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Fortean Defense: Questioning Intellectual Orthodoxy


For the first time in my career I believe I experienced just a taste of what the world would be like if it was announced by our government that aliens are real and that they have been in communication with mankind. The reason I say this is because I was totally fascinated with the findings of geochemist Stephen Benner at the Florida-based Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution who stated that “The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock,” and what is even more interesting is that also said that the conditions necessary to produce life “may still exist on Mars.

Talk of panspermia is really nothing new to most people and for me I have decided that such talk is truly the halfway point between the talk of creationism and Darwinist evolution.

Unfortunately, it is becoming evident that both ideas have their flaws.

However, when broaching the subject of panspermia, one has to somehow believe that through some random accident of by intelligent design the seeds of life were planted on this planet from elsewhere. You have to believe that the building blocks of life exist outside of the earth which science indicates as fact and that rocks or comets or even fragments from other planets are the reason we are here.

As I was reeling from my show about Mars and the Gods of Fortresses and trying to understand how any or all of what I said was sacrilegious, I noticed an article in the national post where a well known atheist is now questioning Darwinian evolution and has now been labeled a heretic by his peers.

Thomas Nagel, a leading atheist, has been branded by his peers as a heretic because he now questions Charles Darwin and so-called science of evolution.

Nagel has written a book called ‘Mind and Cosmos‘ which urges skepticism about the evolutionary view of nature. According to his peers, he has now given comfort to the enemy namely creationists, but in truth he merely is saying that there has to be a middle ground somewhere and with the new discoveries and theories of cosmic ancestry and the prior existence of life giving artifacts on other planets both creationism and the story of evolution seem a bit incomplete.

Thinking beyond today’s norms, Nagel suggests that science may need to incorporate some kind of fundamental teleology to make the facts fit together. I suggest that panspermia and possible advanced intelligence is the key and it should not be dismissed as ancient histories are full of accounts of what can be called “alien intrusion.”

In the year 1772, a huge fireball was seen shooting across the sky over Luce, France. The fiery rock hit the ground and caused considerable damage. An investigation ensued by the Academie Francaise. The respected chemist Antoine Lavoisier said there are no such things as rocks falling from the sky because there are no rocks in the sky.

The result of his statements was that museums in 18th century Europe threw out all of their meteorite specimens because they were humiliating reminders of superstition and mythology.

The strength of Lavoisier’s conviction was such that it helped to stop the study of meteorites for over a quarter of a century.

It seems that humanity remains the same.

In the 18th century, one scientist was able to stop the investigation of meteorites because he had enough power and influence to change the way the critical mass thinks.

There are many that will say that people in 18th century France weren’t as educated and therefore could easily be misled.

In our sophisticated society, we somehow think that we are immune to being misled by powerful people whom we complacently believe have our best interests at heart. We have taken for granted that certain things are true because we have not been taught differently nor have we been given another story to ponder.

We have been taught that everything is black and white, right or wrong, good and evil, and that to think otherwise is not healthy. We have science and religion telling us different things and there is also politics trying to coerce us into giving our elected officials the same treatment as kings or gods. Those in power use whatever tools necessary to convince you that their way of thinking is the only way to think.

A passage from the Kabala tells us that for every action on high there is an equal reaction below.

All that which is found upon the surface of the earth has its spiritual counterpart also to be found on high—And there does not exist the smallest thing in this world which is not attached to something on high and is not found in dependence on it” – The Zohar

When the heavens were studied anciently, the first astronomers found a correlation between what was happening in the skies and the changing seasons, floods, earthquakes, tides, and volcanic eruptions.

The earlier astrologers saw the earth’s condition as a reflection of what was happening in the heavens. It was an immediate cause–and–effect conclusion which postulated that the heavens influenced changes on the planet.

It was after all, the place where the gods lived.

It was in the primitive times that gods were like kings ruling different territories and tribes would give allegiance to whichever god protected them. These god-like beings gave knowledge to only certain individuals and thus the secret schools existed and secret societies that claimed to have enlightenment from the beings that lived in the skies.

It was in the secret schools that ancient man learned of his origins. He was also given what is known as the divine pantheon meaning that among the many extra-terrestrial beings there was a chief deity or a secret chief and his consorts, namely a council of lower minions that carried out the wishes of the Supreme Being.

This evolved throughout ancient history and what was once called El Elyon – or Supreme Being – evolved into Elohim, the beings of light that dwells in the heavens. We hear of the various extra terrestrial visitations in the ancient texts and some even interpret the intersession between the supreme chief gods and man.

The beings were a cross section of peaceful and malevolent teachers and warriors.

