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Genesis Kill Switch


It never ceases to amaze me that when you read about one particular subject and present it, it spins into yet another interesting story because there seems to be the six degrees or less of separation between one topic and another.

When I was doing research on Soylent and the $300,000 dollar test tube burger, I caught an article about how the burger that they spin in a vat of nutrients is actually brought about by using cow embryo blood.

Now while this may sound like too much information and I realize this information ranks up there with how ‘most people don’t want to hear what goes into their hot dogs’ category, I remembered that bovine blood is also used to force multiply viruses that are weaponized in labs.

The question is: why is bovine blood so important in the bioweapons industry?

The European Society for Clinical Virology, the European Society for Veterinary Virology and the Society for General Microbiology learned that birds carry virulent strains of flu and when they pass into cattle they become lethal. Science has now found strains of flu in the cattle. Some are hosts for devastating strains for many years.

It seems that we are more aware of cattle and their toxic potential because of the exhaustive efforts of vegetarians and vegans whose crusades have given us reason to become reluctant vegetarians.

However, we need to understand that cattle and other animals are exposed to all sorts of outside evils that find their way into the ecosystem. Much to the chagrin of vegan militants the problem may be in the earth itself. Heavy metals and other contaminants end up in the soil and the watershed. It ends up in the plant life and then it is transmitted to animal life.

Other animals have demonstrated that they are being exposed to all kinds of pathogens, infectious diseases and toxic gasses. The question is where is all of this coming from? Chickens carry influenza, mosquitoes have carried viral encephalitis and crows have shown that they can carry the West Nile Virus.

Now we can all attribute this to natural and common affect from nature and the environment but knowing the history of the military and their experimentations we may want to look at farm animals and their uses as lethal canaries in a coal mine.

In the aftermath of World War II – after the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan – the atom bomb was tested on several species of animals. Immobilized in metal stalls, tethered to designated areas, and left wandering on the open decks, pigs, goats and sheep were the unwitting recipients of a full-on blast of an atomic bomb. The American atom bomb tests were held near Bikini Island (Atoll) in the Pacific in 1946. The animals-having been shaved-were aboard the ironically named, taxpayer-funded, “Atomic Ark.” There were no survivors.

A few years later, in 1951, donkeys were subjected to lethal radiation doses. The animals slowly died-with ulcerations of the gums and anuses, bleeding from the mouth, lethargy, disorientation, collapse, and then death. Again, no survivors.

What we learned from these experiments is that similar symptoms of radiation disease were observed and recorded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Decades later, radiation sickness experiments on animals continue.

These animals are known as “second creation” subjects.

As you can see “second creation” animals have been used to test radiation and sometimes cows have been forced to eat poisons and have their stomachs opened so Scientists can see how the cow digests foods and eliminates waste.

It is also well known that cow components especially fetal calf serum is used to force multiply the potency of a weaponized virus or to also be used in various vaccines and antidotes.

The reason this information is important is because – while reading about a recent cattle mutilation in Missouri – I was thinking that perhaps the mysterious alien explanation is a cover for a rogue lab that may have ways to extract various components of the cow, drain it of its blood and use it for an effective biological weapon.

Back in July, a rancher by the name of Lynn Mitchell claimed that three of her cows were mutilated just 90 miles outside of Kansas City. Sheriff’s deputies – and even Mitchell herself – told the media that they were not ruling out the possibility of aliens committing the slaughter.

The cattle had their tongues removed along with their udders, anus, reproductive organs and ears. The cuts to the cow were precise and surgical. Also what seems to be the common denominator of all these incidents is the lack of blood and other bodily fluids surrounding the area and inside the animal.

Now, we can entertain the alien stories and while there have been many reports of alien-type visitations where cows have been victims, we may want to consider another possible reason for the mutilations: Someone may have an interest in creating a bioweapon and needed the necessary bovine components to force multiply the virility of a possible biological weapon that can be used in a terrorist attack.

In an August 13th, 2013 published article in New Scientist, American scientists are now tinkering with a flu virus to make it more deadly, only for the mutant strain to escape and trigger a pandemic.

