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Rolling Bones, Raw Nerves And The Paranormal Psy Op


I remember when my weekends were set aside for some heavy partying. I know many of you may or may not know that there was a time where I had a very rock star like lifestyle. At the time I saw myself as young and indestructible and I have to admit that it was fun and crazy and in my life I was able to hang out with a lot of famous and infamous people.

I remember I was backstage at a comedy festival and was recognized by a reporter for an independent rock and roll magazine that said that he wanted to interview me about my thoughts on nightmares and that he was curious about what frightened me because he confessed to me that I was “one hairy scary bitch.” He said that there had been many occasions where he would not leave his car because he was so caught up in one of my paranormal shows.

He also told me that my show was getting in the way of his relationship with his girlfriend because she always asked him why he would remain in the car after he came home at night.

I laughed and apologized because I didn’t want to be responsible for a break up – or anything else.

He asked me what would scare me the most if I were to encounter it. My answer was something he didn’t expect. I told him that I think one of the scariest things I could imagine, would be living in a real time nightmare where things that you once thought were harmless turned out to be lethal or frightening. I tried to explain myself by saying, it would be a nightmare to come home to your dog expecting him to run to you for love and instead he runs to you and attacks you ripping out your jugular and you bled to death.

I also tried to explain how living in the middle of a nightmare would be akin to turning on the television and hearing Mister Rogers telling young children to kill their parents or people becoming used to brutal behavior form the police, or even succumbing to a slavery mentality without fighting or saying no.

I am sure he was looking for some sort of answer dealing with ghosts, or demons or even some alien under the bed. While those things are scary and paranormal many of them can all be safely contained and eliminated with exorcisms, rituals, prayers and psychological treatments.

Having the nightmare leap from isolation into some widespread psychosis is the biggest nightmare of all. Living in a world that glamorizes death and criminality would be one of the worst nightmares you can be in.

This would mean that hell has manifested in reality and the biggest nightmare is the acceptance of it and the encouragement of keeping it normal.

I went on to tell him that I once had a dream that I was in an airport and that there was a familiar red flag that was mounted on the wall. It was of course a Nazi flag. There were check points and dogs everywhere. The horrifying thing was that it all seemed so normal, so “everyday”. It was horrific irony that it was so normal to see it. No one rebelled, no one questioned and no one would wince at the sight of dogs attacking passengers or watching the TSA frisk people and handling them with disregard for privacy.

I guess my fears run deeper than just the bogeymen I have encountered in any paranormal investigations.

I figured that these types of nightmares would never manifest in reality because I had hoped that people would know better than to allow the devil through the door.

Today, I am beginning to question where I am and whether or not the nightmares are manifesting.

I was alerted to the recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine and all of the paranormal irony of the living nightmare started biting at me like little piranhas hidden in a swimming pool.

For those of you that are unaware, the August cover of Rolling Stone magazine has accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarneav on the cover and it has sparked outrage from a lot of people.
I suppose that it is warranted, however I see this act as a reminder that now we are at that point in history where the nightmare is glamorized and that we can’t escape terror or nightmare or anything else that the architects of the police state want us to swallow.

Rolling Stone has now packaged an accused bomber in the same way they used to package Jim Morrison.
It all looks the same and that is what makes it all the more eerie.

We have always been told that we make our own nightmares that we build our own beasts. We somehow find a way to manifest the monsters as common every day nuisances.

Think about it, things used to be taboo and now they are common. The shock value loses its shock and history is seldom what we think it was. Is it really all that random or are we the product of a sideshow spook fest full of made to order nightmares that can never be conquered or vanquished. Are we truly in the world that Charles Fort once called damned?

Terror is not to be removed, but encouraged. Nightmares are no linger something to wake from, they are something to wake up into and from there we are told to be vigilant and steadfast in what it is we truly believe because what was once called the dead past will continue emerge like a phantom ready to haunt you at any moment if you are willing to entertain the demons and the scares that love to toy with the minds of the living.

I know that Tsarneav has not been convicted of any crime and he has pleaded not guilty to the bombings, but what message is being sent when a suspected bomber makes the cover of Rolling Stone with his placid eyes staring back at you like Justin Bieber or some other teen heart throb?

I laugh and I do it with a bit of disgust being held in check because the gasp that holds it back is part of the very nightmare I described to that reporter at the comedy festival.

It is the equivalent of seeing Charles Manson hosting a reality TV show about self-help and peace through eliminating those you think will consummate your little dream of race war.

It is the reality of watching the poisoning of the zeitgeist as we toil over the court of public opinion about the killing of an unarmed black teenager and how it has coerced us into talking about racial inequality, the monsters among us and how people that have guns are ticking time bombs ready to open fire in shopping malls, schools and churches.

The nightmares are encouraged for the purpose of psychological warfare. Fear is the quickest and most effective motivators.

I am getting the feeling that the media has developed this never-ending loop of tragedy that it continues to sell you. We seem to dwell on various tragedies, when previously, we were able to pick ourselves up and move forward with our lives.

The psy-op I talk about tells us to bring on the mass hysteria and addiction to hearing about how horrible things are. This is most definitely a sign that we are a weak country in need of mental help and healing.

