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Turned Into a Newt


I never thought in a million years that you would catch me in the same mental frame as Newt Gingrich, but if you have been listening to Ground Zero you will know that some of things that he has been saying on CNN are similar to what I have been saying about ‘the pattern’ that is transpiring.

For the record, I don’t like Gingrich and I most certainly feel uncomfortable knowing that, of all the people to see the pattern unfolding, I most certainly am not thrilled to learn that much of what I said a few weeks ago is becoming a talking point for liberals against Gingrich and his position that he made known on ‘Crossfire’.

Newt Gingrich recently tweeted about Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius that her testimony in front of Congress about the failure of the site and said that her lies to congress were worse than Nixon’s. Gingrich tweeted that the “dishonesty” in her testimony “exceeds anything President Nixon was accused of.”

While what Gingrich said is an exaggeration, and was blatantly challenged by CNN Wolf Blitzer, the context in which the tweet was produced was based on what Gingrich has said before about how what he is seeing is similar to what happened prior to the Watergate scandal in 1973- 1974.

BLITZER: On the point comparing it to Nixon, comparing what she did — what this secretary did to Nixon, that is, I mean just between you and me, that’s a little overblown.

GINGRICH: Well, what do you say about an administration which, you just pointed out, the actual number may be 16 million Americans losing their policies. Now, this affects life and death. It affects —

BLITZER: You’re talking about the president. Here, you said — and I’ll read it again just to be precise and then you can tell me if you want to revise it. ‘Sebelius dishonesty in testimony this morning exceeds anything President Nixon was accused of.’

GINGRICH: Ok, I will — I will modify it: ‘Equals anything.’ How is that. Exceeds may have been too strong. I think to go under oath and say with a straight face there was not an outage in a site you’ve been covering for a month.

I have discussed with my audience that we need to remember President Nixon and what got him into trouble in 1973. I pointed out that he proposed a health care plan, he was fighting it out with Ted Kennedy and later it was unlawful wiretapping and spying that created the entire Watergate affair which led to allegations of abuse of Presidential power, impeachment proceedings and the eventual resignation of Nixon.

Another interesting turn of political synchronicity is that recently it was discussed that, as far back as 2009, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report advanced the story that, like Nixon, Obama had an ‘enemies list‘ and that many of the enemies on his list were well-known journalists and talk show hosts.

Four years later, the truth seems to be stranger than fiction as journalists are now being targeted in veritable witch hunts and NSA spying has gone out of control.

Around October 24th, 2013, the buzz was that journalists that were critical of the Obama administration were being visited by agents and having their files confiscated or destroyed.

Lawyer Jonathan Turley writes that:

[J]ournalist Audrey Hudson’s home was searched by federal agents who took documents related to stories and reportedly asked her about stories that she had written that were critical of the Federal Air Marshal program. The agents had a warrant to search for unregistered firearms and a “potato gun.” That apparently required a pre-dawn raid by armed agents of the U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland State Police and the Department of Homeland Security. Presumably, the family was believed to have a whole bushel of potatoes that were considered an arsenal.

Hudson’s husband, Paul Flanagan, was found guilty in 1986 to resisting arrest in Prince George’s County. The warrant stated that police were to search the residence and seize all weapons and ammunition because he is prohibited under the law from possessing firearms.

Furthermore, the Daily Caller reports that: “without Hudson’s knowledge, the agents also confiscated a batch of documents that contained information about sources inside the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, she said.

Reporter Ben Swann reported that CNN anchor Carol Costello declared on the air that President Obama has been known to actually threaten reporters with their jobs who “make the President look bad.

Jofi Joseph was booted from his job as director of the National Security Council for tweeting criticisms about the Obama administration and the fumble of the Healthcare website.

For two years, Joseph tweeted under a pseudonym and seemed to be acting as a troll saying all kinds of horrible things about Sarah Palin and other Republicans. However, when his vitriol was used against the Obama administration he was somehow immediately found.

