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Conspiracy Nation: A View From The Cynical Edge


I think it should be declared officially: there is a conspiracy against you and your freedom.

For those who are supporters of my program I can hear the swelling of the word ‘duh’ echoing everywhere; however, it is the naysayers I am speaking to now, the very naysayers that paint those who believe in conspiracies as tin foil hat wearing lunatics.

The U.S. House of Representatives narrowly rejected an effort to stop the National Security Agency from collecting millions of U.S. residents’ telephone records:

Late in the day, the House rejected a bipartisan amendment, with more than 30 co-sponsors, that would have prohibited the NSA from bulk collection of phone records from U.S. carriers and cut off funding for the phone records collection program as currently designed. The amendment, considered as part of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, would have allowed the NSA to continue collecting phone records of suspects, but only when relevant to an anti-terrorism investigation.

This speaks volumes to those who have already been screaming from the rafters that the conspiracy is against the American people and that our leaders see us all as potential criminals instead of citizens.

The conspiracy – or even the thought of an American conspiracy against its own people – has been written off as a cranky nuisance and those who earnestly try to inform the masses have been asked to take it on the chin and adjust their tin foil hats.

It is hard to put into words how disappointing it is to realize that that our representatives don’t value our rights or the Constitution. For those who have viewed our government from the ‘cynical edge’ this is nothing new. It’s ironic to realize that – while most mainstream spokespeople see the conspiracy theorist as a paranoid spectator looking over his shoulder for a boogeyman – all of our policies of spying and inordinate checkpoint harassment and data mining is all for the protection from an invisible boogeyman that our government continues to tell us exists.

The boogeyman is an invention of our government. The terror that they believe they are thwarting is not being thwarted. The Boston Marathon bombing is a clear example of this. If all of this spying were effective there would have been all sots of alarms going off prior to the bombing in Boston. However, the plan went suspiciously forward and people died. If that was not enough, the media was able to attack and blame the people’s press for their own sham reporting of the event. And finally, it was the President that stated that the terrorism we saw at the Boston Marathon was fueled by internet websites.

In the world of conspiracy theory, the players may change but it seems the agenda remains intact. I believe it is time to at least give respect to what seems to be the constant struggle of steering the national narrative into an area where we realize: those who represent us have betrayed us and have bought into the psychological operation that has bred fear and paranoia against the American people and their ability to conduct themselves as honorable citizenry.

The conspiracy is against you and the conspiracy historian can point out that there have been governments throughout history that has devolved into a group of elite gangsters, willing to murder any number of people – even to the point of genocide – in order to maintain the opulent lifestyles of their social class or bloodline.

It is a sickening and awful conclusion to figure that there may be a person who sees himself as a patriot as he is playing for the wrong side. I am talking about the party enabler that can’t understand that he is upholding the immoral values of the so-called leaders of today.

As I have said before that the country used to unite over the purest of things and now we are united over every tragedy and murderous endeavors or projects that our government carries out.

I don’t understand how this can continue when I hear sincere people who are real patriots expressing their concerns of an abandoned constitution and representatives that are more than willing to sell us out because they are convinced that there is some demon under the bed ready to snuff out their breath while they sleep.

The governmental apotheosis is waning. It is wearing thin with those who know and are not afraid to admit that this country has been pushed to the cliff’s edge and that cynicism is the new mental comfort zone that is replacing trust, hope and change.

The thieves can call it democracy and the patriots can call it despotism.

The conspiracy theorists are saying that whatever is scaring you is giving the government the excuse to meddle in your life. We all know that there are monsters in the world. They can be hairy, blood-sucking vampires or politicians and they both seem to be related closely in the genealogical blueprint.

The government wants fearful slaves that they can catalogue and number. They want them in positions of demanding that their freedoms be sacrificed for the guarantees of safety. The people who do not see themselves as conspiracy theorists have no choice but to comply. Compliance is a status thing, and being in the conspiracy crowd isn’t the popular thing, bowing your head and kneeling to our external saviors is the most comfortable thing to do now. It is the fashion of fascism and the new socially accepted socialism.

I guess now we are to accept that our government’s esoteric values and actions should be preserved and that your right to privacy is no longer the issue.

However, praise must be given to various conspiracy theorists who have pulled back the curtain to show that our various wizards are hiding behind hyper reality and that their friend the media can create enough distractions to have us all ignore the fact that they have no brains, no heart and no courage to speak on behalf of the people who put them in their various thrones of power.

The question is: how long it will be before we finally realize that the party bickering over emotional issues and what we should be concerned about is really becoming a tired conversation?

What political party is really going to stop with their emotional agendas about race, gay rights and abortion and open the dialogue about how basic American principles and freedom are no longer part of our lifestyle anymore?

The conspiracy theorist has the horrible task of identifying hypocrisy in government.

The conspiracy theorist has the unpopular task of saying that America is so conscious and proud of its history as a beacon of liberty that it often overlooks the tyranny that occurs on its own shores in the name of protecting us from imaginary terrorists – or terrorists that they have created.

The conspiracy theorist has thoughts about the state of security in this country and how it seems that it has run amok without opposition.

The national security state has expanded to the point whereby it now functions outside of democratic control and with clear disregard for the Constitution.

The state has felt no real legal obligation to tell citizens that they are spying on them or that they have a kill lists, or that they want to used mechanized robotic rats in the sky that will attack you and kill you if they see you as a threat to their criminal apparatus.

The conspiracy theorist asks where is the law? The answer now is that the law prefers to take the side of the state.

The Republican enablers applauded loudly when the power plays were obvious during the Bush Administration while the Democrats were screaming against it saying that the country was spinning wildly into a dictatorship. Now, under Obama, the tables have turned and it is frightening to see how easy it is to manipulate sheep that do not know that the shepherd has the same attitude about the wool they can sheer or the flesh that they can sell after slaughter.

The capacity for self-delusion seems to be expanding and that delusion includes criticizing the conspiracy theorist for being objective and wanting to expose the ugly truth.

The laughter and criticism – that is always part of the mainstream narrative against the conspiracy theorist – rings hollow now.

I hope we all can see that now we have the advantage and it is time to patiently teach and send out the warnings.

If you are criticized, just remember: the truth always wins in the end.

God bless the conspiracy theorist.


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Conspiracy Theorists, and critics of NSA cyber spying…. Hide yourselves, online at least, here’s how;

linda barnett

people need to organize in their own little areas. when you talk to people, you hear things in the more rural areas, like, “the govt is going to do what it wants, but if they try to take my guns, I will blow them
away.” an exact quote from a guy I asked to join my group, and he did not want to. I had to analyze
this statement because I cannot really understand this mindset. it is selfishness. in other words,
I feel no civic duty to my community, to patriotic Americans, to help them save their country. I am
just going to hole up and wait for troops to pull up some day. it should never come to it, though.
it is absolutely absurd to think this way, but it is all over the internet. these people are convinced
that they can make a stand all alone. they will not join a group to study the constitution; they
need to do so, because so many do not understand it. a lot of these people have never even
tried to peacefully picket, and they do not know the power of it. we need to become community
activists–not like the Obama govt, which is full of street agitators. community activism has a
lot of power. the govt does not fear kooks. they fear rational people who know their rights.
if they did not, why spend so much time and money following and harassing innocent people?

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