Flu scientists are now arguing over the ethics regarding experiments that are underway that will make the H7N9 bird influenza virus that emerged in China earlier this year even more dangerous.

This sounds like some creepy science fiction plot, but in reality some scientists are arguing that “gain of function” experiments to make the virus more infectious, are vital in case we are forced to create an antidote or vaccine to destroy the viris in case of a pandemic.

Other scientists are concerned that deliberately creating a super virus could provide a weapon to bioterrorists. What’s more, they point out, existing bio-safety measures – such as requiring researchers to wear special safety suits and go through decontamination chambers when leaving the lab – may not be enough to prevent the virus from spreading.

In the meantime, a genetic fail-safe is being made that could switch off the virus if it does get loose.

In other words, these mad scientists believe that – in order to prevent a worst-case scenario – they must provoke one.

Now are we aware of how risky these so-called “gain of function” experiments can be?

Are the benefits worth the risk?

Why is it so important to move forward now to run these experiments when the risks are high that a containment breach could happen, which would result in sickening and eventually killing innocent people?

Who would have the fail-safe switch when all hell breaks loose? Would it be a another tool that governments can hold over you and your ability to get help with various illnesses and pain under the new health care policies?

As I have said before, there is a war on the sick and new policies would create a method of plausible deniability when it comes to iatrogenic artifacts and so-called “cures” and policies that stack the deck against you and your ability to find relief. The problem is that the public health has become a political cudgel of control and as we move into the medical surveillance state we will see a form of democide being carried out through all sorts of health related mandates.

New and emerging diseases seem to generate some underlying panic brought on by political and economic design. The plagues, pandemics and even the proposed mass inoculations are connected to money generating operations. These plagues seem to be self induced: Reported for the fear factor and resolved by government – by creating more laws and more provisions that could eventually take away your freedom of choice.

If you glance at Senate bill S. 666, the Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons Countermeasures Research Act of 2003, it clearly states that it gives “incentives to private industry in the USA to conduct research into bio-weapons, allegedly to fill gaps in the US bio-defense procurement programs.

The bill literally paved the way for incentives for companies to detect and weaponized viruses and also find “diagnostics” against viruses.

The only way to find the diagnostics is to secretly test strains on animal or human subjects; It has been done before on an involuntary basis. Now, there are paid studies to do these weird experiments and what cannot be totaled in focus groups can be analyzed with simulants that can be aerosolized and sprayed over heavily populated areas.

We are also quite capable of testing virulent influenza and other force multiplied diseases without consequence.

The American double standard comes into play here. If we were aware that a Middle Eastern country like Syria or Pakistan were creating virulent biological weapons that were more dangerous than the original – and that they wanted to test them in order to release a genetic kill switch to eradicate the virus – would we tolerate it?

Of course, we wouldn’t and yet we do know that governments – including ours – are capable of releasing a virus into the populace just to see how it affects people. Then – as if out of nowhere – the virus disappears because of a secret, genetic kill switch.

While the health care industry does its best to care for the citizens of this country, there can be big business and political corruption that can find its way well within the new health care parameters, putting unknowing and trusting individuals in harm’s way.

The cull that is coming will conveniently have no paper trails or even a ‘patient zero‘. It will come from a lab where the scientists will conveniently be disposed of and the kill switch will be in the hands of the military industrial complex.


8/15: Genesis Kill Switch | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] If we knew a Middle Eastern country was recreating a virulent bioweapon more dangerous than the original, would we tolerate it? Of course we wouldn’t, but we do know that governments – including our own – are capable of releasing a virus into the populace just to see how it affects people. Then – as if by magic – the virus disappears because of… why? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis throws the ‘Genesis Kill Switch‘! […]


Sounds potentially good, reminds me of last night’s episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, or whatever… “Bio-Hacking”, he went into how independent labs are springing or sprung up all over the country, and people (amateur chemists/biologists/biochemists) are paying a fee to generally an actual chemist who runs the labs, and conducting, pretty much, whatever research they want…. With limited oversight, which can be cool, or we could end up with Jeffery Goines (Brad Pitt’s character from 12 Monkeys) doing some crazy stuff.

