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8/27: Blueprint For Fulfillment w/ Kevin Mannis

8/27: Blueprint For Fulfillment w/ Kevin MannisSometimes we have to wonder if what’s happening is self-fulfilling prophecy – or perhaps even staged – to make us accept that these are indeed the “end times”. The world stands on the brink of yet another war and, as the Temple Mount is collapsing, the signs and symbols are there for all to see – yet again. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes our good friend Kevin Mannis back to the show to help us read the ‘Blueprint For Fulfillment‘!



I’d like to get in touch with Clyde Lewis
The bible does say that The Lord God Is the only true God.
Isa. 43:10-11. Also the bible does mention the zodiac in Job 38-41.
You mentioned the stars having influence on events on the earth. I believe it’s
Judges ch. 5 says,” The stars in their courses fought against king Sisera.”

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