There seems to be a refusal of the people to change the inner dialogue, and this is why we manifest the worst. This is evidence of an apocalypse where we roll bones, tap dance on raw nerves and expect to come out of it all feeling safe and secure.

We don’t though. That is why the protection of the police state apparatus sounds so inviting. That is why the keen eye in the sky, the monitoring cameras of the panopticon are a chosen alternative to freedom.

We see it as an escape from the threat, but we can’t figure out that the threat is the dialogue that is within us.

The media keeps feeding us reports to keep us in this mire of uncertainty and fear. While in this state of mind you are more susceptible to whatever the puppet masters want you to believe.
It seems that we were sitting ducks.

What were we supposed to do? That’s right; we must remain angry, vigilant and paranoid. We must worry about a threat that is not immediately there but may attack in a day, a year or ten years. There is no threat now, perhaps later. However, we want to think the threat is here now when it isn’t.

This is where we worry about an unseen or unfounded threat or phantom, an “other” or scapegoat and it is forced into our collective without us even noticing.

The nightmare becomes real time, it is on and alive and the best we can do is muster selective memory, selective prejudice, selective belief, and in the media’s case selective reporting.

It seems that the American people want to be held in the trap of guilt, grief, and self-absorption. They want to point fingers at those who do not wish to play the dangerous game without even stopping to try and analyze what it is they are being fed. They are being held captive by a bunch of repeated lies. It is funny how certain stories are being repeated ad nauseum.

Ever get the feeling that stories that are repeated, played over and over again are the very stories that are the lies? Think of it, a true liar keeps repeating the lie in his heart so it becomes indelibly marked on the soul.

The psy-op dear friends is the repeated lies and fears that they want you to believe and it will take courage to say that it is all a well-produced circus.

The lies and propaganda that fortify the nightmare are like product placement and subliminal hijinks that appear in reality.

Mental torture, abuse and control placed strategically in the media to mold and shape the attitude of the people.

It is warped social engineering and when you tell a person that they have been had spiritually and mentally they take offense because no one wants to admit that they can lose their souls a little at a time.

But they are.

The country seems like they don’t want to heal and this is why it’s important to avoid getting caught up in the vicious circle of consensus grief and anger over non-stories, half-truths and outright lies.

It is easy to determine that every news outlet is pandering for your consideration. The saturation of news has now lowered the journalists to doing outrageous stories just for the emotional appeal.

Healthy Americans know that risks exist. Healthy Americans don’t have to be reminded to be vigilant. Healthy Americans use common sense. Healthy Americans wake up and realize that the nightmare is being manufactured.

Either you will remain taking a constant diet of grief and hate or you will wake up and notice that you are being manipulated by a group of people who are constantly feeding a monster of collective crisis in order to get your blind servitude.

It is a healthy American that has the courage to wake up and say no.


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Was Gonna Listen :(

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance,”- John Philpot Curran, Dublin in 1790. (source;

(vigilance so we don’t sell our souls off a little at a time, as we’ve {or some of us have done} done in surrendering our freedoms, and supporting unjust wars in the name of “fighting terror”)

Not eternal; paranoia, fear, grief, hatred or any of the other media psy-ops to keep people controlled.

Interesting fact, there is a correlation between psychological stress and physical health problems, most notably anger and heart attacks. All these negative emotions pushed on us are killing us, especially when they’re pushed every day by a media that is paid to cause/exacerbate some sort of “need” to keep you watching and supporting their advertisers.

I feel you’re correct though, most people are stuck in a vicious cycle, and steps have been taken by TPTB to ensure it as much as possible.

If you’re worried about your nightmares becoming reality, maybe a good way to go about it is to quit fixating on possible negative scenarios. Reality is subject to perspective, and there are a few great minds that feel we are co-creators of our realities. And in all honesty, these shows and their focus on the negative could be effecting that psychological/physical interconnection within yourself personally….

Don’t let such a potentially negative world feed physical illness, and I’m not saying that’s what’s happening, you may very well put it all in perspective and not let it effect you deeply, still the potential exists.

Other than that Corey Taylor blows goats, when can we expect his “reality” show and new boy band?


I heard it reported that the same photo was used by either the Boston globe or the New York Times and there was no issue with that at the time. So someone is causing an issue. Who, I don’t know. As far as coincidence,today I heard Helter Skelter on the radio for the first time in I don’t know how long. Weird huh?

There is someone or some groups out there who must feel it is in their interests to widen the racial divide. The government is not in control of these things. In order to have control over a group, you would have to first control the things that entice that group. The U.S.government has no control over finance or monetary policy. That is the Federal Reserve, which is not actually a government department. They do not control food production or distribution, we have Monsanto and the like for that. They are at the mercy of lobbyists and P.A.C’s. Whether they cow down to these groups for selfish personal reasons, afraid that they will be blacklisted if they don’t go along. Or, maybe they are afraid of these groups simply because they are so large and powerful.


Rolling Stone is not nearly the magazine it once was.I think they are trying to grab some attention, through the news media, in order to get people to buy the mag. Curiosity is still a driver in magazine sales. Save for the (late) Michael Hastings and Matt Taibbi, I will only pick up a copy of RS if I’m sitting in a library while waiting for someone. I’ve pretty much written it off, otherwise.

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