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Minority Report


As I was arriving to my office I was, once again, listening to other talk shows revealing the double standard in America. The media and even the President were actually pushing an agenda of racial tensions with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case a month ago and now, with the recent hate crime committed in Oklahoma where a white baseball player was targeted for death by ‘three black youths’, there seems to be no rage and no comment, which is aggravating already-strained race relations in the United States.

It has been discussed numerous times that there seems to be a blueprint for the construction of the police state in this country and it can be argued that the literature of the past has somehow given ideas to our psychopathic leaders on what the foundation of dystopia should have in it.

As we look at countries like Syria and Egypt, we realize the bricks and mortar used for the foundations of the new governments being proposed will have blood and bones as the key ingredients.

It may be necessary to point out that in the United States there seems to be this nudge or this shove of political end game strategies that are similar to these “crisis ridden” countries where the system is destined to fail in order for our leaders to provide a solution that they feel is necessary to allegedly keep the peace.

Many times we have pointed out that much of what we are see transpiring has all been written about before in books like ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four‘ and ‘Brave New World‘.

The elite have developed this passion for what can only be termed mental fingerprinting, possibly to monitor their progress in creating a traumatized populace that eventually can all be medicated to as Huxley put it, enjoy their chemical enslavement.

Meanwhile, there is a silent group of people that secretly wonder if the entire world has lost its mind and whether or not people will awaken to the injustices and criminality of government before it is too late.

The trouble is, it may be a logical assumption that it is already too late and that it may be time to adapt to the changes and then find way to work out of them and try to correct the social ills of a nation through meaningful dialogue and legal action.

Propaganda is altering perception and steering the population to an approximate goal by the elite.

Recently, I was caught up in a poorly produced film about propaganda called “Branded.” The film was supposed to be a satirical view of marketing and its effects on people. The desired outcome of propaganda was explained in a heavy handed way and the entire film had a subplot involving the methods in which Lenin marketed Communism to the Russians.

It was proposed in the film that, in 1918, the father of Communism actually invented marketing in order to pitch the concept to the Russian people. Vladimir Lenin knew that he needed poster boards with bold colors, a star as straight forward and bold logo, and pictures of victorious sunbursts that enforced the idea of a ‘new dawn‘ with hope and change on the horizon.

It was later shown in the film that even though there is a so-called democracy in Russia it is merely another provocative media advertising ploy as the hammer and sickle remain on government buildings and that tensions between Russia and the United States still exist.

In its own convoluted way, the film demonstrated that everything we choose has already been predetermined by an aggressive marketing cycle and that, in reality, the cold war still exists – albeit with a fresh coat of hyperreality to convince the world that it is dead and buried.

With Syria taking over the nations headlines, we are seeing how the United States and Russia are again sinking deeper into the cold war mentality and this is prompting those who remain in the left right paradigm to point the finger at Barack Obama and openly say that the shaky relations we have had with Russia are now at a point of failure.

It is a point of incredulity that people are seeing the failure now when others were seeing both countries as selectively adhering to their so-called democratic relationship.

It is obvious that the powers of both countries are willing to set up a controlled demolition of anything that even appears to be constitutional or democratic, and both countries are using well known tools of division and straw man argument to foment the cold war and the undercurrent of who will strike a blow first.

The bigger question is: Was our so-called happy relationship with Russia all just a clean veneer provided by an aggressive marketing campaign and is this campaign now being reversed in order to set us back decades and put us back at square one?

It is important to see how core messages are changing now, and that aggressive marketing is giving us a way to collectively accept psychotic behaviors of our leaders and the incessant ploy of issuing terror threats, engendering a collective attitude of race baiting, fear of Islam, and the fingering of certain groups that we are told are a threat to the way we live.

It must be said, that like communist Russia and their aggressive marketing of paranoia and victory, the United States seems destined for the same type of government that sells liberty and freedom as a veneer for the atrocities and criminality that is being allowed to spread throughout the world.

It is now time to admit that the United States government has become just another authoritarian monolith that now looms over the world and wishes to sell and market a lie to other countries that wish to be left alone.

Americans will swear that the country they live in is “free”. However, it needs to be said that this is merely a product of exceptionalism program provided in the public schools which are now teaching young and impressionable minds a different story and are painting a different picture that includes collectivism and vilifies sovereignty.

In the past, we have been use to the age-old programming and marketing that the United States is a free country and therefore other countries do not experience the same freedoms as we do.

The truth is that, while human rights vary from country to country, there are many counties that consider themselves free, as well. Contrary to popular programming, other countries that we see as “unfree” have constitutions as well, many of them similar to the one we have.

The countries that we single out as being ‘less free’ than ours have already made changes to their constitutions and, in a lot of respects, have made the same mistakes we are making – which include the curtailing of speech, disarming the populace and completely negating due process in favor of a more brutal and effective police state.

These countries have, within their histories, points where their democratic form of government disintegrated. Many of these areas deal with division of the people over a proposed threat, or an economic threat. The solution that has been offered over time is the power to be placed in the hands of a few. The ploy and the aggressive marketing tool is to make the people look dangerous, lazy, and sick and therefore in need of a discipline that includes new and effective methods of fear based control.