Some even introduced science, mathematics and astrology to the people.

Astronomy eventually became an extension of astrology, and scientists began to sneer at the ancient wisdom and the idea that your fate remained up to the stars was dismissed as superstition.

There was also an abrupt change in how mankind was supposed to view the beings that taught them. The Book of Exodus in the Old Testament indicates that the prophet Moses was sent to tell his people that while it has been the custom to pay respects to many extra-terrestrial gods and participate in idol worship there was a new law.

A higher law given by yet another supreme being named Jehovah.

At the time Moses wrote this new law, roughly the 10th century BC, the Israelites still worshiped many gods. Jehovah even said to Moses that while there are many beings out there giving knowledge to the people, he insisted upon commitment and therefore no other beings would be worshiped or listened to.

However, to this day there are still many of these extra-terrestrial beings that influence us today. Many people interpret these beings as being fallen angels, while some see them in forms that are more infinite than dogmatic.

The Nag Hammadi documents have yielded many secrets to those seeking information about the intercession of mankind and extra terrestrial beings or secret chiefs. Gnostics called the beings Archons and were very concerned about their intrusion into human affairs. It is with the writings of the Nag Hammadi scrolls we learn of the gray beings and reptilians as they are explicitly described.

The reptilian intrusion has been written about extensively in the Nag Hammadi codices and their agenda has always been to thwart the genetic code of man and cripple his evolution into becoming a divine being.

The Gnostics have always had a hand in trying to explain the human evolutionary process and how knowledge was given by certain being and forbidden knowledge by serpent or reptilian beings that are called Archons.

There is also extensive commentary about human origins and the descent from the heavens to earth and how the reptilian alien races wanted to interbreed with humans and tamper with their genetic structure.

According to researcher John Lash:

In the Nag Hammadi Codices, the story of the Annunaki (Archons) is introduced in a cosmological perspective, and then it is analyzed. In other words, the Gnostics had a view of the cosmic origins of the Annunaki, and they also took a critical approach to intervention.

According to Lash’s research, there were many attempts by these beings to interbreed with human females and they failed.

The Archons came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him they said to each other, ‘What sort of creature is this luminous woman?’ … Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, that she may become soiled and unable to access her inner light. Then those who she bears will be under our charge… But Eve, being a free power, laughed at their decision. She put mist in their eyes [and escaped them].” (The Origin of the World, 116)

The idea of an interbreeding program and an alien intrusion to disrupt the original human evolution and bloodline has always been part of the Archon or Annunaki agenda.

Scientific principles and the intellectual orthodoxy is challenged by the cosmic ancestry argument and yet it is gaining ground. We are now hearing that the genetic seeds of life are swimming throughout the cosmos and yet we are still being told that no intelligent life exists outside earth.

For the religious, there is intelligent life outside of Earth and it is called God.

The cosmic blasphemy and heresy, according to fundamentalist sects, is the idea that God is the supreme extra-terrestrial intelligence and that, from the beginning of time, the ancients were aware of their single-celled origins and the entities that wanted to corrupt the divine nature of man.

What is unclear is why this is a reprehensible characterization of an unknown or invisible super being. What is also unclear is why it is heresy to suggest that a ‘super being’ is unable to bang rocks together, cause cosmic collisions and in the process plant seeds and tend to the Earth as a farmer would.

It is a simplistic Fortean explanation that once again indicates that we are someone else’s property and that, quite possibly, the appearances of UFO’s and accounts of alien visitations are merely the hired hands checking up on the work of the master farmer:



8/30: Fortean Defense w/ James Gilliland | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] Is there a simple Fortean explanation that proves we’re someone else’s property and that UFO’s and ancient visitations are the hired hands checking up on the work of the master farmer? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes back our good friend James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch (ahead of this weekend’s GZ team trip to the Mount Adams retreat!) to help us put up our ‘Fortean Defense: Questioning Intellectual Orthodoxy‘! […]

Samuel Rose

Hi Clyde – Consider the concept of interstellar travel described in my book, “Scout Report.” With an understanding of ontology developed by the ancients, we can understand it is possible to project awareness, will, intent, and information over vast distances at near-instantaneous speeds. True technology manipulates awareness, will, and intent.

Then, at a quantum level, and using the energy and resources available locally at the destination…they grow their bodies there. Their bodies are actually a biosphere, built level upon level over millions of years. They transfer their awareness into the biosphere. At some point an apex species is refined enough to consciously remember who they are, and then the process begins again of finding a destination for the next leap and so forth.

Multiple lineages of predatory and competing awareness cloud the simple concept with sabotage and hijacking and what-not, but that is the process in a nutshell.



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