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9/24: ISON: The Pandora Strain

ISON Pandora strain

Tonight on Ground Zero, what if contact with extra-terrestrials is not with anthropomorphic intelligent life? What if the warnings that are coming with ISON include an extra-terrestrial pathogen? Tonight Ground Zero attempts to contact our informant whistle-blowers of the pathogen revealed in ‘ISON: The Pandora Strain‘!



This whole thing is causing my blood to run cold, from the Puerto Rico incidents to these fireballs in Texas and all of the other strange events that has happened this year like the fragment in Russia and the trumpet sounds that was heard all over the world earlier this year that no one talks about by the way.


Clyde. You mentioned the Sumerans called the planet the winged planet. Have you seen the pictures of Ison on youtube, where it looks like a 3 pronged star sahpe at the nucleus?

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