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6/13: Show Me A Hero

6/13: Show Me A HeroAre we too cynical for heroes? Or is it just that we need to make up some new ones every few centuries or so? Because as we look around now it seems like there’s “nothing to look forward to and no one to look up to.” Maybe we get the heroes we deserve. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis has a blockbuster for all you true believers… Look! Up in the sky! It’s ‘Hero Zero‘!



Clyde, I don’t believe you on the TSA taking a book. They may do things that people don’t agree with , however your creditability has taken a huge drop. A book. can you say not true. Where did this happen? When did it happen? Don’t believe you.

linda barnett

Why don’t people view snow den as a hero? Some people are
Not sure if he is just a lone agent who decided to let us know
How our privacy was invaded, but assuming he is just that,
He is a hero. The media is trying to tell us he is a spy. But
The co. He worked for is owned by Carlyle, which needs to
Be looked into. Who knows what is going on. I am just glad
He exposed the extent of the snooping because now the
American people believe it. They did not believe us, Clyde,
Because I am sure you knew this years ago as I did,
Because we do lots of reading. They just laugh at us
And call us conspiracy theorists, but that to me is a
Huge compliment and it has always been.

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