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7/24: Hex 13

7/24: Hex 13Long-time listeners know the phrase that pays: “As above, so below“. And yet again, the big events on Earth are being replicated in the sky… Or is it the other way around? Either way, the synching of the cosmos and planet brings major changes that affect people on a grand scale. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis gives you a reading of ‘Hex 13: The Advent Of The War Star‘!


U Disappoint Me Clyde,,,

FTW&ML…. Not only are we treated to the Lunacy of “royalty”, this evening, garbage topics btw, tonight begins no access to the stream without FIRST subjecting ones bandwidth to about 30 seconds of advertisement in video form, that bears no relation to the show or it’s topics, that eats more bandwidth in 30 seconds, than an hour of just streaming audio…

What the extremely gay advertising/product merchandising weren’t enough, not in light of way many invited guests are treated like superficial soundbites in the ever important schedule of the Ground Zero show….?

If it weren’t abundantly clear previously, being forced to watch a Baldwin Brother ad of some kind before hearing the audio stream, just iced a big old cake of steaming male bovine excrement… & This show is so commercialized and fake it’s about repulsive, as long as you get a few more bucks through advertisement on the expense of others bandwidth…

Oh and the new prince is a very much A, if not THE Antichrist, as if everyone practically whorshipping him didn’t make that clear enough…

Not Made of Money

In my subjective opinion, I enjoyed the show immensely. This entire week has been delightful.Thank you very much for informing us about the hex star arrangement and that Asteroid, 2003 DZ15 heading this way. A Seal might be opened. If I had the money to finance this show, I would. If one is that concerned and upset about the way GZ is being run, sponsor the show so Clyde Lewis does not have to depend on advertisers for support.

Thank you, Clyde Lewis, for a wonderful radio show! Congratulations to you and your staff for your current and future success.

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