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ExoSpiritualism: The Secret Within The Sacred


Today marks the 96th anniversary of what can arguably called the most celebrated extra-terrestrial encounter in religious history. During 1917, three children in the town of Fatima, Portugal, claimed to have witnessed six extraterrestrial events between May 13 and October 13. The attention of the public and the Roman Catholic Church was captured by the phenomenon in the sky over Fatima on the day of the last appearance.

FATIMA NEWSWhile many now say that the vision of Fatima was an apparition of the Virgin Mary, it’s important to note that the original account of the Fatima event was that a metallic bubble looking sphere came down from the sun on the days of the so-called visions.

The final appearance was called the “Miracle of the Sun” and while the church and the true believers have fallen into the trappings of the sacred with regards to the miracle, there are others that are seeing a greater significance now that the church has been slowly edging closer to disclosure with regard to a sacred look at the science of exobiological contact.

On the last day of the “vision of Fatima” there were 30,000 to 100,000 people, who were gathered near Fátima, Portugal, to witness this extraordinary solar activity.

On May 13th, 2013, 96 years to the day of the first visions of Fatima, Pope Francis has decided to consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima. Interesting that what was actually seen at Fatima was described as an illuminated disc, not an image of a woman at all but something resembling a modern UFO.
French-born venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, ufologist and former astronomer Jacques Vallée is notable for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and for his work at SRI International in creating ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet. Along with his mentor, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Vallée carefully studied the phenomenon of UFOs for many years and served as the real-life model for the character portrayed by François Truffaut in Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind‘.

Vallée contributed to the investigation of the miracle at Fatima and his work has been used to support the Fatima UFO hypothesis. Vallée is one of the first people to speculate publicly about the possibility that the “solar dance” at Fatima was a UFO.

The idea of UFOs was not unknown in 1917, but most of the people in attendance at the Fatima apparitions would not have attributed the claimed phenomena there to UFOs, let alone to extraterrestrials. Vallée has also speculated about the possibility that other religious apparitions may have been the result of UFO activity including Our Lady of Lourdes and the revelations to Joseph Smith the Mormon prophet who claims to have had visions of God and Jesus Christ. Vallée and other researchers have advocated further study of unusual phenomena in the academic community. They don’t believe that this should be handled solely by theologians.

However, it is the theologians and the Catholic fathers that have their secrets about extra-terrestrial events and it seems that Pope Francis may be the Roman Bishop that will usher in a modern “scientific spirituality“ where he will unite all religions for the purpose of creating a new way of looking at religious encounters and engendering an exospiritualism that will bring us to something similar to what has been called the “Overmind” in the science fiction novel “Childhood’s End” By Arthur C. Clarke.

I know I constantly talk about this book and many of my listeners probably haven’t taken the time to read it through, but it is my go to manual for the way I picture the disclosure of the alien reality to go down.

The only thing I would probably add to the story is prior to the sighting of the huge alien craft over major cities, thousands of people would have the same collective vision much like what happened at Fatima on in 1917.

It would be a vision where beings, with the perceived innocence of small children would be seen playing in playgrounds. They would be small and slender beings, bald with large eyes similar to those of sad dogs.

People would simultaneously see them. They would be in our thoughts. Their appearance in our deep subconscious would be like a mental assault, a thought that would not be dismissed because it is so real.

Arthur C. Clarke has often said that knowledge of many things gives you power, and knowledge of things that the laymen doesn’t know gives you the ability to perform what is perceived to be magic, or, accidental prophecy.

We have already concluded that the war on terror has created a shared psychosis of fear, what would be the solution to all of this terror?

It would have to be a collective vision of externalized saviors, diplomats of peace, angelic hosts or even extraterrestrial visions that trigger religious responses.

Imagine a future generation dreaming the dreams, and speaking truth to power, understanding that we share the planet with star beings that may or may not be our creators, or at least our caretakers and watchers.

When reading “Childhood’s End”, we need to understand that in history there is always a major event that happens to a civilization, a crisis that causes either change or chaos. The collective consciousness reacts to the event, creating what is called the “Overmind.” Some people who are affected by this critical mass of ‘Groupthink‘ have premonitions of future events, sometimes dreaming or remote–viewing them.

The Overmind could very well be a trigger point in the collective consciousness that creates a psychological handicap. The Overmind could be the very point in which we subconsciously give up and understand that the days that we have on this planet are numbered and that the only salvation we have is through the peaceful beings that we are told by our religious leaders and scientists are returning.

It is at that time we will be given a choice.

We either prepare for the impact of what the end might be, or we accept this mental change where we become more like our alien saviors.

They will come and they will create an Armageddon and eventually a rapture that take people away and leave some of us behind.

It has been pointed out on numerous occasions that Pope Francis has been choosing dates and times in his Papacy that have connections to the number 13. The number 13 has been associated with bad luck but on a deeper level it is associated with cataclysms and the return of the serpent gods from the sun.

One of the astrological signs associated with cataclysm is a little known sign called the serpent bearer or Ophiuchus. Throughout time Ophiuchus has been associated with extraterrestrial signs and wonders. Comets known anciently as dragons, sun flares described as serpent ropes have been associated with Ophiuchus which has been called the 13th sign of the Zodiac.

This sign was returned to the Zodiac in January of 2011. Those born between November 29 and December 17 are now known as Serpentarians or born under the sign of the serpent.

Pope Francis was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; on December 17th 1936. Is this by accident?

