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Divine Entrance: Of Angels And Sin Eaters


I know that lately I have found myself buried in the latest stories of intrigue generated by our own politicians. The truth is that conspiracies and stories of treachery are immediate because they can be assessed and produced within a limited timetable and everyone has an opinion on the political health of the world.

When one subscribes to the paranormal view of the world, they look at both the political and spiritual view and wonder how the human consciousness deals with a possible apocalypse.

This planet has been going through some interesting turbulence. It can be argued that this turbulence is evidence of what can be called the signs of the times or even the end of the world.

I have always jokingly said that the world is not going to end, because that would be too easy. In an apocalypse, the living have their problems and the dead have their problems.

It is in that realm of the dead – the dreamscape or the other side – that supernatural events occur. They have happened in Biblical times and they have happened for thousands of years. They have been recorded in ancient texts and have been viewed as part of what can be called the religious experience.

The religious experience is a mental state when the spirit or an unnamed entity makes a divine entrance and the barriers between both the spirit world and the world of the living collapse or dissolve.

This is why there seems to be this adjunct reality where spirits that are caught between worlds appear out of nowhere and a true student of the occult understands and can determine the type of encounters human beings have with the beyond.

There are people that have argued that many of the revelations and spooky metaphors found in the book of the apocalypse have already happened and that the people living now will be the people that will write and then seal up the 23rd chapter.

There is no 23rd chapter in the book of Revelation. It has been warned that anyone adding to the Bible or taking away from its prophecies will not be found in the book of life when the messiah returns. Its pages contain some of the most amazing things. The most outrageous things that it predicts are horrifying and the events that will transpire sound like mythological epics.

Yet no one is to add to any of it. What is written is set in stone. No one should take any scripture and omit it from this great work. If it is done, then those who do it are meant to suffer the wrath of God when the final sun sets and the stars fall from heaven.

If this is the charge given by John the beloved then perhaps we have overlooked the coup that the emissaries of evil have accomplished. They have managed to aggressively tear the walls of the religion down and mock the very tenants of the faith.

They use weapons of discouragement, war, and confusion to corrupt the core and then the domino effect takes place as one by one those who are easily shaken become mortar for the walls of the new apostasy.

This is not to say that miracles do not happen from time to time and events that can be termed biblical happen all the time.

Various wonders appear and then disappear into the memory hole. Many of my listeners send me stories for my consideration. I must admit that, during the long last days of summer, there have been a few stories that have turned up that can be classified as peculiar. When I see them I begin to feel a little like Fox Mulder from ‘The X-Files’.

Fox would look at a story and would file it in a box or drawer until he noticed a pattern or a connection to another story that he was observing or investigating. I do that as well, and then when a paranormal story becomes mainstream news, that is when I go to work.

Do not ignore that there are signs in the heavens and other symbols and sigils that are appearing both in heaven and Earth.

We spoke of the sun and how it is showing signs of change and now it is being reported that it is about to flip its magnetic polarity. There have been anomalous coronal holes that have blackened the sun which is reminiscent of prophecies about the sun being darkened like sack cloth. We are listening closely to Earth and sky and we hear sounds that we have never heard before. We try to determine their source and all we can conclude is that the Sun is speaking to us in the form of a sky quake or coronal mass ejection that could either destroy us or change our abilities to survive on a hostile planet such as Earth.

We hear of planetary alignments where the formation of a huge sextile has astrologers bewildered and forecasters of doom burning the midnight oil. As the six-pointed star is formed in heaven a 1,200 foot wide five pointed pentagram is seen from a satellite in a remote area in the Middle East. It was reported that in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, there’s a large pentagram etched into Earth’s surface, it was seen in a Google map search.

I am sure there are many people that would think that the symbol is there as some Satanic message. The reality is not as diabolical as the symbol’s origins are not satanic at all. Anciently, the pentagram was a microcosm of the human body. It is also considered a very powerful symbol. Inverted, the symbol is considered Satanic because it represents the inverted body with the bead below and the two points up.

The pentagram is known as the “blazing star” of freemasonry and is a representation of the star Sirius. Sirius is known as the rising star before the sun. In the times of the “dog star” or the dog days of summer it is believed that spiritual awakenings happen and miracles are seen.

For the past few days my e-mail and my Facebook page have been bombarded with a miracle story that first began on blogs and has now become a sensation in the mainstream news.

