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Back Words


As we have pointed out in past Ground Zero shows, the NSA and the National Counterterrorism Center are interested in the words you use. Data in all of its forms are not just being used to determine the movements of terrorists, but it is a vital tool to understand predetermined outcomes because of key word searches being discovered in the cloud.

The data that they are picking up on is likened unto the methods used by the “Pre-Crime Squad” that was used in the movie “Minority Report.” While much of the pre-crime data in the Phillip K. Dick short story was actually gathered by “remote viewers” known as pre-cogs, there are many that are unaware that these so called psychics had a mysterious way of tapping into the collective unconscious. While it is not totally explained in the film, the pre-cogs were actually “plugged” into a network that analyzed data from the net. They were receiving all sorts of data both forward and in reverse from the cloud and then downloaded it to disks to be analyzed by the pre-crime squad.

There is some reality to this type of thinking and that is the governments of the world have learned how to determine moves of the critical mass through a warped sense of the ‘Elliot wave principle‘ where you can forecast trends and probabilities based on crowd psychology and perhaps a little Jungian “collective unconscious” tapping.

I know that this type of theorizing may sound outrageously fictitious; however, it really isn’t and it is becoming more of a sport to determine the inner most thought processes of the human soul and why we do what we do.

If the ideas of tapping into the unconscious sounds like a fantasy, you may want to ask why the military invests in such practices. It is also important to investigate why business firms hire “psychics” or “trend analysts” to try and out guess what the market place is up to.

The new market wizards will say that they are able to approximate the trends of the populace by using “dreams and intuition” and locating within the consciousness of the digital oracle past tends, present trends, and where the future will take us.

These wizards say that crowd psychology yields clusters of thoughts that wind up in blogs and on web news sites. The people’s press and social networks are revealing the overall attitudes of the world. It is not exactly what is said, but how it is said and what may not be said that can be an indicator of a cycle of behaviors.

While it is a weird and vague “science” that is said to be accurate, it puzzles me that for some time there has been another weird and vague science that exists, or as the critics call it “pseudo science” and that is what has been called “Reverse Speech” by analyst and founder of the anomaly David John Oates. David has been looking into the messages allegedly conveyed by the collective unconscious by playing forward human speech and finding within its gibberish dull sentences which he claims reveals the true voice of the unconscious mind, the place in the mind where dreams are formed and where intuition sprouts form.

With this anomalous practice of reversing speech there seems to be a reason to assume that there is natural metadata, meaning data that can be gathered about the containers of data, that can be heard and that can be considered a “precognitive” verbal oracle.

Have you ever wondered how there have been stories, articles, television shows and movies that have created a “pre-echo” effect as all of those mediums seem to accurately predict the future? Is this all by accident, or have the authors of these views into the future tapped into the collective unconscious somehow finding the a future outcome that has been revealed with some accuracy?

Our realities are being challenged every day and personal reality is changed at the speed of a television or radio transmission. The words and the visuals are flashing at us constantly and sometimes fantasy images can eventually make themselves very real with the aid of technology and chemistry. There are contrasts of perspectives and shocking revelations that have you re-evaluate your beliefs on a constant basis.

Think of all of the data our brain has to process on a daily basis. We take it for granted because we don’t stop and think of every bit of information or even the thought that most of what we absorb both visual and aural are sent as signals to the brain that go in jumbled , upside down, reversed and corrected in order to find patterns that we can understand as basic communication.

The human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or evil, the messages exist in a realm of multi-verses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat.

All over the world, cultures have their shaman, medicine men, seers, occultists, fortune tellers, gurus, holy men, visionaries, and contacts that produce and put into zeitgeist ideas and scenarios that lead to predictive programming in the public.

They are capable of seeing numbers that appear in strange orders, combinations and cognitive connections. This is, by lack of a better euphemism, “The Pattern.” The process of seeing or hearing that pattern can be written off as being a form of pareidolia, however that does not mean that the pattern should be dismissed if it appears in context.

If it has significant meaning then why should it be discredited by skeptics as a flight of fancy or delusion?

Once again, as data extraction is vital to uncover a terrorist, it is all data in all forms that is being considered now and you may be surprised at how much of the data is assessed and formulated from chaotic chatter to a cohesive structure that may or may not be acted upon. This has the excellent potential to prevent disasters or murders, but it also has a potential for harm.

Once again, this has been a major criticism that has been levied against Reverse Speech.

David Oates has been known to be dogmatic about the subject matter, saying that what the reversing of forward speech does is “open the secrets of the soul.”

As his critics hold that over him like a sword of Damocles, the same can be said for the metadata abuses of the NSA or even the National Counterterrorism Center. What they do is analyze speech, written words, podcasts in order to determine intent. As if they have the corner on the hidden intentions of those who say certain words or have conversations that are considered to be seditious.

The government agents and other computers are literally seeking suspects based on a digital form of pareidolia.

