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8/30: Fortean Defense w/ James Gilliland

8/30: Fortean Defense w/ James GillilandIs there a simple Fortean explanation that proves we’re someone else’s property and that UFO’s and ancient visitations are the hired hands checking up on the work of the master farmer? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes back our good friend James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch (ahead of this weekend’s GZ team trip to the Mount Adams retreat!) to help us put up our ‘Fortean Defense: Questioning Intellectual Orthodoxy‘!


ben Yoseif

“The only Hebrew priests who remain in covenant are the ancient Gileadites. (Native Americans) The covenant to be restored is with 4-legged, winged and things that creep on the ground. Hosea 2:20 This happens in Native inipi (sweat lodge) which is means to gore with horn of buffalo Deut 33:17ff House of Joseph together. RESTORATION of preserved of Israel (Isaiah 49:6) — Native American spiritual sovereignty is necessary for Creator to manifest to still covenanted people.” — Maggid ben Yoseif

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