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Thief In The Night


In my experience as a paranormal investigator and a person who is interested in recording and documenting Forteana, it can go without saying that there are many people who have invested at least some of their belief in the idea that we are not alone in the universe.

There are also many others who while having a passing interest in this phenomena have heard so many stories about the subject matter that it becomes homogenized in a matter that can be seen a banal and somewhat trite. I know this is the case because even I have been in that place where I think I have heard it all, and no matter how much you ask questions about the mystery, it becomes this mental abyss that can trap you.

I say this because people who say “I want to believe” are really unaware of what it takes to fully believe and that in the long run it is best not to fully believe, but to question all of the data that has been revealed in the past, the information that shows up in the present and to understand that in the future everything you wanted to believe changes at a moment’s notice.

With the so-called ET/human relationship there is no definitive experience, even though we have been led to believe that this is the case.

For example, I recently returned from Mount Adams in southeast Washington state. Those who are well-versed in the contemporary history of UFO’s will know that in 1947, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold had a sighting of nine unknown aircraft in the area of Mt. Rainier and Mount Adams.

The objects arrived from the direction of Mount Baker and then passed in front of Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in the space of 1 minute and 42 seconds. This means that from peak to peak, an estimated 47 miles these aircraft were flying over 1,700 miles per hour. There are others that have estimated a speed or 1,650 miles per hour either way this means that the aircraft he spotted were speeding much faster that the P-80 jets at the time of his sighting.

In the area of Mount Adams, it has been well-documented that UFO sightings continue today.

There is a ranch near Trout Lake called ECETI (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where people come from all over the world to see unidentified light phenomena, explore the possibility of extra-terrestrial contact and experience spiritual enlightenment – as it is believed that a vortex exists at the foot of this potentially active stratovolcano.

I remember that when I made my first visit there I was accompanied by a retired Air Force pilot who was most definitely an ardent skeptic. He saw the lights in the sky, was analyzing what he saw and while he attempted to explain away the lights as satellites or other natural phenomena, a light appeared on the mountain and emitted a high pitched sound that was so high I had to cover my ears and yet the sound was going through my body. He had no explanation for what he was seeing and said that the sound he heard reminded him of the 15.625kHz high pitched sound that he remembered coming from an old television that ran on tubes.

After the experience, we all went to bed. The next morning he confided in me that he had a vivid dream. He said that he did not want to say that it was an abduction experience; however he knew that what he experienced was nothing he had ever known in his lifetime.

He said that the being that came to him did not harm him but wanted badly to communicate and seemed desperate to do so. He told me that he spoke to it, but as he looked at its emotionless face he swore he saw tears well up in its dark eyes. He sensed sadness and loss with the creature, as if it was a child looking for its family. He reached out to it but it walked away and ascended out through a window.

He told me it was like a ghost encounter and yet he knew that it was something that seemed extraterrestrial and he also claimed he felt that it was a being whose personality and body had not fully formed.

His experience struck me as unique and not exactly like what I have heard spoken of by so-called “experiencers” or “contactees.” His account seemed to me to be from someone who was a skeptic, who wanted badly to find answers as to why it happened to him, and really didn’t read into the encounter as something that he had because of some spiritual message he had to deliver or some trumped up self awareness of some mission to tell the world to save the planet.

These are the stories that when recited on late night talk shows become stale opportunities to push a book, remote viewing classes or vitamin supplements that you would have to be a true alien hybrid to enjoy.

One of the more interesting experiences that have been written about is the contact experiences of horror writer Whitley Strieber. Many people are aware of his many great published works that have been made into films including “The Hunger”, “The Wolfen,” and “The Coming Superstorm” – which became the well-known climate disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Many are well aware that Strieber wrote a book about his harrowing experiences with beings form elsewhere called “Communion.” This story also became a film starring Christopher Walken.

However now, Strieber has revisited his experiences in a new book entitled “Solving the Communion Enigma” which, in my opinion, gives a bit of validity to his original experiences. I have seen that rational people who have had irrational experiences often try to make sense of the event that happened to them that has no conventional explanation and, unfortunately, it is like picking at an emotional scab or scratching an unreachable itch in order to somehow hope that doing so would eliminate any outrageous thoughts they may have that may come off as crazy.

The important thing about his new book is that he clarifies that he is still not convinced that what happened to him is all about the alien/human relationship. He even goes as far as to say what happened to him may have been a criminal event and that while his experiences are mysterious and perhaps alien, he does not consider himself an advocate of alien contact.

What he has to say in his new book is very logical and yet it once again gives us reason to believe that if there is such an alien intercession with humans we cannot dismiss it as an encounter with demons or other such beings that we have sanitized and have romanticized thanks to thousands of years of religious programming and scientific denial.

I have concluded that what Strieber is saying in his books is that his experience goes way beyond quantifying with simple spiritual awakening and scientific analysis.

As these beings move in and out of our existence like thieves in the night, the average individual that experiences these encounters – believe it or not – are not even thinking about aliens in the beginning. I can tell you that the conclusion is based solely on what our culture has created and thus we lose a great deal of the reality of the affair and that is the complexity of what a person has to deal with before concluding that they have been selected for some paranormal experiment.

In other words, the alien or demonic conclusion is the default position because the alternative is an unsolved mystery that can create obsession without a satisfying conclusion.

People who truly have experiences such as these are quite contradictory, not because their story is a fiction, but because there is no easy answer to what has happened to them.

Whitley Strieber seems to be a man who is having a personal quandary about a very real and traumatic moment in his life. This, in my opinion, should be seen as healthy and normal for someone who has experienced something that is not supposed to happen – or is happening in a way you didn’t expect – because it does not fit the typical experience.

Enigma is a word that fits and the same personality traits can be found in others that have had similar experiences.

I met Travis Walton in McMinnville, Oregon and he seemed to be in the same mind set as Strieber and when he found himself lost in his circular logic I noticed he became withdrawn and soon the subject would change and the man was a genuine and quite friendly man that just wishes he could find answers to what happened to him in Snowflake, Arizona. His abduction case was the subject of the film “Fire In The Sky” where he admits that Hollywood got his story wrong.

I always worry that men like Strieber and Walton are victims of some sort of MK Ultra mind control experiment and then comes revelations in Strieber’s new book that makes you stop and say “well, maybe not”.

Strieber talks about the implant he has in his ear which could have been put there by the military, but the implant has the same type of cosmic material that was recently found in ancient Egyptian jewelry.

I know I will have to read his book again, because it left me just as confused as he seems to be, and yet he attempts to make heads or tails out of an experience that you can relate to if you have been there and or have done that.

I have been there several times and can relate to the contradictory nature of this phenomenon. I have always found that those who still do not know what has happened to them are by far the most normal people I have met.

That doesn’t mean that those who are sure of their experiences are lying, it is just that to putting a definitive label on what is happening cheats us from the experience of examining whether not it is all physical, or if there is truly a psychological or spiritual wiring that manifests the alien experience when we are under the influence of trauma or distress.

It is in these times we can be more open to manipulative experiences that may – or may not be – paranormal.

This is the life experience and it should never be marginalized as psychosis when the evidence suggests that it’s something more – and then some.


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linda barnett

weird phenomena are to me just “the unexplained.” I do not attack people and call them crazy if they have experiences I do not understand. however, I actually had a person call me crazy just because I was unwilling to call someone else with a weird story, “crazy.” I am open to any theories about what aliens, bigfoot, men in black, time travelers, ghosts are–i don’t know.

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