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Killer Queen: Royal Hounds On The Grassy Knoll


There has always been the argument that it is human nature to want to believe in myths. Where mythologies don’t exist human beings will find ways to conjure them in order to fulfill a need for a hero, saint or superhero.

In the modern era we have found that celebrity develops into a unique apotheosis where secret worship becomes an imperative for some people. Before the secular age, religion gave us that sense of belonging and heroes were found in the pages of parables and tales of punishment and reward provided by an unseen God. For some people, that religious experience is enough and the passages of scripture telling us of salvation through the death of a martyr, or mythologized figure means escape from a world cruel enough to kill its only hope.

We have heard these stories throughout history and we make judgments about the guilty and demand punishment, even hold grudges for thousands of years.

The improbable and the supernatural are real commodities in the pages of the Bible and justice comes from the hand of God. It is healthy to understand conspiracy as revelatory passages indicate that throughout history there have been secret plots to remove the holiness of the pure and replace it with counterfeit doppelgangers that have an agenda of perverting the plan of God, whatever that plan is interpreted to be.

It is not surprising that, in the 21st century, people have created religious substitutes to meet their spiritual hunger for something more than just inert scriptures.

The story of Princess Diana and her tragic death has many trappings that, when analyzed, have frightening religiously significance in prophetic revelation.

Long after the death announcement, the huge wave of mourning and the mountain of flowers messages and prayers the death of Princess Diana once again is gracing headlines like a phantom screaming from the grave that it is not all that it seems.

British police say they are examining newly received information relating to the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, and that officers are assessing the information’s “relevance and credibility.”

To be clear, there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death and the media again has latched on to this story as a reason to reopen the case. Scotland Yard has not reopened the case, they are merely checking new revelations about her murder in order to determine if they are valid.

In 2008, a British jury ruled that Diana, the Princess of Wales, and her companion, Fayed, were unlawfully killed due to reckless speed and drinking by their driver, and by the reckless pursuit of paparazzi chasing them.

There were many questions left unanswered which was the impetus for various conspiracy theories about their deaths.

The new allegations point to a possible assassination that was carried out by members of a U.K. special forces unit called the SAS. It is now being reported in the British press that the reporter that broke the story now doubts its validity.

According to the Sunday People Section of the Daily Mirror, a story surfaced about an SAS solider known only as “Soldier N” that allegedly took part in her assassination.

Soldier N was revealed by a Sergeant Danny Nightingale during a court martial hearing. Nightingale was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition. Soldier N, who was Sgt Nightingale’s former roommate and a key witness for the prosecution, sent a letter to his parents and the letter eventually fell into the hands of the elite Unit’s commanding officer. The letter said Solider N boasted the SAS “was behind Princess Diana’s death”.

It most certainly sounds like a convoluted tale that now has Scotland Yard concerned. While critics are calling the story a sensationalized piece of rubbish, it is interesting to see the reaction of the press and Scotland yard.

Is there a need to believe that Princess Diana was murdered? Was it an accident as the media and the courts reported – or was it a murder carried out for reasons that we cannot understand?

No matter how much damage control is offered by those who do not want to see the image of the monarchy tarnished, there always seems to be that grave question that keeps lingering about the details of how she and her paramour Dodi Al Fayed were killed in an automobile crash in a dark tunnel in France.

The history of France is rooted in the mystical pagan guardians of the secret known as the Merovingians, a medieval dynasty that ruled before the conversion of the people to Christianity.

Princess Diana was killed (murdered) in a car crash at Pont D’ Alma tunnel in France.

Point D’ Alma means “Bridge of Souls” The area of Pont D’ Alma was an ancient Merovingian sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana. Anyone who died there while in the service of the holy blood line had their “calling and election made sure.” This means that their souls would be taken directly into heaven. The descendants of these divine souls would also become divine on planet earth, the equivalent of a saint or messianic God. Therefore according to the ancient mythologies Prince William would considered a divine progeny, fit to be the holy heir to the secret kingdom of the earth.

