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For Whom The Bell Tolls: Armagiddy About Armageddon


I was at the bank today doing some business when I was stopped by a security guard. I wasn’t particularly worried because I have had conversations with him before. He listens to my show and he was especially intrigued last night by the predictive programming I had mentioned with regard to Syria.

He was a little spooked by the coincidences and said that it made him think outside the box a bit about Armageddon. He was explaining to me that, as a Christian, he was always told that Armageddon would be expected and that those who are faithful would recognize when it was upon us. I asked him if he felt that we were on the verge of Armageddon and he said yes, but it just doesn’t seem to be living up to the hype.

I laughed and wondered what he meant. He was just a bit discouraged about it and that the biggest frustration he had was that whenever he brings up the subject to his friends some of them laugh it off and others seem to be giddy or excited about it.

I said that if we are on the verge of Armageddon, this type of attitude is probably normal because when people are faced with some sort of extinction possibility, they laugh uncomfortably or claim that they don’t have to worry because they will be saved.

No one wants to think that they are going to be a casualty of Armageddon, but the reality is that if there is an Armageddon to be had, the casualties are supposed to be innumerable.

In the newsroom, I kept seeing images of the massive flooding in Colorado and hearing on the news that the people there are saying that the event can only be compared to what they have read in the bible.

In fact, the headlines are calling the rains “biblical.”

I remember when Art Bell used to broadcast from Nevada and he would always bring up something called “The Quickening.” He decided in 1998 to publish a book about how trends in the present can shape the future. It was a guide that illustrated man’s inhumanity to man and left unchecked or changed would lead us to a ‘quickening’ and I assumed that it was simply a delicate way of explaining that Armageddon is by choice and not fate.

Again, I would have to side with the security guard that told me that Armageddon is not living up to its hype. Theories that are spread about such an event are only theories and if one were to be practical we could safely say that an all-out Armageddon has perhaps already been confirmed in the souls of those who see abnormal weather patterns, wars, government upheaval and the threat of death every day as fulfillment of prophecy.

Perhaps Armageddon – or even an apocalypse – can be quantified and circumstantially proven because it seems that in the era we live now, evil far outweighs the goodness and the terrifying reality is that this evil is accepted as normal and is adjusted always in order to remove any and all guilt from the soul.

We have talked about evil before and how subjective it is. It was a hard topic to discuss because of that reason. However, the evil that I was trying to demonstrate is simply evil that is cloaked in some sort of feigned logic or perhaps justification.

Recently this has been the case with the seemingly harmless idea of going into Syria and making a few strategic air strikes. The salesman, Barack Obama, is trying to convince us that this is necessary – while at the same time he is allowing government entities to supply weapons to the very terrorists we were told hate us or want us dead.

This is being done with no regard for consequences and the possibility that all of these actions could result in the very real Armageddon that most people have read about in their Bibles.

This is either being done by design or this is the evolution that we have to accept as inevitable because of the prophetic visions of a dying prophet.

It seems as if wickedness and harsh judgments over who should play god seems to be the concern of everyone these days. Children are also noticing that those they have looked up to or have placed confidence in have now decided to give up and become purveyors of unrighteousness.

Many feel that they have no one to turn to because parents feel that they really can’t grasp what children are going through. We hear of the cruelty and the bullying and, unfortunately, the suicides.

According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention: “Suicide is the second biggest cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds. 100,000 adolescents die by suicide every year.

There is also that other frightening statistic that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for kids aged 10-14. Suicide has become much more common in children and adolescents than it used to be.

It can be said that innocence cannot prevail when we allow corruption to continue. We cannot find justice when we are programmed to reject it for the thrill of the moment or even encouraged to cheer on injustice or fascism.

Who can blame the majority and their self-defeating attitudes when their entertainment and media encourages them to be violent and uncaring? The majority of Americans today are well-entertained and yet they are ill-informed by a media that is a mouthpiece for those that oppress them.

Little by little, the goals of their puppet masters are being met because well-produced propaganda can convince the average American that their exceptionalism is something that they should count on when they accept the idea of the globalist blood cement where it is best to come together in times of tragedy and war rather than finding ways to do so in order to find peace and tranquility.

What is being sold to us is rancid and unrighteous and will guarantee our eventual destruction. We are seeing the trends now. The truth is in the body count both from the wars abroad and the war we seem to be fighting within our very own souls.

It seems that we are powerless against a government that continues to make decisions that curtail human rights and dignity. We have felt the stings of the bank bailouts that have been used by our government officials to pay off gambling debts and hookers.