On October 24th, 2013, in the final hour of the Ground Zero episode called “Season of the Witch,” the discussion of the earlier ‘Salem witch trials’ evolved into a heated discussion about Obama’s modern witch hunts where, like Nixon, Obama is abusing his power as president to shut down his enemies and allow spying and rogue wiretapping.

I wanted to raise the topic of the new witch hunts, because there were several news stories that have been released and forgotten in the memory hole about the surveillance apparatus and the abuse of power by Obama that, in context now, makes the comments Gingrich made look off-center but still close to the mark of nailing the next step in what will happen in ‘the pattern’.

For example, it is now a matter of record that a number of peaceful countries that are expressing how fed up they are regarding the spying on their leaders by the National Security Agency and their unbridled snooping that, internationally, is a violation of privacy.

Spying is constant of any government, however this type of snooping seems to be illegal and is now concerning the United Nations.

The conservative website Foreign Policy reported a week ago that the NSAtapped the private telephone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and dozens of other world leaders. The report was issued a month after Brazilian Leader Dilma Rouseff denounced NSA spying and espionage against her country as “a breach of international law” in a General Assembly speech and proposed that the U.N. establish legal guidelines to prevent “cyberspace from being used as a weapon of war.

This is an international effort to restrain our NSA from wire tapping the leaders of peaceful nations. Saying that this is an obvious abuse of power and wondering why the American people are not doing anything to stop a president that may be putting them in danger of a “blowback” situation.

When I first reported this I immediately realized that the Obama administration, the administration that we all looked towards for ‘hope’ and ‘change’ has now become a paranoid administration and that it has become as paranoid if not more paranoid than the Nixon administration.

Newt Gingrich seems to be seeing ‘the pattern’ that I have been seeing, but has used the simulacrum in a bad or ill-constructed context by attacking Kathleen Sebelius. The truth is that, as the accusations and aggravations grow, as out of control spying not only is happening to peaceful nations but also is being conducted against the Vatican and this speaks volumes as to where other paranoias exist within this administration.

The Italian magazine Panorama, via the Niqnaq blog, reports that “the NSA labeled calls in and out of Vatican offices as “leadership intentions,” “threats to the financial system,” “foreign policy objectives” and “human rights.” It says calls regarding this year’s election of the new president of the Vatican Bank, Ernst von Freyberg, were also intercepted. The magazine does not cite a source for the allegations, but it does refer to WikiLeaks to suggest that Francis was being watched as far back as 2005 when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

The Vatican and the NSA surprisingly deny the allegations. Now the paranoid rumors fly and no one is to be trusts in the cloak and dagger world that Obama denies knowledge of.

We can look back at the pattern again and remember that the actions of Nixon created a huge distrust of government. This bred all sorts of conspiracy theories and other speculations about how deep the criminality went in the White House. The media turned on Nixon and as the administration was unraveling we were beginning to see skepticism turn to cynicism about the political health of the nation.

Before 9/11, it was reported in the book “Everything Is Under Control” by Robert Anton Wilson, that over 6o percent of the American people did not trust their government.

After 9/11, the dialogue changed as a government that somehow failed in protecting one of its most beloved cities became a champion of the police state and less a champion of the Constitution. The people, out of fear, began to think the same way and now here we are with a President that somehow managed to emerge as knight in shining armor, able to brush aside the cynicism and promise to deliver us from the perils of an ongoing war that he inherited form another administration.

With the echo in transit, we see that the same thing happened with Nixon as Vietnam was inherited from the Johnson administration and that Nixon vowed – just like Obama – to get us out of that war.

We realized that Nixon had no plan, but he certainly had some secret plan to end it and that was enough for the American people. Obama seemed to be in the same sinking ship. The quagmire of Afghanistan has been forgotten by the American people and the claims that he ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden seem hollow now. Journalists like Seymour Hersh are now saying that the whole Bin Laden raid and death story is “one big lie.

It needs to emphasized that when a president continues to repeat something of substance and declines to make good on what he repeats, he is most certainly a liar.

Whoever excuses the lies or apologizes for them with watered-down homogenized doublespeak is an accomplice and is the problem that exists in this country. This is why liberal commentators such as Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Chris Mathews have now turned on Obama.