Now let us consider that there is no such thing as a coincidence, let us for the moment take in this quantum entanglement. Albert Einstein once called these quantum entanglements as spooky actions at a distance, literally going do the rabbit hole and becoming an observer that is taking in all of the possible realities.

The Sun crosses Ophiuchus between November 29th and December 17th, the house of the Zodiacal Sun sign Sagittarius. Symbolically, the Centaur, the Scorpion, the Sphinx and The Man and Serpent each represent the age old struggle of dualism: the holistic integration of the animal or reptile brain with the frontal lobe of man. Cosmically this is known evolution by revolution.

Knowing this, can we surmise that this Pope is to be the Pope that is to reveal the secret of the aliens and if he does will he also urge the world to find balance and to raise the consciousness level in order to accept their reality?

Keep in mind that the use of the number 13 by this Pope is no accident. The number 13 is known to theologians as theophanic, meaning a manifestation of God to man.

The Fatima Message was given on the thirteenth of each month from May 13th, 1917 and completed by an apparition known as “The Miracle of the Sun” on October 13, 1917.

There was not always a 13th sign in the Zodiac. About 2000 years ago, the Sun traveled from the constellation Scorpius and then went directly into the sign of Sagittarius, but due to the constant motion of the cosmos, the Sun now enters, for a few days of the year, the star constellation ’Ophiuchus’ before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius.

It creates the serpent or the dragon. This must be some sort of cosmic sign. It could very well be the sign or portent of some very interesting times. The dragon represents the flood of fire, the purification and rebirth. It may also represent the return of the serpent Gods that have been spoken of in antiquity.

The rise of 13th house called Ophiuchus at the threshold of the Galactic center should be seen as as as a sign of the times.

The new Pope has arrived in the year of the Snake. He was born under the 13th house of Ophiuchus, the serpent or dragon handler. He has arrived on time, as predicted by both the math and the mythology. Though it may seem like determinism it is truly just cosmic clockwork. As it has ever been for mankind, it is the way in which we receive and handle information that is the cause and outcome of our transformation.

When we look at Ophiuchus, we are looking at the past as well as the future, the struggle between the Serpent and the Man is symbolic of the fight between good and evil and the balance of both forces in order to accept the knowledge

It is also important to point out that in the house of Ophiuchus, the famous WOW signal was heard.
“It was August 15, 1977, when astronomer Jerry Ehman was examining data coming from Ohio State University’s radio telescope, which was engaged in listening for signals from deep space, hoping to find something of intelligent origin. In a moment that’s since become one of the most famous events in astronomy, he saw a sequence of six characters on the printout — 6EQUJ5 — which caught his attention. So much so, in fact, that he circled the text, and wrote “Wow!” in the margin.”

“The strength of the signal was represented by the digits 0-9 and the letters A-Z, a scale of 36 levels of intensity, rising with 6EQ and falling with UJ5, a near-perfect bell curve of signal strength spread over 72 seconds. The Wow signal remains the strongest candidate ever detected for an alien radio transmission.”

Of course, much of what can be considered extra terrestrial communications and or appearances are either dismissed or made into religious experiences.

In the 1960’s there was a plan devised by the U.S. Government to have in place a conspiracy of denial with regards to the possibility that a new space program would discover the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. This plan, provided by the Brookings Institute, was completed in December of 1960 and pointed out the very real fear of social disintegration if humanity discovered in its cosmic sojourn proof of extra-terrestrial life.

The Brookings report was very clear when it suggested that “Anthropological files contain many examples of societies sure of their place in the universe which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different societies in different ways.

Needless to say the guardians of intelligence suggested that if the U.S. space program found evidence of alien life or technology that it would be advisable to withhold that information.

Nearly five decades later, much of what the Brookings Institute laid out for the space program still holds and science is still in the act of denial of any intelligent life in space. There are foreign governments that have indicated that extra-terrestrial life is a certainty and it also looks as if the Catholic Church has also decided to declare the certainty of extra terrestrials, however they hold sacred the secrets of what has to be done in order to prepare the world for the reality of the external contact, the science and the spiritualism that the world experienced in biblical times with exalted beings that have been called angels.

However, the recent moves of the church have demonstrated that the term “angel” is a simplistic view of what the world is dealing with.

The metaphor of the UFO, the alien, the conspiracy, and the final possession or surrender of earth and its inhabitants is slowly replacing the chariot of fire, the angel, evil, and the final judgment and rapture of the faithful into the presence of God.

This seems to be the prevailing philosophy of the information underground.

We look at religion with our eyes squinting through a small hole. Equally, science seems to be looking through the same hole with eyes skewed and sees things in a different way.

In the small hole we see simple encounters throughout history as being godly and angelic and as the hole widens through time we see a new perspective that rips the hole even wider. We start to see a new religious and scientific synthesis taking place where man learns that his origins cannot be completely explained with science or religion unless we apply a migratory hypothesis. Man and his counterparts in the universe have quite possibly hopped from planet to planet and that the Genesis that we read about in the Bible is only part of the story and not all of it.

The Bible could be a book that explains the origins and the future of man in such a way not to upset or provoke a harsh response. It uses mythologies and metaphors that try to tell the story in storybook form. It doesn’t t want to reveal everything, it leaves the reader with the responsibility to use wisdom and realize that we have everything God has right at our fingertips and if we apply them then we will find the truth.

We will be able to figure out where we came from. What our origins truly are.


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The brookings institution is part of the nwo. I never
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Alien contact. That would only be true if the aliens
Had a book entitled, “to serve man”…and, you know
The rest! 😉

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