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10/18: Zodiac Connections w/ Sandy Betts And Tom Voigt – Live from the Bay Area!

10/18: Zodiac Connections w/ Sandy Betts And Tom Voigt - Live from the Bay Area!Picking up where last night’s electrifying show left off, the team sifts clues and calls on friends to help dig deeper into the evidence from the case. Tonight, Clyde Lewis and the Ground Zero crew is joined by investigators Sandy Betts on-location and Tom Voigt via phone to take one last blast at the ‘Zodiac Killer: Dead To Rite‘!



Dude, you are getting spunked by the us air force stalker group. The same things you all described have been happening to me since 1977. Those are thugs with the mkultra gear and i think you know it. find the van or the truck and check out the authinicativenessay of those ghost hunters TO SEE IF they have been using this to fake ghosts. heat guns feel like wet cat pee spots in the air stings on the back of the head, kidneys and belly button is that gear locking a signal on the person so the heating beings to the insides. sorry man, it did sound great though but i recognize it all plus i already might not be alive tomorrow because of them anyway. victims have to talk now you cant talk when you are dead ( i am so sorry you cant ).


Did you graduate HS? Extremely poor grammar &writing.

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sorry I don’t see gyke in the cypher show me please

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