The United States is now at a point in its history where the power structure is losing its appeal and therefore has to create a number of crisis in order to show the people that the “old ideals” cannot hold and in times of terrible tragedy, the people pull together and voluntarily give up their civil rights so that they no longer have to deal with problems left best to be tranquilized by a government that has no accountability.

No matter that allowing these types of concessions makes our country look like a beast swimming in an ocean of hypocrisy. The new policy of America with all of its red-white-and-blue confidence is a sociopathic, delusional, violent and criminally insane mandate that is somehow supported by people who feel that it is time for us to commit political suicide because we are coerced into believing that this is the only future that guarantees our victory over a manufactured threat.

I can admit that dishonesty provided by leaders of the world is nothing new, but we are now lying to ourselves about who we really are and it has to be said that the marketing campaign that brought us President Obama has truly worked on people.

Taking a page from the aggressive techniques of Lenin, we can remember that President Obama is the only president that has a marketing logo. The only president that continues to use clever marketing techniques to sell policies and changes and a media that cooperates with his whims and doublespeak.

We have a government that knows the value of data management. The reason is because if you can mine the data of blogs, forums and social networks you can propose predetermined outcomes, as the words of the people later become actions and the so called chatter they pick up on indicates that the entire country is about to eat itself.

It is like what Phillip K. Dick envisioned when he wrote his short story “Minority Report.”

Current technological applications can be used to control outcomes, predetermined possible criminal activity and even shape the nightly news. You may think that the spying on Americans is used to find terrorists, but it also can be applied to monitoring the collective mental health of the country and exploit the fears of the populace.

Concerns about race, environment, economy, and even personal attitudes about sex and health can all be analyzed with a quickening pace. This is why we see less news about government malfeasance and more news about pop culture, fashion, sports, gay lifestyles and those who are rebelling against the system.

They are convenient distractions.

Another convenient distraction is white on black and black on white crime. It seems to be a valid concern in the zeitgeist and an effective topic to open the dialogue about the police state and the policies that include gun control, curtailing of free press, and the elimination of due process.

The distraction that we speak of is the distraction that is used to make us ignore that a government that is supposed to uphold constitutional policies is actually breaking the law.

No matter how many times these unlawful practices are revealed there always seems to be an aggressive marketing campaign for Americans to accept the continued criminality and this always rolls down and affects the youth of the country. They don’t see a way out and so they act out.

The frightening part is that when a government operates outside the law and answers to no one, there always seems to be a contingent of people that will revolt – and when they do, the people eventually declare on their own police and their own military.

The result is not a revolution, but an inevitable civil war.


8/22: Minority Report | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] The cold war is heating up again… Meanwhile, there’s a group of people secretly wondering if the entire world has lost its mind and whether or not people will awaken before it is too late. Propaganda is altering perception and steering the population to an approximate goal by the elite. And that result isn’t a revolution, but an inevitable civil war. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis issues the ‘Minority Report‘! […]



Not that it matters, the great syndicated one surely doesn’t read this, but I’ll go there anyway.

The case with the Australian & racist “gang-members”, wanna-be’s, whatever they were.

For starters they, the killers, were children. Zimmerman was an adult, following a child around a neighborhood, when even the 911 operator told him to stop.

Secondly, the cops got right on the job, and arrested the shooters and accomplice, that was not the case with Zimmerman, the cops had him, and let him go for months before the cries for “justice” came about.

And the last difference I’ll illustrate, though not the last difference, Zimmerman was acquitted, the recent murderers will not be.

These comparisons of the two cases coming up everywhere, are bogus, there is NO double standard. A child by killed by an adult, as opposed to an adult killed by children……

Not only that, as a licensed security guard, from my perspective Zimmerman’s actions were reprehensible.

As far as the orchestrated destruction of our society, the strategy of tension playing out on the home front, as well as the insane elite, all true.


Come on the “race-war” as foretold by the “profit” Manson has not occurred, and is not lying dead ahead with any certainty. (remote possibility maybe)

Don’t be predicatively programmed…. That’s a psyop/mind expletive.

(posted below my last comment, as not to be such a “troll”)




Bull Clyde…. “Occupy” had a few issues (initially) they all agreed upon…

#1 being the reversing of Citizens United which allowed for unlimited campaign contributions from corporations…

#2 bank bailouts “They got bailed out we got sold out”…

There were actually at least a few more, but within a week of it getting major media attention “occupy” was finding itself infiltrated by essentially cointelpro….

linda barnett

Obama has a lot of people conned. right now he is supposed to be staying in the holiday inn, in my town. Clyde, you should see the conservatives fawning over him locally. radio host Bob Lonsberry said, over and over, “today there are no parties, we are all Americans welcoming Obama to our town. if someone visits, we should be a gracious host” etc…are you freaking kidding? forget about parties. I know good from evil. there is a guy destroying our country, by design in my opinion, and I have to be polite? he is doing a bus tour to say education is too expensive–huh? you could give his whole audience free degrees, and there still would be no jobs for young people to take. sociopath, narcissist, totally fits the bill. get back to the wh please and make some good decisions instead of fiddling when cities burn. I hope he puts on 1590 am tonight and listens to Gz ! the magical mystery tour is coming to take you away…

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