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11/1: Turned Into a Newt

11/1: Turned Into a NewtIt’s All Saint’s Day, but there’s a hell of a lot of sinners around as we look at ‘the pattern’ and remember that the actions of the past created a huge distrust of government. This bred all sorts of conspiracy theories and speculations about how deep the criminality really went. How deep does it go now? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis ‘Turned Into a Newt‘!


Trent Fox

this tea pot is short and stout

Trent Fox

sometimes words fall from ones face and unknown cant be erased. who can tame their tounge, been a spit fire since we were younge. so now all seem to bable on, yes indeed vomiting worldly concepts of days gone by.


CLYDE, I was listening Wed. or Thursday night, the night you sounded the subliminal sound effect or whatever that was. I felt a movement on the right rear side of my bed. I assumed it was my cat jumped on the bed. Then I realized he was not in the house. A couple seconds later I heard this loud sort of banging like you hear a big dog when he is scratching. I jumped up and saying what the hell is going on went to look for my dog, she is a little dog. T here she was sound asleep on her bed in the kitchen. This is so strange I do not know what to make of it. I have been devastated by the loss of my husband and unresolved matters. It was sudden and traumatic. Then after trying to help my old boyfriend ,lost him just a few months later, plus my dear neighbor passed away in the same time period, plus 2 other dear friends, my mothers best friend and an old friend. Things have been really weird. I could not hear any voices during that recording that came on the air and don’t understand the principal of it. Thought you might want to bring this up or you may have some insight on it. Thank you.

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