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I remember when I first met with the managers of Citadel broadcasting and presented the idea I had for Ground Zero as a talk show there was a heated discussion over whether or not I should give a disclaimer at the beginning of the program. There was a preoccupation with the idea that people would assume that the station or any affiliates would support some of the outrageous stories that I would report.

I explained to the management that Ground Zero would adhere strictly to guidelines of the FCC and that there would be an effort to at least explain to the listener that what was being done on the show was either a simulation or a theory. I did say however that it would not be ethical to willingly mislead anyone with my show and that since I had both a background in entertainment and journalism that the journalist in me would report the information as honestly as I could, and that the entertainment value would be based solely in the music selections and a little something I called “audio montage” or audio barrages” that would illustrate through sound the message I wished to convey.

The management agreed that a disclaimer every hour would become tedious and that it should be the responsibility of every listener to use discernment with every broadcast.

For the past 18 years the media has evolved from reporting truth and facts, to reporting opinion as fact and at times intentionally reporting confusing information that they later confirm as mistakes only after the damage is done.

I know it is hard to use discernment in the contemporary media disconnect and I really don’t count on the listeners of my show to believe everything I present. However I can assure you that I have been wrong before, I have retracted statements that I have made that I later found to be erroneous and I do it because I am fully aware that mistakes can be made and when they are it is best to be accountable for them.

I always say that what I present is for your consideration. It is presented for the sake of thought and to have your undivided attention.

Cynics will say it is all to make a buck. That is only half of the equation. I have to point out that I don’t have a book to sell, I do not charge for my podcasts and the money I receive to do my show was already negotiated for news reporting. Ground Zero was resurrected from the internet after it was taken off national radio in 2001. I never planned on this miracle and the show that has defined my career is now back and we are now in hundreds of markets and I am proud to say has a remarkable and wide awake audience that explores further than just my word and my say and I have proven that there is no reason for a disclaimer on my program.

Now what is ironic is that what I am about to report to you I feel needs a disclaimer. The reason is because of what the subject matter deals with and what I have been exposed to recently with regard to mind control and the tools used to trigger someone into becoming a mentally controlled assassin.

The disclaimer is simply that what I am about to say I can neither confirm nor deny is the truth. It is only one more fascinating thing I wish to share with you only because I believe you should at least consider that mind control is real and that there are methods that are used to create a Manchurian candidate.

CBS news finally reported that there is a possibility that Washington D.C. naval yard shooter Aaron Alexis was sleep deprived and mind controlled through the use of possible microwave weapons.

The report that was filed by Newport Rode Island police was featured as a clue as to what may have prompted his murder rampage that killed 12 people. The report stated that Alexis was being followed by agents that he was concerned for his life and that while many mainstream outlets say the he sought mental treatment there was no record of any psychiatric treatments given to him.

Jestin Anthony Joseph phoned his mother 4 hours before he walked into a McDonalds in South Fort Worth Texas with a handgun and threatened customers. His mother told police she heard a very desperate voice saying “They’re trying to kill me, Mama! I’m going to die tonight! I’m going to die tonight!’”

KXAS Television did an interview with Jestin Joseph and he told the interviewer that he believed that people were after him and again like what happened with Aaron Alexis he said he was hearing voices in his head telling him to get food, steal a car and then get out of town.It was not known if the voices told him to kill anyone, in fact Joseph said he had no intention of killing or hurting anyone. He also had no history of mental illness.

Once again the debate continues over whether or not this is a result of simple mental illness or something more complex like electronic harassment or mind control.

Now while we have had debates about this on the Ground Zero show, this is not what I want to warn you about. Not in the least.

I do have a warning that there may be something going around the internet that is an intentional trigger mechanism and can be downloaded. It is a video that on the surface can be just an innocuous hoax. However the video is a compelling collage of pictures and interludes that appear to be a true mind control video that uses subliminal messages and interludes to program children.

The video has been passed around internet circles and was brought to my attention by Olav Phillips . Olav told me that he watched the video and that it gave him a headache. Rob Daven of Conspiracy HQ and Dark Spaces radio put together a video explaining what he was seeing and revealed that the video contained subliminals of Alice in Wonderland, the satanic symbol Baphomet, a hand, Peter Pan’s Tinker bell and My little Pony. There is also spiral illusion video being used to hypnotize and numbers station sequences reciting numbers.

Sequence 01.Still001

While the subliminals are seen in a split second, stop frame editing had to be used to pull them from the video and when they are seen it was baffling as to why these images were in the mesmerizing spiral that you first see in the video.