Diana was killed during the festival of Santa Rosa or the ‘Festival of the Rose’. The rose was a symbol that the Knights Templar would use to indicate the Holy Grail or the carrier of the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

The Pregnant Mary Magdalene (the alleged carrier of Christ’s Bloodline) was symbolized using the rose and Princess Diana was known as ‘England’s Rose‘. Could it be that she was considered England’s Holy Grail? This would mean that her progeny already in divine sight of the Priory also claims to have a bloodline through Jesus. The whole idea is blasphemy in the eyes of mainline Christianity.

Many Biblical scholars like Tim Cohen and David Flynn have written books about the coming apocalypse and how Diana is the Scarlet woman of Babylon mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Diana’s memorial in France is marked with the torch of Isis Mary the Queen of the moon and water. The Goddess of the moon is also Diana.

Diana memorialNear the crash site is the memorial to Princess Diana. The memorial is actually an illuminated torch that sits on a pentagram. The torch is a replica of the one held by the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor. The Statue of Liberty is a representation of the Goddess that goes by many names. If you do the research you will find that the Lady liberty statue is the representation of the goddess Ishtar, who is also the same as Greek Athena ,Minerva, the Syrian goddess Astarte, the Roman Cybele, The Hebrew Ashtoreth, Isis (Mary) and, of course, the moon goddess Diana.

The torch in France wasn’t originally meant to be the memorial for Princess Diana, but since it sits at the site of the tunnel it has become the memorial site and a synchronistic coincidence.

The torch of the goddess Diana is now a representation of the royal sacrifice of Diana at an ancient sacrificial site. Was this truly an accident?

On her tombstone there is also the flaming torch of the goddess Diana which adds to the chilling apotheosis of one woman being a symbol of religious adoration as the personification of a goddess on earth.

The agonizing reality is that there is every circumstantial indication that by some blasphemous action Princess Diana was being molded and shaped as a modern Virgin Mary. A woman that gives birth to divine leader that is to rule over the world as a King whose divine blood line seals his lineage to great kings and as indicated through fraudulent genealogies Christ himself.

If this is hard to believe you may want to look at how Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge is being compared to Diana. How the birth of Prince George has been compared to the birth of a savior as astrologically his arrival is pivotal to the fulfillment of some over imaginative dispensationalists.

MCILG-PEGASUS-001.jpgIt was reported in the London press that a large graffiti portrait of The Duchess of Cambridge was seen on a wall painted by street artist Pegasus. The portrait shows Catherine with her baby George depicted as the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus.

If the image looks familiar it is because it was inspired by the 14th Century painting ‘Madonna And Child‘ by Italian artist Duccio di Buoninsegna. It has also been said that the Madonna and child was inspired by the tale of Isis and her child Horus.

Once again the Diana connections and imagery speak again of a haunting reminder that there is mysticism afoot and perhaps an ancient pagan sacrificial rite to be yet recognized.

The ritualism of the Royals is the darkest of magic and dates back thousands of years. From weddings to coronations of Kings and queens there have been ancient rituals where it is decided that those who are part of the rituals become new beings, or perhaps possessed by entities in order to help them in their rule. Even the Royal wedding of William and Catherine has been charged with darker magic and will be performed on the eve of a greater Satanic Holiday of Walpurgis and Beltane.

This is no coincidence: these are powerful rituals of the darkest magic. It is all patterned and thought out in order to insure that the game plan for the illusion is brought forth and mad to be used as fuel for a coming solution brought about by a governing body headed by an even more powerful monarchy.

You cannot ignore how the monarchy moves in ways far more mysterious than can be quantified in simple terms. To say that the Royals are queer is an understatement and, while William has placed himself in front of the camera as a symbol of the “modern monarchy,” the dark times have ebbed and flowed and during the times of Diana’s death there seemed to be a number of coincidences that should not be left to rest in the memory hole.

