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Hollywood Hitler


There are moments when you see a conspiracy theory in the making and you really do not know how to tackle it. Especially when you have to admit that the theory is not really fact, however there are mitigating circumstances that point to the theory being as close to the mark as you can be.

I know that there is a small portion of my audience that pretends that what goes on in Hollywood does not affect them.  I have seen many times posts in my forum and in twitter asking me why I care about what happens in Hollywood.

Well, to put it simply Hollywood is partly responsible for how public opinion is shaped. The majority of Americans have their opinions shaped by trends in the popular culture and a lot of what we think is fashionable,  a lot of the opinions we make are based on agendas and programming provided by a studio somewhere in either Hollywood or New York.

A while ago I was reading about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas speaking at USC about the film industry.

The pair agreed that Hollywood is  on track to have a “massive implosion”. They were claiming that there just isn’t enough time in the day for consumers to support all the films released in theaters.

They also predicted that big budget movies will be taking a nosedive as people will not go to the theaters and pay the prices they are paying.  So far this summer Hollywood has taken a hit financially as a lot of hopeful movies offered for the summer have tanked at the box office.

It can be argued that Hollywood has no more creativity in them, that through the lack of ideas, poor writing and the inability to grow with new audiences they are hemorrhaging financially.

However there is another argument to consider and it is an argument that was first proposed when it seemed that the Academy awards found themselves shilling for the Military Industrial complex.

The Pentagon recognizes the power of  Hollywood and lately has been more or less the directors and the writers with hidden agendas to rewrite history to suit its own strategy.

It is beginning to look as if Americans are sensing this government myth making and has responded by rejecting most of the militarized messages in films and have become more comfortable with comic book heroes, religious themes, and animated fantasy.

The military is now in the midst of a full-scale occupation of the entertainment industry.  The pentagon is now writing scripts, editing and censoring films so that the military is seen as the hero.  Their agenda is to alter history in order to maintain appearances and encourage the ongoing war that will leave one area of the globe and land in another area in order to promote the global agenda for the New World order.

It does not end with just the films, there is also merchandizing of the war and death through the creation of videogames and toys that reflect the mentality of the police state.

The military industrial complex and its partners in crime have grasped the entertainment industry by the throat and little by little they have  sucked  it of its creative blood.

They have succeeded in killing off or surgically removing any subversive views and blurred the line between entertainment and war.

The marketing strategy that can be evident now is that all film goers are a cultivated culture meant to be mentally controlled, prepared and recruited for a future armed conflict where every citizen will be required to fight some alien or indefinable enemy.

This is not the first time that the majority of the Hollywood elite have compromised the creative efforts of its directors and producers.  A new book excerpt in the Hollywood reporter has exposed a Hollywood that has a rich history of compromises some of them may be surprising while others may see them as not so surprising.

Ben Urwand the author of The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler will probably add fuel to an already well known Conspiracy theory that Hollywood has always been compromised and that they have been notorious in making deals with the devil in order to keep the money coming in.

The Hollywood reporter’s latest issue features Urwand’s expose and claims that the author draws from a wealth of archival documents in the U.S. and Germany, he reveals the shocking extent to which Hollywood cooperated and collaborated with the Nazis during the decade leading up to World War II to protect its business.

The book promises to  reveal how the big studios, desperate to protect German business, let Nazis censor scripts, remove credits from Jews, get movies stopped and even forced one MGM executive to divorce his Jewish wife.

There are also historical references that show how the Nazis were able to have some control in Hollywood over how they were portrayed. The Movie All Quiet on the Western front, about German soldiers during World War I became the first movie to succumb to Nazi pressure after Joseph Goebbels staged a riot during the movie’s Berlin premiere.

Goebbels was the Third Reich’s propaganda minister from 1933, when the Nazis took power, until his suicide at the end of World War II. He led the riot against All Quiet on the Western Front that allegedly set in motion the complicated relationship that existed between Hollywood and the Nazis.

Hitler had expressed his love of Hollywood movies and it was even rumored that he had a home in Hollywood at one time.  Many people can dismiss this as myth however it was well known that Hitler had a special place in his heart for Disney films.

He spoke fondly of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well as Mickey Mouse. The Fuhrer loved the Disney icon so much that he watched five of the mouse’s cartoons in July 1937. That year, Goebbels gave him 12 Mickey Mouse films as a Christmas present

A popular film that was praised by the Nazis was “The House of Rothschild.” The Nazis liked this 1934 20th Century Fox production about the rise of the Jewish family of European bankers so much — they believed it supported their racist stereotypes of Jews that they pirated a clip for a 1940 propaganda film called “The Eternal Jew.”

Another film Popular with the Nazis was “Gabriel Over the Whitehouse.” This 1933 MGM film about a fascist becoming president of the United States worked as propaganda since the story is essentially an American version of Hitler’s rise to power. The film deals with a subject that many of us have already feared and that is a president that dissolves Congress to assume dictatorial powers.

If Hitler were alive today I am sure that he would be entertained even more and would praise the agendas that the military have introduced in a lot of our films.

The propaganda machine is now being used to inspire Americans to get behind the continued war.  The propaganda is being used to sway public opinion about history and current events that seem to be a bit nebulous like the attacks of September 11th, 2001, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the Benghazi attacks and the shootings at Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

They are also attempting to even shape our opinions about certain political figures and changing the truth about their shady pasts and actions.

There seems to be a never ending menu of films that include references to the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, military intelligence, black ops, the militarized local police, the prison system and even military events that allegedly shape history.

The military industrial intelligence complex like the Nazis of the past is now in cahoots with Hollywood and they are marketing a never ending barrage of films that are merely recruitment and propaganda tools that we are paying to see and many are now growing tired of.

Regardless of the rejection in theaters, there is still television and video gaming that markets the message that was praised by the Nazis in the 1930’s. The police state is something that with gradual coercion will be embraced by the American people as a normal part of our life.

Soon there will be more movies produced with the blessing of the Pentagon and the intelligence apparatus that will demonstrate a new focus on the use of drone technology in police and spy work and how it is necessary to keep the homeland safe and secure.

There will also be more focus on environmental crisis, the threat of extraterrestrials which of course is another way to recruit young men and women for military duty. The idea of fighting any menace alien or otherwise will be glamorized by Hollywood.

We must question why we are now embracing the glory of the militarized police state because this was the norm for Communist countries, Nazis and other countries that would parade missiles and military in the public square to show their might in the face of danger.

We may not see this yet but, what we are about to notice is just how pervasive the extended war mentality is creeping into our entertainment.

The policies in Hollywood have changed many times over the decades and the most frightening thing of all is that as the devils take their positions in the studios we may see the entire American ideal be consumed and replaced  by a more militaristic position.  Perhaps it already is here and in the flickering light of an old theater we have been lured into a programming trap.

It is so sad to think that America can be brought down  over a large tub of buttered popcorn, milk duds, Coca-cola and thunderous applause.


linda barnett

I cannot even remember when I last went to a movie theater.
maybe 15 years ago. not interested. if I wanted to be brain
washed I could watch msm for free on TV.


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…. Pretending that needs explanation, just because facts can’t “prove” a conspiracy theory as conspiracy fact, doesn’t necessitate the fact being negated…

How many people have been convicted of a crime when it couldn’t be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, as in something that could be demonstrated 100% factually accurate, but the OPINION of a jury was simply beyond a “shadow of a doubt” that what they’ve been lead to believe happened, happened?

So good poisoning the well in the first few lines of your show summation….

Didn’t need a review of Zero Dark Thirty either btw.


oh yes

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