Sequence 01.Still002

It later faded into a stark black background with a blonde haired woman. The woman I realized was Peggy Lee. Peggy Lee was a popular Jazz singer in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many people remember her popular hit “Fever” in the late 1950’s.

Sequence 01.Still003

In the video she is telling a story about how when she was little her house caught on fire. Her father grabbed her in his arms and rushed her outside. As she is standing outside shivering in her pajamas she saw the entire world go up in flames and then said is that all there is to a fire? Is that all there is?

Sequence 01.Still004

She then sings a song and the words LEFT, RIGHT, BLACK, WHITE, UP, DOWN, GOOD, BAD, PLEASURE, PAIN, HAPPY, SAD, LOVE, HATE, PRAISE, and PUNISHMENT are flashed on the screen.

Sequence 01.Still005

Immediately the scene is cut to a scene from Walt Disney’s Bambi where Bambi’s mother is shot.

Then we hear the words Lady Bird Lady Bird Lady Bird as the trigger words are spoken in sequence.

It is then cut to woman discussing a crime event where the perpetrators were “masturbating” and pulling their pants down at the supermarket. The woman also says that the unspecified criminals also had oral sex with her Saint Bernard and were inserting pens and pencils in the dog’s rectum.

It implies that what she was witnessing a satanic ritual because she talks about group sex and child sacrifices.

Then in the video there is an old video that was produced by the phone company back in the 1940’s on how to use a rotary phone.

As the woman is speaking she writes down the numeric sequence WO4-9970. When she repeats the number the screen goes red and the words Red 9 Canaan flash on the screen.

The woman holds up the phone and you hear “Mary Had a Little Lamb” played using the tines of the phone. There is then a cut away of lambs being slaughtered in a slaughter house. Their throats being cut while the song “Mary Had a little Lamb” by Paul McCartney is playing.

After the slaughter there is a scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland showing her fall into the rabbit hole. Alice finds herself open doors and eventually we see Judy garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz opening the door to a wonderland as well. Later there seem to be some examples of mind control triggers and those who have been triggered including Britney Spears, Al Roker and Bruce Willis.

.The song “It’s a Small World “by Disney is played. Then there is a sequence of trigger phrases:








3.7 LC























There is no way of knowing if this video is legitimate however it most certainly looks like pretty much the same type of videos that were demonstrated in the film s “A Clockwork Orange” and “Parallax view.”

In the film Parallax view there is a scene where they show what is called the “assassins training” montage.

Most of the images used in the assassin training montage were mostly patriotic backgrounds with average American family figures interspersed with pictures of Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler, Pope John XXIII, and Lee Harvey Oswald . There is also a picture of THOR from the comic book drawn by Jack Kirby.

The montage also includes a cropped image from the cover of THOR featuring a creature known as the Man-Beast.

In “A Clockwork Orange” an Ultra Violence montage is shown to Alex in order to rehabilitate him. The video once again is similar to the video that is making the rounds on the internet now, which brings me back to the trigger phrases scene in the video.

One was COUNT DOWN ACTIVATE ALEX which harkens back to the film “A Clockwork Orange.” This may or may not indicate a hoax, however could the trigger be aimed at perhaps someone named “Alexis?” there is also the words 42 ACTIVATE which is also a bit weird considering that 42 days after he made his “microwave mind control” complaint, Aaron Alexis killed 12 people.

There is also a reference to GOTHAM as well. This may or may not mean anything but during the shootings in Aurora Colorado there were of course ties to the Batman movie Dark Knight Rises. Gotham City is where Batman lives and there was a remarkable coincidence in the Film Dark Knight Rises where Commissioner Gordon points out on a map an area south of Gotham City called Sandy Hook.


I ran a search on the word Canaan and while there is the biblical reference there is also a reference to the anime series Canaan. Canaan is coincidentally a show about a highly trained gun assassin (Canaan) whose impressive skills are amplified further by her powers of synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a remarkable term that covers everything from hearing voices to seeing numbers and patterns even smelling colors. Synesthesia is quite simply the ability to use sensory perception in order to pick up on triggers, sounds and colors and use them to outsmart an opponent.

While this video may not be directly connected to the recent shootings, there are most definitely examples of what can be called triggers and hidden meanings to all of the programmed sentences and phrases.

The subliminals also act as triggers and it is unknown just how it affects the initiate when he or she is exposed to the visual aid.

Psychological research has demonstrated that synesthetic experiences can have measurable behavioral consequences. For example numbers can trigger sounds or colors. Another example, something as simple as a honked car horn or even a Disney Song can trigger the color green or a song like “Mary had a little lamb” can trigger the images of slaughter. Certain names when uttered can trigger taste sensations or even voices in the head.