It happened in Missouri on a rural road. An unidentified drunk driver hit a vehicle head on. The victim of the hit and run was identified as 19 year old Katie Lentz of Quincy, Missouri. The accident pinned her in the front seat of her convertible.

Katie was dying and, when rescue crews arrived, she asked them to pray for her.

PRIESTThat’s when first responders say a man who looked like a Catholic priest seemed to appear out of nowhere, despite a 2-mile perimeter blocking the scene. The New London fire chief told news reporters that the priest arrived and anointed the girl with oil. He then prayed with the rescue crews. The fire chief related that there was a strange calm on the scene and everyone felt at peace.

He also claimed that prior to the arrival of the priest the equipment that was used to try and extricate the woman from the car did not work and that the crews were about to give up hope.

The priest told the crews that all their sins are forgiven and that the equipment will work now. At that moment another fire crew showed up with fresh extrication tools. Katie Lentz was rescued and survived, but the priest vanished. No one could find him to thank him.

However, everyone involved described the man for a police sketch and his picture circulated over the net and on national television. The priest appeared to be just the typical nondescript, grinning bald man.

The plain-faced man that many people dream about that shows up before someone dies.

1 faceThis phenomenon was first discussed in 2006 when a New York psychiatrist claimed that a number of his patients were dreaming of a man that was bald with bushy eyebrows and a grin. Many thought he was priest, some thought he was an angel and others thought that he might be a time traveler. The psychiatrist claimed that only 4 patients saw the face and by 2011 the face appeared on the Internet and nearly 2000 people claimed to have either seen the man or have dreamed about him.

There are theories about time meddlers. The time meddlers are much like the Observers in the TV show ‘Fringe’ or the agents that appeared in the cult film ‘The Adjustment Bureau’.
2 face
They are usually described as pale, thin, bald and smiling. They are usually calm and eerily peaceful. Some say they have an evil presence while others find them to be quite pleasant. Some even claim that they are the so called mysterious ‘Men in Black‘.
3 face
They have always been known to appear at disaster areas or assist in saving someone. In the television show ‘Fringe’, an observer saved Walter Bishop and his son Peter from drowning.
4 face
However, the witnesses at the Missouri crash swear he was a priest. They say that this priest prayed and anointed the head of the victim with oil.

The more I read this story and watched the reports, the more I wondered if this so-called priest was a “sin-eater.”

Sin-eaters are technically part of Anglo folklore but I remember hearing of them in South America. There was also a film called “The Order” starring Heath Ledger where sin-eaters were featured.

A sin-eater was a priest who was more of a faith healer between worlds. They were like Catholic sorcerers that do spiritual work for the living, the dead and the near dead.

The sin-eater is known for showing up at times where a person is in distress. They sometimes use anointing oil, bread and wine during their ritual. Sometimes they even write the name or the initials of the victim on paper and swallow the paper.

As the sins are usually consumed through food and drink, the sin-eater also gains a meal through the transaction; meaning, the priest will subsist like a beggar, using the removal of sins as barter. These rituals are allegedly performed to save the person not only from hell, but from roaming the Earth as a ghost if they pass away.

It was believed that a soul could not ascend to heaven or leave the Earthly plane if it was weighed down by too much sin.” The sin-eater would take on that burden so the soul could be free. But this practice is not limited to the dead or dying. It has often been performed with the demon possessed, the suicidal person and mentally ill.

Sin-eaters never really identify themselves as sin-eaters. In fact, in Lujan, Argentina, where I lived, Sin eaters were actually similar to the curanderos and were put in the same category as practitioners of brujeria. Many referred to them as male witches.

They dressed in black and appeared to be in the clergy. Sin-eaters are rare outside of rural areas and the practice was frowned upon by the church.

Of course, there are legends that real sin-eaters are able to travel from this world to the afterlife. The church saw it as heresy but, while the claim is that the act of sin-eating doesn’t exist, there are stories that are told that are similar to the story from Missouri.

They are now trying to find the priest who showed up at the accident and so far no one has stepped forward to say that they are that man. In the meantime, there is now talk of how an angel showed up on the road that day.

Maybe it was an angel of death that saw that it wasn’t the young girl’s time, or perhaps an agent in time that saved the young girl from death.


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