On August 31st 1997, the news of Diana’s fatal accident was splashed on the front page. Diana Frances Spencer dies at the age of 36. Her middle name is coincidental. How odd that Diana died in France.

In a news story out of New Zealand, a little girl wrote Diana a letter sharing with her the tragic story of how her father was killed by a drunk driver. Diana’s response arrived the day after her death. Diana gave words of hope to the little girl, and condolences. Diana mentioned that there needs to be something done to get people to drive responsibly, to not drink and drive. It was reported that the driver of Princess Diana’s Mercedes was drunk at the time of the fatal crash.

Two years before the crash, a movie script was submitted in Hollywood. The script was called “Princess Die.” The authors appeared on the television program “Hard Copy” to talk about it. The script was the tale of a British Princess that is the target of assassins. The assassins, who posed as paparazzi, run her car off the road. She allegedly dies in the crash. The crash happens in France.

Sarah Ferguson, Diana’s one-time sister-in-law, had to pull her commercials for Weight Watchers. The slogan that was supposed to be used in the advertisements was “Losing weight is harder than outrunning the paparazzi.” It is alleged that Diana’s car crashed while trying to outrun the paparazzi.

The name of the fashion show that Diana’s dresses were featured in was called “Dresses to Die For.” The name was immediately dropped for obvious reasons.

Then there’s the article that was printed in the Mirror that stated that “Diana confided in a royal biographer that she feared for her life just two months before her death.

Ingrid Seward was told by Diana that she felt her life had been in danger” and that she was worried that it would be killed in a car crash because of brake failure. According to therapists and friends Diana was paranoid that Prince Phillip hated her and wanted her to disappear.

My biggest problem with the latest story about Scotland Yard investigating the credibility of a political assassination is how the British media is dismissing it outright and not questioning why there is even an inkling that there is credibility to any of it.

Does Scotland Yard secretly wonder if it was a politically or even a religiously motivated assassination?

With headlines splashing recent suspected politically motivated assassinations and coup attempts there may be a reason to pay attention.

Pakistan now is revealing a conspiracy to assassinate former premier Benazir Bhutto.

The former general was formally indicted for his role in the 2007 murder. Officially, he’s charged with abetting and conspiracy to murder Bhutto, which means he is accused of helping in the murder and conspiracy in which he planned something illegal which led to the murder.

We have also seen how cars can conveniently crash into trees when political enemies threaten to expose criminal activity in government. There are still more videos and eyewitness testimony saying that it appears that Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed journalist Michael Hastings fiery car crash was not an accident.

There were also reports that it is easy to hack a car and that there are ways to take over a car and have the speed increase, steering quit and brakes fail.

Is it a coincidence that a few months prior to the crash that killed Princess Diana, the Mercedes-Benz in which she was killed in was stolen?

Is it also a coincidence is that when the car was found the only thing missing from the car was the on-board computer chip that was responsible for controlling steering and braking? The chip was replaced and it was reported that the same Mercedes Benz S280 was the “only available car” the night Diana and Fayed smashed into the 13th, pillar in the tunnel.

It was also an interesting coincidence that the seat belt Princess Diana was supposed to use was jammed.

With everything we know about political assassinations, people still try to deny the possibility that conspiracies to kill political enemies don’t happen in well-oiled democracies.

Governments can get away with anything criminal if the people remain in denial that something is wrong.


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A trick called “Boston Brakes” was most likely the method used, British special forces were probably involved, at the behest of someone higher up in the monarchy who didn’t like the idea of a divorce, Diana getting a large chunk of the royal wealth, and then turning around and marrying a millionaire…

And since the media brought up the JFK assassination here Secret Service stand-down;

Other than that it’s old and tired, we’ve moved on to newer assassinations. Oh good coverage the night of the Boston Marathon standoff. Love how the official story there doesn’t add up.

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^^^ there’s secret service stand -down^^^

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