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Earnest Borg 9: You Will Be A Simulation


I know that when the mainstream media reports something and the talk show pundits jump on it, I receive a ton of e-mail from people who are concerned about the direction of my show and why we always seem to not reflect the mainstream’s concerns.

Most of the time, I honestly have to say that the concerns of the mainstream media are part of the political theater that comes with this partial government shutdown.

I never know what to say when I see these schisms taking place in the District of Criminals and, frankly, these types activities all seem to point to some sort of civil discord that begins with simple polarization and party bickering. It tends to lead to civil upheaval and soon the civil religion begins to crumble and its savior becomes just another virus in the matrix.

Much of what we are looking at with the shutdown is truly a theatrical distraction. When the curtains are the curtains are drawn we think that government is hiding something and as we look behind the curtain we see that as with any theatrical production, there is a simulation created to mesmerize, to water down the real issues and somewhere there is someone taking notes to see how the audience is reacting to the illusion they are watching.

The crazy part of all this is that most Americans do not realize that President Obama acts as a “ringmaster” in a circus of political clowns. He is there literally to appease rather than to do anything that is overtly political or even “presidential.” He is there to postpone any real political upheaval, popular uprising or civil rebellion.

However, within this social matrix, there is a grim reality of how the programs that are being used for some other purpose find themselves in various social networks speaking to other programs.

They complain about what needs to be done to break free from what seems to be a system that has been overrun with agents.

Some of these programs are very much aware that those around them have been assimilated by the equivalent of what can be described as the political BORG – robots that still believe that a left/right paradigm is still going to change things.

These BORG – or supporters of the political “hive mind” wonder why doing the same thing day in and day out does not produce a better result.

The answer to all of this confusion is to swallow the bitter red pill and realize that the game is over. It is time to pull away from the denial and understand that the politically powerful are vulnerable and their veil of lies is becoming more transparent as the truth is far more powerful than the “useful collective fiction” they have created.

While your government claims to be partially shut down and while they are furloughing thousands of non-essential federal employees, there seems to be something that the mainstream media has chosen to overlook.

The national security infrastructure is alive and well with the opening of the $2 billion dollar NSA spy center in Utah which we have now established is the place where your government will spy on private e-mails, Google searches and phone calls.

All of the things that people need and like seem to be on “shutdown” and all of the other government operations that benefit government are open and conducting business as usual.

All of the things that you hate about your government are still going on. The TSA will continue to grope you, extremists will be armed in foreign countries, drug dealers will get their guns unimpeded, taxes will be collected, and there will always be someone finding themselves at the end of a high-powered rifle in a police raid.

The government shutdown you are in the middle of is just a simulation to see what your reaction is going to be and whether or not you are going to pass the test.

This is only the beginning of the drill and we all know that there are many other simulations on the way. We have heard of the so-called grid simulations where they are about to test the power grid. We are assured that these are only drills. However, we have seen time and time again how drills go real time and the government pretends to helpless in the face of a national crisis.

I have always wondered about these drills and simulations and the effects they have on all of us. If a mass simulation is shaping our society then the lines between fact and fantasy can be blurred.

Last year it was actually proposed that if everything is simulated we would never know unless we were told that it was. Because if the simulation is being carried out and we cannot tell the difference then it is the accepted reality.

It was of great interest to me that University of Washington physics professor Martin Savage and physics graduate student Zohreh Davoudi published a paper on how to test if the universe is a massive computer simulation.

When Peter Levenda appeared on Ground Zero we briefly discussed the synchronicities of the number 9 and the idea that I had proposed: we are repeating a pattern of activities that were seen between the years of 1966-1973. He concurred with me that there are many things that point to some occult simulation that we are reenacting or acquiescing to.

There seems to be a lot of mathematical and obvious synchronicity that changes the way we view things and unless you know what is going on you tend to remain in an emotional state of panic and may do things that you wouldn’t normally do in situations that are dire.

However, the oracle of history may be the very thing that can exploit a glitch in the matrix and that there very well could be a mass simulation happening. The question is, who is really running the simulation and is the reality we believe we are experiencing the true reality.

When we hear that people everywhere are waking up. How is that truly defined? When you say that you are awake, what does that really mean to you and are you 100 percent sure that you are completely awake – or are you still in dream time?

I know that the cynical will say that’s a silly thing to ask, but it seems wickedly bizarre that we are allowing this pattern to continue. It is bizarre how the majority of people can’t see it, or that they play along thinking that if everyone else says they are awake, that they can vicariously be awakened through osmosis.

This is not the case.

