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8/19: Area 51 Certainty w/ Donald Schmitt

8/19: Area 51 Certainty w/ Donald SchmittWe begin another exciting new week of the weird with a further investigation of the revelations around Area 51. Of course it exists! But what else is there? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes researcher Donald Schmitt, author of ‘Witness To Roswell‘, back to the show to solve the equation of ‘Area 51: Certainty = Enemy‘!


linda barnett

there are a lot of old conspiracies being brought up in the media these days, the area 51 admission being only one of them, preceded by the Diana accident, TWA 800, etc… I do not think
this is a coincidence. they are all “limited hangouts” and mostly
not really new to long time conspiracy theorists, even if the
general public is fascinated.

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