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9/27: RED 9 CANAAN


Tonight on Ground Zero, what is the secret to ‘RED 9 CANAAN’?  A new video has been making rounds on the Internet that may be used as a tool to program assassins. Is the Video Real, or Faked?  Tonight, Jeff Warwick of Programing the Nation, Ron Patton of Paranoia Magazine, and David Shurter who is an authority on ritual abuse, human trafficking, and MK Ultra, will discuss the validity of the video.


Clyde Follower

Hi Clyde,

What ever happened to the show regarding FEMA Region 3. I only got 3 hours and usually you follow-up on your next show. Did someone shut you down.

Loyal Listener

Mike Kelly Uman

Where can I watch the video???

linda barnett

Click the link above that says RED 9 CANAAN


Wow I actually feel really relaxed after watching quite soothing in a way


were are the videos? anyone know,

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