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The Manifestation Principle: What A Little Bird Told Me


Before I was told that I had another cancerous tumor on my kidney, I had an experience that I thought was peculiar. It was one of those experiences that I felt I had to bring to the air so that my audience could give me advice as to what was happening to me. The experience was so out of context that I most certainly felt as if what I was experiencing was something that can fall under the category of “The Oz Factor.”

If I can refresh your memory, you may recall that one morning I awoke to the weirdest sound. It was almost as if it was an electronic sound or an alarm. It was a steady tone that would warble out. I was curious if it was an alarm from a car or perhaps a nearby business. I opened my window and looked out into the street. I saw no cars, the street was empty and I did not see any people walking around.

It was like for a moment I was the only one there looking at an otherwise busy street. It was peculiar because on the street were many crows and they were jumping about making their various sounds. When they stopped I then heard the tone. It was long, and then it garbled and faded. I then listened even more intently. I heard what sounded like a cry for help. In my awakened stupor I thought I was hearing the voice of a woman, and for some reason I thought it was my dead mother. It turned out that the sound was a bird.

I talked about this on my radio show and while the concept may have sounded silly to some people there were many people who were tuned in to the bird and whether or not its cry for help was something that needed to be heard and heeded as some sort of harbinger for disaster or threat.

Was it a response to the environment; was it a warning of something that would mean disaster or cataclysm? Was it sign that the earth was in trouble, or that the collective consciousness was on the brink of upheaval?

There were many opinions on the subject.

It was during my recovery that I realized that this cry for help would return.

After my surgery, I was released from the hospital and was transferred to a nurse care facility. It was important that I had supervised and monitored care because of the fact that I was in severe pain. The pain was so overwhelming that it kept me confined to bed and eventually I had to meet with physical therapists in order to walk and take care of my basic needs. While I was at the facility I was placed in a room that was at the other end of the facility. I was in the pain unit and shared the area with amputees and gunshot wound victims. I kept pretty much to myself and of course I was able to visit with friends and associates that came by to say hello.

One morning I awoke again to the sound of what I thought was a bird. In this situation the bird in question sounded like a peacock crying out. The facility I was staying in was in a beautiful area surrounded by trees and forest animals and so I assumed that it wouldn’t be too farfetched to hear a peacock or some other bird screaming out.

So, of course, you assume it is situation normal. However, it wasn’t until later that I was told that what I thought was a bird turned out to be a human cry for help.

A woman that was admitted into the facility was suffering from dementia and was screaming out the word help. There were many patients that were concerned about the woman, however there was real nothing that could be done. Even when they kept her comfortable she still was screaming help over and over around the clock. It got to the point where we are all used to it. We were uncomfortable with it, but we started ignoring it and paid no mind to it.

One of my friends and colleagues, Dave Paull, visited me at the facility and heard the woman screaming help. We were discussing how it was disconcerting and then he brought up the show I did where I heard the bird screaming for help and how it triggered some sort of déjà vu or synchronistic manifestation.

He asked me if I had a clue as to what this kind of phenomenon is and I told him that I really didn’t know what category to put it in. I had to determine that what I we were experiencing was some sort of manifestation of synchronicity that triggered a thought that brought back a memory or an experience that was paralleled and similar.

Making connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena affects the way we experience life. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to explain the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not casually connected events, which have the same or similar meaning.

Many people’s lives are affected by the phenomenon known as coincidence. I guess if you look for them you could play connect the dots ad infinitum. Its like when you buy a certain make or model of a car you start seeing the same automobile everywhere you go.

Those are simple coincidences that you hardly place in the category of paranormal events. However there are a few of those events that make you stop and ponder the elusive mystery that our existence on this earth truly is.

For some, coincidences are detrimental to their lives and some often feel as though that they are not in control of their fates. It seems that there is deeper meanings to some synchronicities and the more you tear them away layer by layer you find that it is like a holographic onion that continues to have many layers or meanings.

We have all felt as if we are being manipulated by events we cannot control. All seem to be cosmic signposts that we are forced to pay attention to in “The Twilight Zone.” Some attribute synchronicity to a guardian angel some fear that it is evil, while others think it is a stroke of magic.

It is evident that there is some force that continues to demonstrate itself as being mischievous. It’s as if there is a set program of cause and event that gets rebooted in the matrix and when we witness it our lives are changed forever.

It fortifies the testimony that we are living in a world that is indeed miraculous. We may never know who is behind the forces that put us in the right place and the right time but it should be said that we must cherish their enduring wonder.

I have been actually trying to evaluate this experience of the cries for help from birds and people and wonder if this is part of some manifestation principle or delayed heliotrope where in all of the noise I have tuned into a frequency that has buried beneath a cry of the soul that needs assistance or love.

At first I was believing that this was part of what is called “The Oz Factor” but now the experience is no longer confined to what I have experienced, I now have an audience that has experienced many heliotropes and manifestations that indicate that we are about to enter into a period of time where many people will be looking fro help and care and will not receive it because the need is so great.

The warnings from these harbingers seem to be about expecting the unexpected and realizing that the thought forms that we have tuned into may manifest into reality and that soon what we are seeing happening elsewhere will somehow move into our backyards and may manifest in our country.

Could meaningful synchronicities be a materialization of some profound linking principle in the universe that completely disregards cause and effect?