The true believers of the government method of snooping and their conclusions would be quite possibly the skeptics of Reverse Speech. The skeptics claim that that the brain tends to find patterns in the gibberish and therefore makes it suspect as science. I say that, while it may not be science, it certainly is an oracle of some form and when used as a divination tool it has been accurate on many occasions.

In fact, the very important thing about Reverse Speech is that it was discovered in intelligence circles after agents discovered, through David’s work, that a word kept appearing in reversed speeches of George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney.

In October of 1990, a memo was sent to Cheney by Cecil.B. Scott Jones a naval attaché for secret projects in the Middle East. The word “Simone” was found in the reversed speech of both Cheney and Bush. In one particular instant the words “Simone Simone in the Sands” could be heard clearly during a reversal for President George H.W. Bush.“Simone” was actually another word for “Desert Storm.” Now keep in mind that Operation Desert Storm had not happened yet. Operation Desert Shield had begun in August of 1990 and later Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf war began in January of 1991.

Coincidentally, C.B. Scott Jones headed the The Human Potential Foundation a group that was originally called The Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena. This non-profit educational and scientific research organization was chartered to conduct research and analysis of anomalous phenomena, their implications and applications. Anomalous phenomena include exceptional human capabilities.

They also dabbled in the possibility of inter-species communications, mainly dolphin communication included in secret projects like Neptune Helper I and II. The work was similar to that of John C. Lilly who specialized in communication and consciousness using isolation, dolphin communication and psychedelic drugs. It was reported that Lilly was successful in getting dolphins to mimic human speech.

Lily also believed in communication of the unconscious mind, what he called ‘human software’. He said the subconscious mind or human software could reveal many things of past present and future. He believed that thought forms and electronics combined could create an area of study where we could find through communication, a pattern in our existence. One that could unite humans with other species through communication and understanding.

He also believed in the inevitability of Solid State Intelligence or SSI, a malevolent entity composed of solid state systems and the network of human thought forms. Lilly also instructed George Lucas on his films and had two films based on his work “Day of the Dolphin” and “Altered States.”

These six degrees of separation with Reverse Speech gives us a point to ponder.

Was the gibberish in the reversed recordings of Bush and Cheney really the mind finding patterns? How can it be that in both speech comparisons of Bush and Cheney the name surfaced and the definition was “Desert Storm”?

A future event was brought into the present using reverse speech. Now, “Operation Desert Storm” is a matter of history. Reverse Speech, intuitive precognitive dreams and even automatic writing seem to come from the same source.

Reverse Speech however is an unfocused medium since it is produced from deeper areas of the psyche. That is why some people find in reversals silly sentences and hokey phrases because the average person is unable to control the deeper messages and metaphors that dwell deep down inside the mind.

This is where the old axiom “What comes at you comes from within you” becomes an actuality. The government knows that what comes out of us on the net can be scrutinized and studied for patterns in the matrix.

Reverse Speech has done this for over 30 years on a rudimentary level and in my opinion a level that needs to be reanalyzed and somehow given a “discipline” that would eliminate abuses.

This will be the difficult task of Oates and others who keep hearing “back words” in the gibberish of reversed prose.


8/26: Back Words w/ David John Oates | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] If the idea of tapping into the unconscious sounds like fantasy, then why does the military invest in it? Business firms hire “psychics” to help play the market. Data, in all its forms, will be used to determine the masses movements. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes our good friend David John Oates back to the show to speak ‘ Back Words‘! […]


As long as you get into how “Yes we can”, playing it backwards says “thank you Satan”….

I thought it was a hoax until I actually recorded it and reversed in a program called “Audacity”, it’s free program/open source, download and try yourself, unless of course you’re Clyde & staff who have access to a whole studio.

Interestingly a whole section of youtube is dedicated to backwards audio, most astounding though is some songs played backwards (or at least one I found, need to re-find) the lyrics are the same forwards and backwards.

linda barnett

Clyde, we need to play that john Kerry speech backwards about why we have to attack Syria!
this never ending warfare is getting a bit old since we have been kept in a state of constant
“terror” now for a dozen years.


Okay, he’s talking about the U.S. constitution and Federal Government, and says; “They were behind the weapon”.

Even if he’s thinking of Syria as for “the weapon” subconsciously, he’s clearly got the U.S. government on the front burner.

“They” could very well mean who he is talking about up front. Actually it’s harder to believe he’s talking about a government forwards, and speaking of “they” as to refer to a totally different government. And if you consider no one knows who used the chemical weapons, if so they have yet to prove it.

Sounds like an admission of a false flag.

Apparently a retired Colonel agrees on at least the fact “we the people” don’t know who used the “weapons”, so how could Obama? ;

Obama DOESN’T”T know anyone in Syria was behind the weapon, he could know “they” being the U.S. government itself or a rogue faction, are in fact “behind the weapon”.

Or…… We all have a little too much time on our hands.

linda barnett

Here we go again. Let’s all live in terror for another 10 years, shall we? Sounds like a plan. Now, of course, msm plays it this way- if you say you do not trust the govt, you will get the histrionics of, “oh, my God, how can you watch those people being gassed and NOT care?”

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