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Hex 13: The Advent Of The War Star

HEX 13:

I am one of those old fashioned types that have a sneaking suspicion that anomalies in space affect us puny humans here on Earth. I am really not alone in this madness. Many in the world are right now focusing on the birth of the royal baby and probably are unaware that his birth coincides with the appearance of what is called a ‘supermoon‘ and that his parents, William and Katherine, were both born in times that are synchronized with heavenly events.

Now I know there are a lot of people that couldn’t care less about the royal birth, but it has to be said that the royals always seem to figure out when to conceive and they always seem to arrive into the world when we are told there are portals that open because of special heavenly events.

For example, George Alexander Louis, the bundle of joy that has now arrived and in the third in line to be king, was reportedly born naturally on the 22nd of July 2013, the day of what has been called a ‘supermoon‘. The definition of ‘supermoon’ in this case is because this month’s full moon falls one day after July’s lunar perigee, which is the moon’s closest point to Earth for this monthly orbit. The royal baby coincidentally was born on the day of the perigee full moon, but everyone else will call it a ‘supermoon’.

The child of the royals is quite literally a ‘moon child‘. The significance is of this is highly mystical and occultist.

However, the coincidences don’t end there.

Prince William, was born on the summer solstice June 21st, 1982, and the baby’s mother, Kate, was born during a total lunar eclipse the same year January 9, 1982, and are sometimes they are referred to as the ‘Solstice King and his Lunar Queen‘.

As I play in the astrological occult and try and contemplate what is happening I keep thinking of the legend of the Sun King and the Moon Goddess as his sacred feminine counterpart. It is perfect occult wedding, a partnership literally made in heaven for the purpose of unyielding power and occult significance.

Now what is even more interesting is that as the new moon child king is given a name a significant alignment in the sky is forming and while astrologers are all buffing up the event as something enlightening, it can be seen as a foreboding signal that we are about to see some very significant changes and upheavals that will lead to war.

Monday, July 29 features an incredibly rare planetary alignment known as a Grand Sextile, or hexagram. It will be comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other.

The symbol according to astrologers will signify a trend toward the sacred feminine however there is also the talk of other occultists that the event is symbolic of what is called the war star and the demolition of the synagogue or temple.

Before the hexagon was associated with the Jews, it was a symbol of the great hex or spell. It was a symbol of the Saturnalian order of the beast. The Biblical ‘mark of the beast’ has been speculated about by occultists and biblical scholars and there are a number of new researchers who say that the mark of the beast is specifically said to be given under the name and authority of a socialist European political beast known as the new Babylon.

This so-called beast will incorporate the number and bloodline of the common man meaning the number 6, the seal of corruption which will be the hex 6 held by counterfeit Jews and the influence of 6 or the Saturnalian government or the Saturnist or Satanist form of Government.

It has also been said that the so called “royal bloodline” is counterfeit and that the royals of England profess to be of a royal bloodline that is direct from King David and Jesus Christ.

This is all coincidental and yet chilling because of the occult significance of the alignments and full moon associated with the Royals and their ceremonies and rituals.

The alignment of this hexagon will be the 13th alignment in a series that have been correlated with major events since the year 1990. There will not be another one like it in 100 years.

In Biblical prophetic perspectives, the time or season in which the alignment occurs we will witness, within about 2 years, the 70th year anniversary of the birth of Israel and the 50th year anniversary of the recapture of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem by the Jewish Nation. The temple mount and the destruction of the old temple and the rebuilding of it are significant to believers in dispensational eschatology. It will signify the arrival of the antichrist and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Many are seeing the alignment as a major sign that the temple will be destroyed and the new temple will be rebuilt.

This would most definitely be a significant move to believers of an apocalypse.

When the hexagon configuration occurs there are significant changes that take place. If history is any indicator we can demonstrate how the symbol forming in the sky is a harbinger for change for example.

In 1990-2013, the hexagon alignment appeared and we witnessed significant events in world history.

1) Aug 8, 1990
-Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
-The Gulf War I begins
-Berlin Wall comes down
-Reunification of East & West Germany
-Soviet Union starts to collapse
-Civil war breaks out in Yugoslavia

2) Jul 18, 1992
-Standoff in Waco, Texas

3) Jul 21, 1995
-Prime Minister Rabin is assassinated
-Oklahoma City federal building bombed

4) Sep 3, 1996
-First cloned sheep is born
-2 hurricanes on the U.S. east coast
-30 black churches burned down in South

5) 1997
-The confluence of both the 1996 hexagon and the Comet Hale Bopp led to the deaths of 39 Heaven’s gate cult followers in San Diego, the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

6) Jul 1, 1998
-Columbine school shooting
-The Euro is introduced in Europe

7) Sep 4, 2001
-The U.S. Stock Market declines
-The Dot Com crashes

8) November 16, 2002
-Within a few months, USA invades Iraq
-Gulf War II
-U.S. national deficit soars

9) June 24, 2007
-U.S. housing bubble bursts
-U.S. subprime mortgage melt down
-Collapse of U.S. & world financial institutions

10) September 27, 2007
-Coalition war in Afghanistan continues
-Benazir Bhutto is assassinated
-Gaza conflict between Israel & Hamas
-U.S. mortgage meltdown worsens
-U.S. banks look to government for bailouts
-U.S. auto companies look for government bailout
-Global recession worsens

11) Aug 5, 2011
-Tension in the Middle East escalates – Arab Spring
-Natural disasters increase around the world
-Great economic crises continues in many countries
-Global investment in markets fall worldwide

12) Nov 14, 2011
-Redistribution of world wealth through austerity measures
-Greece economy begins to crumble
-Obama healthcare plan is approved

Life is always stranger than we suppose. Much of what we discover in life has a significant timing signature and everything we do and the events we witness can be considered mundane occurrences or we can surmise that what is happening in the world is planned and executed according to the numbers or even according to the various alignments of the planets and the stars.

Of course, when Earth events happen and they seem to coincide with heavenly signs astrologers can give you an explanation that borders on new age hocus-pocus, religious leaders can speak of the stories of disciples of Christ and how they were reminded that all of the cosmic signposts can be found in the heavens.

The signs of the dispensation of the signs of the last days are always brought up when rare events occur in the sky. The problem is that the year 2013 will go down in history as the year when all things in heavens and the earth seemed to synchronize, but with that synchronization comes the harsh reminder that the synching of the cosmos and the planet brings with it some major changes that affect people on a grand scale.

There is a majority of people that are satisfied in the idea that the last days are now playing out. The clock is counting down and the signs are obvious, the news of anomalies in the sky are situation normal in the apocalypse.

We are now at a point in time where we weigh impossibilities and inevitabilities. It seems to be a never-ending paradox. The world, at the moment, seems unreal as we now understand that uncertainty is a certainty and that change can cause great upheavals that can affect us for years or even lifetimes.

I am really concerned about how America is stuck in its “over think” about race, and social issues that are becoming political footballs that really have no value in the big picture.

The hijacking of the zeitgeist at this time is a real distraction from what is happening above us and what is affecting us here on Earth. The sky is speaking to us, the sun is screaming out its warning and all we hear about is secret meetings of the elite and how they are discussing the continuity of their rule because all things are pointing to the grand exit or end game.

In the end, there will be no account for government or religion. It will be a fight between the army of darkness and the army of the one.

Spirit against spirit. Blood against blood. The writing is on the wall and the stars are now aligning to reveal the clue.


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another synchronicity about the whole thing is saturn .which pictures were taking of the polar region which features a hexagonal shape .hmmm….

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