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7/15: Socio-Suicide Psy-Op

7/15: Socio-Suicide Psy-OpIt’s the first night of our first full week back to the show after the hiatus and our topic has been forced upon us… forced upon us like the social engineering we see all around us. The exploitation of the Trayvon tragedy has turned this country into a full-blown divide-and-conquer circus. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis lets you in on ‘The Socio-Suicide Psy-Op“!


Rasputin 666

So glad you are back among the living Clyde! Is the RSS feed down? I am not getting the latest shows on iTunes. I’d listen live but my schedule doesn’t allow it.

now what's this!?!?!

What’s with not being able to download the latest show????
We’re all bummed Clyde or anyone who can help….what’s going on

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