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7/25: Conspiracy Nation

7/25: Conspiracy NationIt’s almost funny to realize that – while the mainstream sees ‘conspiracy theorists’ as paranoid – all these policies of spying, checkpoints and data-mining are all for the protection from some invisible boogeyman. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis has your passport to ‘Conspiracy Nation: A View From The Cynical Edge‘!



Clyde, take your blood-pressure pill, and hang up on the government shill…

People are getting paid to propgandize for the government these days, that’s Mr. Anti-9/11 Conspiracy Theorist all day long…

Jasper siX6Xis

Sure do wish I could listen to this (or any recent shows) on iTunes. Is the RSS audio feed gone for good? I don’t (can’t) listen live so put a message on this site somewhere if that’s the case. I have been a loyal podcast listener for over three years and simple respect would dictate that an explanation would be in order.

Jimmy Jam

We’ve mentioned it on air, on the Facebook page, etc… Here’s the new feed Here’s the hourly feed and here’s the new soundcloud page:

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