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Clyde Is Recovering From Surgery

Clyde Is Recovering From SurgeryWonder where Clyde Lewis has been the last few nights? The host of Ground Zero has been recovering from surgery and shared this photo on his Facebook page recently.

Lewis shared with his audience at the end of last week that he needed to take some time off after he was diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney. He needed seven hours of surgery to have the growth removed.

He’ll remain off the air while he recuperates, but…will be itching to get back on the air as soon as his operation was completed.

Share your get well wishes like these in the comment section…

Thanks to WIBX 950am in Utica, NY!


linda barnett

Clyde get well fast–we need you on the air calling out
The evil doers!


Don’t be a sheeple stay in bed until you are well ! Look forward to when you get back but do miss you


Get well soon!


Take some time to get well then come back and give em hell.


Blessings to you, Clyde! We’re thinking of you!


Love you , Clyde and get your ass out of that bed and back on the damn radio! 🙂


Hope you feel better fast. Called the station wondering when they would post something. Glad they have.

I know it is a difficult time for your loved ones as well and I wish them the best.

In our prayers.

Janine Duffy

Thank you for your well wishes, they mean a lot to me. We are not out of the woods yet, but while we are in the woods, we enjoy camping and campfires, stargazing and knowing the truth. Clyde comes home to me today. Lots of stuff….


Good. I have in mind passing on some good info (email) about turmeric and other supplements that help the body fight off tumors, especially in the kidneys.


Does Turmeric help prevent tumors or only aid after?

Greg Lesher

We love you and miss you, and I will pray for a quick and full recovery! I look forward to you every night on our station KYAH am 540 in Delta, Utah. You are my number one choice on our station, and I am glad to put you on! So get better soon, we need your insight.

austin texas

The world needs your force! We miss you on the air. Get well…get some Curcumin, turmeric and North American Herb & Spice’s “Tumerol”!! Amazing stuff for cancer and health.


Dang it Clyde, I was wondering why your not on the air. I wish you the best! Take plenty of time to recuperate! Don’t rush it, we will all be here waiting for you when your feeling well enough to return to the air. I just hope this isn’t the government trying to silence you! We need your truth.

Your Mother

You shold die scumbag


I believe in magic I believe believe in prayer– I also believe in reversal of curses and attacks in cases where you are vulnerable and feel attacked, I have known them to to work… They are curses that don’t appear to cause harm but eventually out of nowhere . things begin to change. When it is written or said it then doubles back to the maker– so in this case– I wish for you what you wished for me …I am so sorry

Isaac Allen

Please reject this rather poor excuse for a persons negative energy. You really just dont need it right now.Let it be fall benign.

Janine Duffy

Love you


My wishes upon you for protection from any negative attacks or thoughts. You are strong. May the well wishers protect you with a shield of positive energy. You are in my prayers.


You need medical treatment you filthy callous coward!
Called a histaldicktalrectomy where i reverse apply your callous bad karma words + teeth down your throat an inverse proportional distance to the stink coming out of your ugly face, then carefully withdrawing my forearm and fist at just the right speed leaving your broken teeth implanted in uranus and your one inch disappointment pulled backward up your new face about two feet.
Clyde Lewis is my friend for life and i love him a lot. Even if i hated somebody, i would never THINK TO say something like you said to Clyde, let alone a dog. WHO WOULD? Deeply ashamed of you on every level and you are a piss poor reflection on mankind +your parents too.What a disappointing statement in every way.
Any coward can be a computer hiding low life no life POS loser….and from the first four words from your mouth….you dont rate even that low.
go say that filthy loser crap in the mirror while you keep your mouth shut. totally unworthy of a human designation and i think there are laws prohibiting scum like you in our landfills.
Not at all sorry for the rant folks. Not at all. Love you Clyde!! donny


“Your Mother” “SHOULD” learn to spell. Don’t worry, Clyde… People like this are struck by asteroids, dead satellites, lightning, and buses. Get yer ass to feelin’ better, man! Hell, a man can only take so much Coast before he starts to snoring!

Don’t wanna get all mushy and stuff but the spectrum just ain’t the same without you in it, man. Now take that vitamin C and chicken noodle whatever and get those pipes healthy, brother. Best to y’all, and love ya down in Texas!

Janine Duffy

Whirled Peas. No, what was it??? World Peace… oh yeah, can’t do it in a day. I’ve got friends in low places. Janine sayeth, What is done is done and can not be undone “your mother” … YOU WILL LIVE. And so will you Clyde, Embrace knowing this, and the quality of life lived not merely living as being alive but our life shared on this journey will be extraordinary. … .

John King

Hope you pull thru with flying colors Clyde! Enjoying your show regardless…but noting beats your perspective of the up to date breaking news. Love ya bro!

Steve in TN

Hi Clyde. Steve in Tennessee. Get well soon, but don’t rush things. We WILL be here when you get back. I wasn’t aware of your show until about 6 months ago (when I heard it on XM). From that point I started listening online so that I could listen to the show in it’s entirety . You are without a doubt the brightest, most intelligent guy on the radio now days. I hope I haven’t blown so much hot air up your rear end that I damage the other kidney, but you really are the BEST at what you do!


Hope you recover soon my friend. Although I definitely miss your show, take time to heal before coming back.

Loyal listener. James

Іван Димитрій

I wish you the best Clyde! You have listeners around the world including me in Ukraine. The world needs your show for information not covered any place else. -Ivan

Frank Gentile

Hope you get better soon. Hang in there please. I really miss your show. Thank you for all you have done and for enabling me to at least question the popular news media.

