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8/2: Power And The Controlled Transparency

8/2: Power And The Controlled TransparencyTwo days ago, former CIA director James Woolsey held a panel stating that the Earth was two weeks away from doomsday. Americans are unaware how close we are from a devastating EMP that could take down the entire power grid. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis takes a look at just vulnerable and fragile our existence is in ‘Power And The Controlled Transparency‘!


linda barnett

Clyde, I cannot believe my ears and eyes but fox news is pushing this story about rob rhinehart creating
A food for the masses called SOYLENT, and he claims he lives on this stuff. In the 1973 movie SOYLENT
GREEN, the masses, as we know, find out that the food is made of PEOPLE. Rhinehart looks like a
Stupid kid, but I believe this goes way deeper. The first thing that came to my mind was, “wow,
Clyde Lewis is always talking about memes. Hollywood sets up a meme, and you can then attach
That meme, which has has been deeply implanted into the minds of a certain demographic, to any
Random thing, person, or event you want to either smear/destroy, or uplift–holy smokes!” This is
An amazing example. I already emailed mike adams and I asked him to please do a story on this
From his perspective of being a health expert. I think I am not the only pissed customer because
The rob rhinehart home page is not functioning right now and the comments on there did not look
Good from what little I saw on the search screen…
Eagerly awaiting rhinehart’s cure for cancer which he is planning to name “POISON”…

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