Some people may even see days the week as colors or numbers. Like Wednesday can be blue or Monday can be Red. Combine it with phrases like RED 9 CANAAN and no one knows what it could trigger.

Needless to say the video that is making the rounds is very troubling. It could be presentations of simple mind control “trigger” examples or the very real tool that can trigger certain emotional responses.


linda barnett

a lot of young people are obsessed with anime, and I could never figure out why. someone in my family as an adult was obsessed with “speed racer.” I did not look at the mc videos on purpose not knowing what they might be designed to do. I am currently investigating from a scientific angle some weird sounds, but I am not saying what they are because some speculate haarp signals or satellite zapping for mc might be involved. for me, I need to see something register on instruments, to say for sure that it is objective vs. subjective. I strongly suspect that mc is multifaceted and that videos and electronic harassment can go hand in hand to perhaps program members of the population to do something we do not want to do. I agree, Clyde, who knows what a series of words might trigger. I do know that the word activate is used by the CIA in their scripts because a trusted person once told me so. so you may have something here beyond just a hoax. wow, this was a great article.


The end is near.US is collapsing or imploding.
Obama will declare a martial law emergency if the
Government shuts down Tuesday. Region III includes Washington,DC.
You are warned. A word to the wise,etc.

linda barnett

I have a tin foil theory to contribute–the gov shuts down, then O stages a false flag nuke event somewhere, and it is blamed on the shutdown and military cuts, etc. So the conservatives (once again) are the bad guys. Now we need martial law! I hope I am wrong.


Not buying it….

Or the we’re weeks, months, or even years from a “Krokodil” epidemic here hysteria.

Every “trigger” has to be extensively programmed to be a trigger in the subject, meaning anything could potentially be a trigger, but not unless you’re seriously programmed. Yeah mind control is real, most of it isn’t quite as intense and is done through gentle persuassion or advertising and we almost all fall subject to some amount of it. But as far as any “universal trigger video”, or sound or word for that matter…. Nope. Nor will watching this video enough times program anything but a headache, there’s generally allot more to it than flashy videos, unless you’re simply trying to sell a product, or are dealing with someone who is already disturbed, or being electronically harassed constantly by another means, or something to that effect.

Not all is lost though, good counter-cultural reference in “The Parallax View”, new to me, have to check that out. Idk, may tune in to tonights show, but it’s feeling like it could trun into one those nights again…..

For what it's worth...

Seems like whoever made the video has read this page.

linda barnett

Yeah, you are right–holy crap

These weird tones on clyde’s show sound like the NIGHT SOUNDS being reported in some communities or modems transmitting data–WTF !!!???? Listening at 12:45 am in cayuga co. Ny, on wsyr 106.9 fm.

linda barnett

Realizing that teddy and programming are not spelled correctly, so I don’t know, this tends to point to fraud,
but cannot be sure. Dr. John hall’s work, in conjunction with videos being played to the public, is a scary
thought, because he is claiming that you do not know what is being fed into your mind, because it is
subliminal, if you are electronically being harassed in certain ways. In this case you would be programmed
to react to certain triggers subliminally, so just reading the codes above could create trouble.


Clyde, I love your show but this is definitely not anything related to MK Ultra.

This is a video mixtape. A short one, but it’s definitely just a video mixtape. It has nothing to do with any black ops of government program.

What’s a video mixtape? They started back in the 80s as VHS tapes people traded around but picked up steam with the proliferation of high speed internet as a means of distribution. Basically they are collections of crazy clips, disturbing images, snippets from old movies or tv shows and yes, subliminal messages and creepy images.. all thrown out rapid fire. They are basically party tapes, something to watch with your friends while in an altered state of mind.

How can I be so sure? About 5 years ago I created one of these tapes that has been traded around the ‘net. It’s called “Video Armageddon”. Google video mixtapes and you’ll see. In fact, in my tape I use (and this guy kinda ripped this off, lol) lots of recordings from numbers stations which you hear in this video. I know first hand how these are put together and why and I definitely recognize this as one even down to the ‘secret’ messages and commands.

So sorry there’s nothing of real importance here just somebody goofing around with some video editing software and some clips.

-fallout bob


I believe it’s a fraud – but made by someone wanting to link predictable events with current events to the book of Revelations – Red = socialist, 9 = symbolic for the end of times – Canaan = was land that included Israel, Palestine, and parts of Syria

Lambs to slaughter…
Lion and the Lamb..
My Little Pony..with the number seven – 7 horsemen
Fire…recent meteor showers

Pyramid = the symbolism on our money …the fall of the American dollar…financial institutions being turned over …. three 9’s turned upside down is the number of the beast.