Last nights episode (of yours) was pretty good, but the one the night before…… I mean seriously, you didn’t hear about Barnaby Jack dying mysteriously young, “a week before he was to give a presentation on hacking heart implants at the Black Hat 2013 conference scheduled to be held in Las Vegas.”

The whole biotechnological, or “Trans-humanist” thing, should it reach it’s logical conclusion….. Not going to be good, go watch “Repo Men”…

It’s bad enough we live under technocratic fascism. They can see you through Wi-fi, they got T.V.s that now watch you, and can detect what is going on in the room with the T.V. and can hear what you’re saying in the room….. Google applying for patents on ““Head mounted” technology will relay “emotional analytics” to advertisers….”

I mean they’ve already almost reached Full Spectrum Surveillance, it’s to the point NO ONE knows how to act anymore, everyone feels watched all the time.

But soon enough, General Electric will want to lease you a kidney, or turn lose nan-bots in your blood-stream to fix the cancer the Fukashima fallout created, when they’re the same monsters who designed, or owned the design on the Fukashima Nuclear Plant….. No doubt Barnaby Jack would’ve been on the forefront of nano-bot hacking, at least demonstrating it’s potential downfalls, not now….

Anyway, I’ll shut-up before I raise my priority level of the “forced medication” list….. just sayin….


Clyde has a point, are scientists are creating actual WMD’s…. And nobody cares.

When China does it;

Of course they need a “stern” talking to… (knowing we couldn’t defeat them militarily right now)

When the U.S. does it;

It’s just a-okay the socially acceptable, “American” thing to do……

But when we accused Iraq of doing it, a country that is on our “regime change” list, it was cause for a ground invasion…

Absolutely right Clyde, blatantly hypocritical, dangerously psychopathic policies our fascist regime allows for….


They are WRONG, there are no ethics in what they’re doing….

The issue remains;

“Politicians share personality traits with serial killers”
(According to a few studies)

Why wouldn’t serial killers do their dirty work indirectly through mad-scientists….? Allot easier to get away with, and a much higher murder ratio.

It’s not that they “share” the traits so much is what I’m getting at……

Find very many politicians who don’t vote for ritually sacrificing our CHILDREN at the alter of WAR in the pursuit of global domination, few and far between…..

linda barnett

The movie Endangered Species was creepy. This was the theory behind it. Also the Martin Cannon hypothesis that
The government IS “the aliens” and that they created screen memories using MKUltra techniques to dupe people
Into thinking they had been abducted. Honestly I cannot say much, because I have had no experiences with
Aliens. I would speculate that cattle mutilations are NOT done by aliens, though.


Love that “I know about Satanists, they don’t do that….” In reference to animal mutilations….

I knew “satanists” too, they were usually young, dumb, and all into ritual sacrifice, and weren’t even good at pulling off the ritual correctly.

While agree with the 90+% of what you’re saying tonight, “satanists” are not “good” people. They tend to either be young and have no idea, or they’re older and know what’s up, tending to be sick, generally pedophile types….

Read up on the Temple of Set, and it’s leader who spun it off of the Church of Satan…. The church of Satan was Anton Szandor LaVey’s creation, Michael A. Aquino was a high priest of the Church of Satan, was also a HIGH RANKING MILITARY INTELLIGENCE officer….. (MK Ultra type)

(A little segment on Michael A. Aquino right there ^^^^)

the Temple of Set, being so closely affiliated with the Church of Satan, and “satanists”…… What’s known about them, not “good people Clyde….

Neither was that dumb child “satanist” back in high school sacrificing pet goats, but….


Michael A. Aquino being the founder of the Temple of Set….. Good friend of Satan…. Mr. Aquino being caught up in military pedo rings….

Kevin Pevehouse

I’m still wondering about all the 100+ mysterious deaths of the scientists (virologists, epidemiologists, microbiologists,)etc What are the cattle mutilations about. What the hell is going on !!!!


Was totally wrong the Michael A. Aquino video was here;

“The New Phoenix Program – Electronic Harassment – MK Ultra”

(sorry bout that, “Satanist” still = b-a-d, one animal sacrifice gone bad = mutilated animal…..)

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