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Area 51: Certainty = Enemy

AREA 51:

When the media decided to report that the CIA has come clean about Area 51 I honestly had to search my soul about how I really felt about it. I know that the media would have us all think that conspiracy theorists are vindicated, and maybe there are a few that feel that way; however, vindication is not what I am feeling right now.

In fact, this has triggered more skepticism than vindication and I think that a lot of people who have known about the secret base in Nevada are beginning to feel the same way.

You begin to realize that all certainty about something that top secret is impossible and that is why you have to determine that if you are satisfied and certain that this is all there is to the story then the enemy of truth has won the battle.

The revelation of Area 51 is a hollow gesture by the CIA, so much so that is seems like some bad magic trick. The media seems to be presenting some sort of rigorous assurance that the surprise “information” from the CIA should be believed about the declassification of an alleged military base that has been wrapped in mystery for decades.

There have credible stories and mythologized fireside tales about Area 51. It must be admitted that there are the truths, the rumors and the outrageous myths about the base. One needs to remember however that most myths are based on some facts and the mythologies surrounding the base are rooted on alien lore and the idea of back engineered craft provided by our cold war enemies and from possible crashes of unknown craft that have been determined to be extraterrestrial.

Back in June of 2011, Ground Zero was one of the first radio shows to report the rumor that Area 51 had been declassified. The truth is that many of the men who were sworn to secrecy about OXCART were now coming forward and talking about their experiences at Area 51. I was lucky to land an interview with former CIA operative and Area 51 worker T.D. Barnes.

During the interview, it hit me just how important the moment was. It was an interview with a man that couldn’t even tell his wife what his job was. That his relationship had to have that kind of trust as he was called to a desolate area and work on secret war machines for the government. During the interview I was thinking to myself that my listeners were unaware that Barnes revealed a lot more information on my show about Area 51 than he did when he appeared on National Geographic special about Area 51.

To be clear, Barnes never saw alien technology while he was there. He said that perhaps a lot of what we hear regarding the alien cases could all be tied to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This is the place where the Roswell crash debris was sent for further inspection with the Army Air Force.

It has been quite a task to task to deliver solid news about Area 51, and as far as I could tell Barnes was correct about his time there. In reality if alien technology was ever sent there it seems that it would have to have been there under the direction of a private firm that had an interest in somehow extracting the technology for further use on the battlefield or in the private sector.

Bob Lazar made is revelations to George Knapp about the saucers at Area 51, which spun into criticisms and speculations about the purpose of the facility.

After those stories faded into UFO history, there were some other stories that were surfacing about these facilities and these stories seem to make it all come together.

Now with the new revelations and the eyewitness testimony of many honorable men from astronauts to military personnel we are realizing that from Roswell to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and then to Area 51 there is a long list of events and transfers that point to some sort of connection between exotic space vehicles and the very intricate and stealth war machines we see flying above us today.

The sad thing is the confusion about where things were kept, where they were hidden and how each base and each department was certainly not aware of each others secret projects.

This is why I say certainty about Area 51 is the enemy. We cannot be certain of anything with regard to the base. Just because one department does not specifically say that there have ever been aliens or even retrieved craft at the base does not mean there has not been an occasion where the truth bears fruit.

Back in 2009, a number of whistleblowers emerged revealing how corporate involvements with black budgets have been achieved. With the advent of “disclosure” and “declassification” –Non Military corporate whistleblowers have come forward with hidden information about they have seen.

A recently deceased informant revealed how during the mid-1980s, he worked for six months as an archivist for a large aerospace defense contractor based in California. It was a temporary assignment with his employer at an obscure office building.

The archivist found many files dealing with flying saucers and extraterrestrial life. The files contained: “Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers.” When asked where the files came from he revealed the “materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DOD, FBI, and government officials to name most.

Ben Rich, who is the former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, says that many of the classified UFO and alien secrets have been moved from secret “X-Files” in the government and military to corporate Aerospace companies and are protected under corporate secrets laws. This means that even with the freedom of Information act you can come up empty handed about possible reversed engineering, aliens, and any missions into space that are not officially recognized.

Even T.D. Barnes himself acknowledged that there were astronauts at Area 51 long before civilians knew of the space programs provided by NASA. He never hinted what carried these astronauts, but it was most definitely inferred that there were most definitely brave men who attempted the climb into space using the “special aircraft” designed and used at Area 51.

Ben Rich again adds that, ”There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “purge”, administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.

Former astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell recently confirmed an incident in 1997 where the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was supplied the code names of UFO related off earth projects, but was denied need-to-know access.

There are mysteries and, as Barnes confided, “secrets” that will be taken to graves about Area 51.

Like it or not, there are still mysteries that have not even been revealed to the brave men and women that risked their lives and families working on these classified projects. Meanwhile, there has to be a bit of suspicion when it comes to so called “revelations” by an organization that exists on secrets. If you look at the Roswell story you still get 3 or 4 ridiculous explanations for the event and a gullible media that still cynically debunks anyone who doesn’t buy into their weather balloons of the Gods theories.

Not to mention the smug buffoonery that seems to ooze from every newscaster that thinks a simple roll of UFO footage backed by the worn out ‘X-Files’ theme is going to give them any credibility.

They want you to believe that a confirmation of Area 51 makes it any more real or any more satisfying for those who have demanded that the entire façade be blown open and revealed rather than table scraps that make for sensationalist reports on the nightly news.

Eventually there will be no reason to hide anything. However, now we have to say that even though we have an acknowledgement of the base the secrets still remain under wraps.

It is only one small step, now how long will it take before we see a story that has legs and a stride that will most definitely reveal that the race for aeronautical dominance had a lot to do with some Promethean revelation dropped on us by accident from some intelligence that we have hidden away locked up and decaying on a secret base that we now know had nothing to do with aliens in the first place?

Well, the government threw us a 407 page document that is only a piece of the puzzle and the mainstream media thinks they have the whole puzzle solved.
The whole uproar seems underwhelming.


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