Nations in place = UN
Teddy (misspelled in the video) = Russian Soldiers
900 Blue Birds Pilots Rise = drones

Haven’t dissected the rest yet but that’s what I’ve come up with


Its not quite that simple

Deranged Individual

The “tedy bear march” caught my eye. Jay Weidner did a radio programme a while ago about the teddy bears that keep appearing in Kubrick films. The yellow version of the Shining cover has a child’s face behind the “T” on it; but it’s one of those optical illusions and some people can see what looks like a bear saying “shush” (hand over mouth, the two slits for the nasal holes become the bear’s pupils. The shining also contains a creepy scene where Wendy walks in on a bear/dog in what appears to be the end of a sexual act. – but this was not significant enough by itself. Bears also feature in the title of a comedy film made about Bohemian Grove: – note the film was written and directed by Harry Shearer, from the Simpsons fame. The simpsons also contains scenes involving the Shriners, and that famous scene with the “Stonecutters.” What convinced me that the (teddy) bear motif was important was another radio interview with a victim of SRA who claimed that there was a teddy bear connection to a known abuser in a community who secretly performed satanic rituals. Those of you who have reviewed photos taken after the Sandy Hook shooting may have noticed the photos released by the press of teddy bears for each of the children who died. This may be completely innocuous, but if the event actually took place at St Lima Catholic school on the other side of town, where a priest with a known history of sexual abuse worked circa 1999/2000, then it may have more serious implications for that particular incident. If anyone is interested in hearing these interviews please reply to this comment and I will post the links on this page.

stx listener

Regarding the weird sounds on the 9/27 Red 9 Canaan show – go back and listen to the recording. Listening to the show on KTRH via iHeart, I was hearing the sounds in silence between sentences at least 30 minutes before Clyde pointed them out (about 10:30 CDT). They got very loud during that one caller, but they were present much earlier. I had to leave once they became loud, so I didn’t hear the resolution.


I have researched this issue as an area of personal interest for a considerable time.

Reviewing the video you find numerous clips presented in run of the mill, very introductory you-tube clips pertaining to those allegedly impacted by “illuminati”, “mk ultra” and “mind control”. I feel confident and without question that these are factual and well documented occurrences. Government programs and psychological experiments. This video is nothing but a collection of clips – nothing to do with programing anyone.

Showing clips of Disney movies and Brittany Spears, playing number sequences and spiral animations isn’t enough to establish disassociation. Watching a short video doesn’t split someone’s personality, there is no break in consciousness. Watching a “faces if death clip” or going to rotten .com would be just as effective in bothering someone. In my opinion, that’s all this video aims to accomplish. The only person that would watch this is someone seeking it out — if it was targeted at any individual it wouldn’t be seen but by anyone other than the one I t was intended for, it wouldn’t be broadcast as it has been.


This video showed very little I haven’t seen before. If its a vid made to trigger people, then so are most mk vids out there. The people hurting the dog, btw were the woman and her pastor husband’s adopted kids. I forget the name of the doc, the lifetime movie has the same name


Hey LadyBird, LadyBird.
Fly away home
your house is on fire
your children are alone

All except one
and that’s little Anne
and she crept under
the warming pan

Fly away home
your house is on fire
your children are gone

Lady Bird is a English way of saying Lady Bug


The messed up think about this video is that this things in the video are related to the shootings government shutdown and stuff that recently happened..I wonder what is next..


Only one thing makes a person an mk slave : torture. Mind fragments. Programming commences.


This video is nothing but a means of controlling a person by causing them to believe things that ultimately lead the person to a state of delusional insanity–and commit heinous crimes against innocent victims who appear to be evil to the one who is deluded. A FRIEND OF MINE ACTUALLY CASTRATED HIMSELF AFTER VIEWING THIS VERY VIDEO…and has since disappeared after being 5150’d. This shit is WRONG and it is extremely irresponsible to post this kind of evil. It is no joke. You can be forced to commit atrocities against your will and ultimately “raptured” by demonic entities into a portal once you have committed the “ultimate sin” of torturing and killing a child. A demon comes out, kills you and drags you into a portal to hell or god knows where. I know too many people, especially teens and kids who have witnessed and seen this shit. The one who is still alive will not even talk about it. TAKE THIS EVIL ABOMINATION DOWN. Anyone who has watched this needs to know that at any time they could be forced to hurt themselves or another. Castrating yourself because you watched a video is a FAIL, It is sad, and these sick satanic sadists enjoy it and want you to watch. TAKE IT DOWN, PLEASE…AT LEAST THINK OF THE CHILDREN.



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