Not to mention the trillions of dollars spent on killing people in open-ended wars abroad. It has been said countless times that waging open-ended wars weakens troop morale and also weakens security.

Now we are back to begging for yet another action in Syria in order to send a message that we don’t tolerate governments that make it a point to kill citizens.

I constantly hear of the condemnation of Syria because it is believed that their leader, Bashar al-Assad, used chemical weapons on his own people.

But back here in America, we don’t overtly poison people. We merely ‘hide’ chemical additives and GMO’s in the foods we consume. Americans have been told that these GMO’s are safe to consume and that these chemicals are harmless – even though the provider of these additives and GMO’s, Monsanto, was under contract by the Department of Defense to create a poisonous herbicide called Agent Orange.

The government has said that the deaths and subsequent ill health effects from this herbicide were unintended consequences and not deliberate. However, we are now learning that health damaging effects are a result of consuming GM foods that have been produced by Monsanto.

If I gave you a glass of milk and told you that there was a minute drop of an unspecified poison in it, would you drink it? The poison would probably go unnoticed but over time it could accumulate in the body and eventually trigger health defects like cancer or even death.

This happens every day as American citizens are subjected to fluoridated water and artificial sweeteners in foods and drinks that can over time weaken the body and create future health problems.

It all fortifies that American exceptionalism that when we do it – it is okay and legal, when others do it – it demands a full scale bloodletting in order to send the message that we don’t tolerate the quick death of citizenry, we tolerate the slow death of citizenry.

But it doesn’t stop with deliberate poisoning of the people and the slow death that they apply for the sake of plausible deniability. We can now see that human illness can no longer be treated and doctors are forced to be policemen and informants in a newly-formed medical surveillance state. The health care proposals that have been accepted in this country as a gift to the people from our leaders have become profit maximizing nightmares.

People now are no longer able to get the drugs they need to be relieved of pain. They are being accused of being drug seekers and criminals even before they say what number they are on a pain chart in the doctor’s office.

Anymore, there is this subtle feeling that leaves behind a bit of nausea as the soul realizes that, at times, while living in times such as these, it is always tempting to envy the dead.

This would probably be the reason that our entertainment choices include tales of zombies and television shows normal average Americans losing their souls to the idea of criminality because it seems so glamorous when it is pulled off by those that govern us.

The lines of good and evil are blurred now and you never know who the good guys are bad guys are.

If anyone is looking for Armageddon, you really don’t have to look too far as we can feel it coming closer and closer. The battle rages on for your blood and your soul and, while you certainly wouldn’t want to bleed to death, your soul slowly slips away in times like these and one hopes that they can awaken and replenish it with honesty and truth before it is completely neutralized.


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Nail on the head… Once again.

I lean towards the notion; you can only judge a society by how it treats the weakest among them. That being the case we are horrendous, and exceptionally cruel.

And just who would be the “weakest” among us….

Of course the young, the elderly, and the ill. And you’re absolutely right the Obamacare legislation is about maximizing profit. And we’ve long since been a nation of treating symptoms in order to maximize profits. Long since injected our children with “vaccines” that have historically at lest, contained chemicals like Thimerosal, and organo-MERCURY compound…. Instantly lowering their cognitive potential by double digits IQ wise.

What do we do with the elderly, the ones with Alzheimer’s, often give them B-12 in high doses, B-12 most commonly made of a CYANIDE derivative, read the label. “Cyanocobalamin”, research that one thoroughly, I’m not wrong…

As well as all the other poisons you’ve mentioned, the soft-kill GMO’s pioneered by Monsanto…

And what have we done with NATURAL healing agents used since the dawn of man? Oh we outlawed as many as possible when synthetic chemistry became the profitable rage in the 20’s and 30’s…. So the plants your ancestors cultivated for centuries to naturally heal you, not only do you not know about most of them, you’ve been denied being informed of them, much less use them, for the sake of profit margins, someone elses….

So the weakest among us, are the science experiments, and the poisoned subjects of a technocratic “elite”…. Dictated to by fascists, and subjugated and experimented on like lab rats for fun and profit.

So American “exceptionalism”, yes we really are exceptionally ill and perverse as a people, down to the “laws” and “lawmakers” who push the our enslavement with poetic bits of propaganda….

I still say reject the system as much as you possibly can, quit; BUYING, quit participating, quit playing a game that only profits those subjugating you, and if we’d all collectively quit feeding into it, it would die. Think about it, the oligarchs are mentally ill and irresponsible as is, they rely on our codependency, once enough people peacefully resist their power will be broken….
(Stole the idea from Gandhi, not claiming I’m that smart.)

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