That is why it is essential to use history as a guide and realize that foreshadowing and fore structuring is a reality and that we cannot rule out the possibility of a simulated exercise that is fooling you into making decisions for someone who is pushing the buttons and pulling the strings.

The theory of the simulated Matrix by Martin Savage can be found in his thesis “Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation.” It is actually about the simulation argument, which was first put forth in 2003 by University of Oxford philosophy professor Nick Bostrom.

A University of Washington News posting explaining Savage’s paper has become very popular and ignited theories about the nature of reality and consciousness, the limits on computer networks and musings about what our future selves might be like.

The idea is that we are actually a simulation that is being played back on large computers of the future and we are being looked after and programmed by our progeny. It is an idea that we are a simulated program that has been created in the future by our descendants.

The Seattle Times reported that:

Bostrom, the Oxford professor, first proposed the idea that we live in a computer simulation in 2003. In a 2006 article, he said there was probably no way to know for certain if it is true. Savage — who describes his “day job” as doing numerical simulations of lattice quantum chromodynamics — said a chance discussion among colleagues sparked the idea that there was a way to test the truth of Bostrom’s theory.

And although it might deviate from the work he usually does, it was a worthy question because “there are lots of things about our universe we don’t fully understand,” Savage said. “This is certainly a different scenario for how our universe works — but nonetheless, it’s quite plausible.”

In the paper, the physicists propose looking for a “signatures,” or patterns, similar to occurs in current small-scale computer simulations.

Much like what Peter Lavenda pointed out. He was coming from a purely occult perspective and so am I.

However, we wish to approach a simulated world, we may already have more reasons to suspect that reality are simulated or that there are attempts to do so.

For example, in an interview with the Guardian, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has now said that the Osama Bin laden raid that took place May 1st, 2011 is “one big lie.”

In a book that is still untitled, Hersh is including a chapter on the May 2011 raid by U.S. forces on Bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound. He believes that the entire affair hasn’t been appropriately looked into by journalists. If the entire event never happened then the media has decided to take part in creating the simulation and altering history.

You may recall that last year Ground Zero reported that there was something known as the ‘Phantom Time Conspiracy‘ where it is suggested that “the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators. This would mean that all artifacts ascribed to those three centuries belong to other periods, and that all events thought to have occurred during that same period occurred at other times, or are outright fabrications.

This theory has been presented by a man named Heribert Illig. He determined that historians have admitted that there have been many documents from the Middle Ages that do not measure up to scrutiny and that these falsified accounts in history seem to be discovered more and more. These historical discrepancies were the subject of an archaeological conference that was held in Germany in 1986.

Horst Fuhrmann, the president of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, had indicated that many of the documents produced by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages were created hundreds of years before any of the events described happened. These events were then accepted by medieval society as factual. This implied that whoever produced the forgeries must have very skillfully anticipated the future. Or there was some discrepancy in calculating dates.

Now put yourself in today’s contemporary history and notice that we also have been seeing the same thing happening with regards to potentiality and the idea of what I call retro causality as if the event happens before the cause. We have this massive déjà vu and this massive memory hole where we somehow have forgotten history only to have it replaced with other history and we begin to notice that there is a pattern where there is a ripple of rhyme through time and a pattern begins to materialize.

As we try and ascertain whether or not the simulation is being utilized now, you may be surprised t o know that the Department of Defense is now creating what can only be described as a “Matrix” or a “SIMS” game.

The Register has reported that the U.S. Department of Defense is building a digital world with billions of nodes representing every human being on the planet. It is being called the ‘Sentient World Simulation‘.

The Department of Defense calls it a “synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information“. The concept of this simulation provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations or PSYOPS, so that military leaders can develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners.

It will “replicate financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.

Now it all is becoming clear: by using a simulation of you, they can pretty much watch how you react to things like government shutdowns, pandemic flu or even an alien invasion.

Who’s to say that this is just a concept?

Perhaps we are already being manipulated in the middle of one big simulation.

Reality can most certainly be a word that will have to be used in quotes as the future unfolds in our brave, new and simulated world.



Man, your relatively new to me in the Houston, Texas market and your show is always intriguing but tonight you are kicking ass and taking names. Problems have solutions if you recognize them and you are exceedingly pulling your weight or exceptionally decided to help folks to realize what is quietly occurring around them. You are an agent for change and I believe you may be helping in creating those other possible agents that can help to regionally and world wide lead folks to correct the wrongs that are occurring in social and geopolitical spheres, giving those that care but are clueless but gaining knowledge, focus and over all opening minds to the possibilities of how those who have interest in swaying opinion operate. Keep up the good and crucial work. Most importantly though thank you.

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