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7/11: In My Time Of Dying w/ Al Jourgensen of Ministry

7/11: In My Time Of Dying w/ Al Jourgensen of MinistryTonight, on the long-awaited return of Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is joined by the legendary godfather of industrial music and founder of Grammy award-winning band Ministry – Al Jourgensen! The new “Lost Gospels” book shows that these two men have a lot in common: a life lived over the edge – but they just keep fighting and coming back for more! So what about you? Have you ever been so close to death? Don’t miss this harrowing tale told ‘In My Time Of Dying‘!



Dude….. You just kicked Al Jourgensen off your show….? Did I really just hear that? Really? So what if he may have been slightly tipsy, or high? And yes, his sense of humor is so far out of the realm of mainstream it’s hard to always pick up on and made you feel uncertain at times….. No really he “loved” the commercials, apparently not, but appreciated your mixed show tracks. Was willing to shoot he shit all night….

You just booted Al Jourgensen you douche!!! I swear to God, if you didn’t just “almost die” and weren’t recovering from cancer/surgery/wtfe, and provided I was on your side of the country, you would die, a bitter painful death this evening. Al Jourgensen you kicked off your show…. I don’t even believe it.

I’m not even listening to the rest of your show, doubt I’ll tune it in tomorrow, UN-fucking-believable….


He was only given an hour — and even though he said he could speak all night he couldn’t because he was on the east coast and had another interview– I did not kick him off I was told he had to go ..and he did not know that.. he said he wanted to return. I was elated… so save you anger and save your nonsense.

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