Alex Hawke

Hi Clyde, I’m so sorry to hear of your illness. I hope that you have a speedy recovery and your health gets better. We’ll be listening for you , myself and my family. Take care!!!

Aunt Bea

So many prayers and so much love has been sent to you and your family- home and work. May God bless you and keep you. Please get better soon. Please. You make the World a better, happier, brighter, more loving, incredible place to live. You are a gift and you used your gift that God gave you. Thank you for sharing your gift with every Soul on this planet. With God’s Love…from Uncle Doug’s 15th cousin 8 times removed or not from SC. Your WORD and net listener. Oh, that Sound Cloud sucks. 🙂 hugs and love…

Byron Landiss Graves

Hang in there Clyde. I’ve been listening to the “Best Of Ground Zero” every night…still it’s not the same and I look forward to your return. Best of health to you! Take care my friend. Kindest regards, Byron Landiss Graves (I listen to you M-F nights on KTRH 740AM in Houston, Texas)

Angelus Ultionis

Get better soon brother. I will pray for you. God Bless you and yours. You bring awareness into the world Clyde and I hope to hear you in the airwaves soon. We miss you my friend.


i hope you get better real soon!


It is wonderful to see such positive well wishes. There is so much for you to bring to our attention, so don’t worry about material for the show until you’re nicely healed.

King Lear

Prayers for a speedy recovery.

dee glispey

you are the best. cant wait for your return. i cant wait for you to take over c2c, you are the new art bell. get well . rest.


Love the show clyde…

Hope you feel better and recover quickly!

You are in my prayers and i look forward to hearing you on the air again soon!
-Jon B


Hey.. Get better soon Damit as I miss your Nightly show!

sean m.

where o where could clyde lewis be o where o where could he be? he took some days off for his surgery o where o where could he be? clyde lewis was kidnapped by aliens or maybe he’s under the sea, clyde lewis is chillin with bigfoot eating cheetos and wathching TV. bring back bring back bring back clyde lewis to me to me, bring back bring back bring back clyde lewis to me.

best wishes from ft. lauderdale and come back soon my week nights just arn’t the same with out you

Matthew J Lipinski

I love the excitement that your show brings. Get well soon!


All the best!
Broadcast in bed!


I don’t know you but I have been worried about and am relieved to see you looking well. I eagerly await your return to the airways.


hey glad your surgery went ok, been tryin to call for awhile now but can’t get through

wish i could talk to you!


Get well Clyde!! I know you will have lots to say when you come back. Thanks for all that you do! A fan in Nashville


So much stuff has happened! I wish you a speedy recovery, but hurry up! 🙂 your in all of our prayers here in Texas and across America. XOXOXOXO


I came to listen to you in the last year when your show came to Texas and you treated me with respect and kindness when I called your show. I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and will keep you in my prayers. marc


dear Clyde

my name is mike I am from Maine I am a big fan I pray you get well soon ,from magicmike in maine .

Fiona Rodriguez

Dear Clyde – I listen to you while I do my ironing – though I turn down the “Look behind you!” “Give up!” stuff etc. Clyde – Google Essiac Tea / the Rene Caisse story. It has a 100 year history of miracles/remissions/cures. You need to be on an ounce or two for the rest of your life. I believe it is now part of the cancer protocol at John Hopkins in Houston. Peace of JESUS to you!


Prayers and best wishes, Clyde! I am looking forward to hearing you on the air again.


As much as they need you in the “next” please stick around this site a bit longer. Even if you never touch a Mic again, it helps knowing you are still with us. I afforded checking for fear of the worse. You are a guilty pleasure no matter how tough to the core you’ve proven to be. I’m happy the found it, removed it & you’re on the mend. You are amazing. Thanks for all the late nights you make much more enjoyable and the fun listening to your podcasts provide.

Mike Parry

hi clyde. drink fresh vegetable & fruit juices in copious amounts.
alkalinize yourself. read fit for life & eat right for your blood type. books by dr jensen & norman walker. & eat lots of kidney beans, i kid. w /love mpg.


Godspeed think positive. You are a kindred spirit. When I think of
Cancer, I think of something that will rob you of what your true purpose is. I believe you will be an energy that will resonate here and beyond. I will hear you here and there. I am with you. Thank you for sharing your spirit.

Clyde Lewis out of surgery and recovering | HORROR REPORT

[…] be taking time off to undergo a surgery for a serious issue: A tumor on his kidney.. Yesterday, Lewis posted a photograph of himself on Facebook and his website showing his recovery is beginning.. in the photo, he is clearly in a hospital bed.. According to his message, he needed seven hours […]

THE HORROR REPORT | Clyde Lewis out of surgery and recovering

[…] be taking time off to undergo a surgery for a serious issue: A tumor on his kidney.. Yesterday, Lewis posted a photograph of himself on Facebook and his website showing his recovery is beginning.. in the photo, he is clearly in a hospital bed.. According to his message, he needed seven hours […]

doug harker

To my very best friend on the west coast and brother I never had, God bless your recovery. My thoughts, feelings and love for your quick recovery are in my heart. Uncle Doug, Boone NC

Mr. Kelly Taylor

We have been missing You Too
As the other have stated the world needs
Nightly Tesla Waves are not the same without you modulating the Tesla waves.
Everything has a tuned circuit.
The circuit needs you plugged into it to
Make the Tesla waves right.
Get well Soon!

Mr. Kelly Taylor

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