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5/13: I’ll Fly Away w/ Dr. Larry Johns

5/13: I'll Fly Away w/ Dr. Larry JohnsLet’s open our week with a word of prayer: “Dear god, what’s going on!?” Synchronicities are culminating and they concern space, popes and prophecies. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes back Dr. Lawrence Johns, founder of Western Way Institute and creator of V Domes, to help us transcend this ‘ExoSpiritualism: The Secret Within The Sacred‘!


James J

Your Superman metaphor/comparison isn’t exactly correct.
True- Superman is a being from another world that eventually becomes a moral compass for humanity.
However, and this is a big deal, his morality does not come from beyond the stars. It comes from his upbringing with the Earthlings Jonathan and Martha Kent. They taught him values, and right from wrong.
In fact, had he arrived on Earth as an adult, Superman would have probably conquered us, viewing us as inferior beings, the way we view simple children.

So, yeah, close, but no cigar on that.

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