now and really making a statement that there are things that are wrong. A lot of it comes from within the relationship between a father and his children.”

Their album diary of ‘Tomahawk’ takes on the concept of a demon slayer named Tomahawk. Tomahawk is a young girl who is abused and so she uses Native American rituals to conjure up the ability to see those around her who are possessed by demons. The ritual is done with the raven and thus it is viewed as being black magic.

She sets out to kill everybody that she finds that has these demons possessing them. The world on the outside views her as a serial killer, but her secret is that she is an avenging angel, an instrument that hunts down and kills those who are possessed.

A very difficult concept to sell and yet the band uses some occult imagery in their videos. The imagery however is arguably more shamanic and esoteric than blatantly Satanic.

The band combines a very modern sound that is clean and unique. It seems to shy away from the death metal sounds that are prevalent in a lot of music that is guides by spirit and the spirit that guides the band and its inspiration is vague enough to spark conversation about their conceptual endeavor.

Another interesting up and coming singer is Matt Lande who is a singer who not only performs his songs but also has a hobby of being a ghost hunter. I have met Matt with his association with Larry Overman that owner of the haunted Crescent Mine featured in the SyFy channel’s series “Ghost Mine.”

Matt’s music is inspired by his encounters with ghosts, and there is even a hint that much of what he writes and performs has been channeled to him by some of the spirits he has had contact with.

The present captivation with supernaturalism seems to create a cultural high. While religious leaders hope it fades, it seems like more and more that stable people are beginning to listen to what the conscience is saying to them and the voices that are inspiring them to create music, art, and performance.

Every religious philosophy has its fanatics and Satanism has always been seen as the extreme scapegoat when it needs to be demonstrated that many people who cannot handle a supernatural world will often lose their minds in the swarm of bad vibrations in ether already being destabilized by war and the threat of the end of the world.

The increase in art and music that reflect a supernatural theme is a reflection of where we are spiritually in the world.

It seems to me that the devil is frequently mentioned in heavy metal and rock lyrics because he is the go to marketing element that is the personification of the forces of chaos. It can be seen as a musical version of horror movie pulp fiction or it can be taken literally as the devil’s method of conveying a message of disarray and hopelessness. However it is becoming evident that those spirits that manifest in today’s music and the symbolism that exists is being drawn from a more sophisticated and organized thought form.

It no longer is just a musical sound track for Satanism, but a thundering reminder that the earth itself has powers that can be channeled into frequencies that can inspire and even move you mentally and spiritually in places that were once uncharted.

It now can be said that music can now place us into a position where we leap out of time, feel the power of sex, magic and love. It can raise our awareness to the supremacy of God and the chaos of Satan.

It can be used to communicate with angels, and quite possibly the very beings that live somewhere outside the known realms of the earth.

It may even be the key to gate that opens the path to heaven.

That is only if the spirit can move you.


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