Experiences such as these cannot be analyzed unless we look to the writings of celebrated Psychologist Carl Jung who was the first to include in his theories something known as the collective unconscious. You could call it your “psychic inheritance.” It is the reservoir of our experiences as a species, a kind of knowledge we are all born with. And yet we can never be directly conscious of it. It influences all of our experiences and behaviors, most especially the emotional ones, but we only know about it indirectly, by looking at those influences.

Some of the trigger examples of what he means by the collective unconscious are the experiences of love at first sight, deja vu and the immediate recognition of certain people, symbols, and the meanings of certain myths.

These examples could all be understood as the sudden conjunction of our outer reality and the inner reality of the collective unconscious. Synchronicity it seems demonstrates this on a grander scale. When synchronicities are connected as in this case it demonstrates a more profound example.

Carl Jung has said: “The more that coincidences multiply and the greater and more exact the correspondence is the more their probability sinks and their unthinkability increases, until they can no longer be regarded as pure chance but, for lack of a casual explanation have to be thought of as meaningful arrangements.

Synchronicities are difficult to grasp when we align ourselves in the rigid cause and effect thinking. We are more than likely willing to interpret events such as these as pure chance.

However I contemplated a lot of synchronicities while I was healing. I saw them not only and synchronicities but as possible manifestations that would echo in certain areas of the world.

While I was in the care facility I remember watching the news and seeing simultaneously the George Zimmerman trial and the Egyptian rebellion that was all part of the ousting of Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi.

I couldn’t help but notice the paralleling of a volatile situation in Egypt and the potential volatile situation that can happen here in the United States after the verdict is rendered in the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.

I was curious if what I was seeing was some sort mirror because I remember warning people back when the case first appeared in the news that this whole exercise was a perfect catalyst to trigger a race war, and possible violent riots because of how the media has been staging it.

MSNBC, the network that first altered the 911 tapes in the Zimmerman/Martin case, has continued to fine tune their agenda of triggering angst and hatred by what is being reported as the “accidental broadcast of a screenshot of the dead body of Trayvon Martin.” (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

In the picture, Martin’s wiry lifeless body is seen flat on his back on a lawn, dressed in a pair of white sneakers, a pair of skinny khakis and a navy blue hoodie covered with flecks of grass. His mouth is agape and his eyes are wide open. His right leg crosses his left.

This has created a whole new sense of anger and rightfully so. The court of public opinion is being stoked and manipulated once again and we may not know the outcome of what any verdict will produce only that the United States has been on edge for some time and with all of the past tragedies and betrayals, we may see a powder keg explode and the manifestation of chaos will be all that the media and perhaps the architects of the police state have hoped for.

Always remember that what could have been a local and isolated event has turned into a nationwide phenomenon as President Obama had said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon and the media has latched on to what can be called an attempt at the manifestation of riots in Florida and elsewhere if Zimmerman receives a lighter sentence.

On ABC News Nightline, anchor, Dan Abrams, interviewed Sanford, Florida, police chief Cecil Smith, asking him, “If Zimmerman is found not guilty, is your office ready for that?” The police chief responded, “I believe we have plans that will be able to deal with issues as they arise.

Abrams then reinforced a possible manifestation of violence, “I assume the worst-case scenario, then, would be riots?

The police chief did not encourage the meme but deterred it. “We are not talking about riots. We’re talking about rallies. If people choose to come to Sanford and voice their opinions or if they want to come and rally, we welcome that. We want people to have the opportunity to express themselves.

The media wants to manifest a violent outcome. They want the perceived crisis and racial tensions to create the environment for a police state mentality. They need to coerce an environment of race baiting. It is obvious that this is happening and yet most Americans are more than happy to fall for the manipulation and not recall what has happened in the past with such riots. These riots are manufactured to divide the people and have them turn on each other rather than have them fight against what is really causing their angst and anxiety.

We are seeing the storm clouds gather, we see little by little the deconstruction of society and we ignore the cries for help that can be lost in the noise of media distraction and hyperreality.

The true observer can see a chain of events that can lead to disaster if not exposed.

These are cosmic signposts that are pointing to some sort of unfinished business in the world of the collective unconscious.

Collectively are we truly that angry at each other, or are we about to displace the anger that we have bottled up against the way our government has been running things?

We can manifest constructive revolution or destructive and failed dystopia based on manipulators that have agendas to get you riled for the wrong issues.

All of the rebellion we see in the world is not coincidence, it seems to have an echo effect and the manifestation of such disruptions is a result of collective manipulation and traumatic mind control. If these events of mass rioting and chaos occur then we must ask ourselves if our future is totally random.

Is the thought of meaningful collision a way by which the timelines repair themselves, or get back on track?

There are forces in the universe that pull us into line, a line that humankind does not yet understand. Ironically, there are many lines and events that even I don’t understand.

Irony always seems to have a sick sense of humor.



Hysteria. When you said that word the other night, I saw you once again as one of the few who really gets what the spiritual crisis of modern man involves.

I have to write this one up. It will take a while. If it isn’t too long, I will post it here.

Just translating my introverted thinking into something non-introverts will get took up too much energy though. So, I didn’t call.

Hysteria is THE underlying source of the modern dysfunction. The elitists’ drive to power is the “Yang” to the “Yin” of hysteria.

Hysteria is (according to Gurdjieff) based on unconscious lying and involves the emotional center being used to react when the intellectual center is needed.

Of course, really I will have to go back to Freud first….

Hope you are having a good Sunday, Clyde. 🙂

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