It shouldn’t be at all surprising that we have a President that does not tell the truth, and some will say that spying and all of the wiretapping is necessary. However, we have to stop and ask ourselves to what degree do we want to accept the level of lying. How is it that we have let it go this far?

It can be determined that the press has a hand in this and that the mainstream media was actually coerced into believing the lies and reporting them as facts because of possible retribution for saying otherwise.

Is this getting through to anyone about just how bad it has gotten? The press and the media have now been compromised and it is apparent that many of the members of the press that were reporting all of the benefits of the President’s health care plan were avoiding the obvious surveillance apparatus that was being constructed.

No one spends $500 million dollars on a website and doesn’t have it equipped with hidden modifications (that are now apparently failing) and leave us all wondering: Is this how the administration feels about the health and well-being of its citizenry?

The failure of the website, as with the lack of solid communication and information, is an indication of how the administration is counting on your ignorance to allow the obfuscation to continue.

Your President is a liar. The question is: Do you care enough to do anything about it? Does the media have the ability to revive the fourth estate and be downright biting and critical of all politicians of every color instead of pandering to them as celebrities or heroes.

The media should not give any sympathy to any politician and should go back to objective reporting and not be so critical of those who see patterns and wish to reveal them.

In the past, the media would approach any administration with cynicism. Today’s media has not learned anything from Vietnam or Watergate. In the 1970’s, the media would always approach an administration – either Republican or Democrat – with a little skepticism or cynicism. There was a fundamental mistrust of government which, in my opinion, gave us a healthy media and a healthy press.

This is why I abhor the misuse of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’. It’s a pejorative created for political reasons and has been adopted by a media that has been in the lap of a master who is now turning on them.

The media fell in love with Obama and now I ask the media: Is the love of your life now cheating on you?

I can hear the arguments now about who’s better – Bush or Obama, Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin? The arguments don’t matter anymore, the indignation does and the sorry state of an administration makes us wonder about what parts of Nixon we liked and what other parts seem to be haunting the administration now.



Here Clyde a nice video I found earlier that about sums up the whole situation with the Democrips V. Republicrips and their game;

“The Eye-Opening Study Every American Needs To See”

Chenk is pretty dead on, and the information he’s covering in the study he’s mentioning is accurate and about par for the political course.

We know they aren’t on our “side” no matter what political tribe, or more accurately MOB they belong to. And that’s the sad part, political tribalism and the mob mentality that keeps people backing these puppets that don’t care about them at all.

Glad to see you back to actual demon/psychopath hunting, these guys are tangible and allot more of an immediate threat. Though like lambs to the slaughter, if people don’t wake up and rebel, no reject the system altogether we’ll probably be doomed.

Got to quit funding these politicians and the corporations they represent, every purchase is like a step in the ballot box, vote wisely and get their attention.

That and some consistently well placed civil disobedience, short of that though.

We aren’t going to CONSUME or OBEY ourselves to liberation, despite what “They” would have us believe. At least not by consuming what they’re peddling and obeying their “rules” which don’t apply to them because they can afford not recognizing laws.


All political apologists suck, oh and I listen the full 5 hours, regularly, so my opinion should count more.

(maybe I should just get a life though, and my opinion is totally irrelevant haven’t figured yet.)

11/1: Turned Into a Newt | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] It’s All Saint’s Day, but there’s a hell of a lot of sinners around as we look at ‘the pattern’ and remember that the actions of the past created a huge distrust of government. This bred all sorts of conspiracy theories and speculations about how deep the criminality really went. How deep does it go now? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis ‘Turned Into a Newt‘! […]


Impeachment won’t do a damn thing, they’ll replace him with more of the same.

The Bankers control the game, the Federal Reserve, that’s why both Lincoln and Kennedy, were assassinated after creating currencies that weren’t under their control…. Though admittedly it wasn’t called the “Federal Reserve” in Lincolns time, it was the same people the same families.

We went to war with Britain over money, and their control and taxation of it.

We attacked Libya because they were on the leading edge of dumping the dollar.

Here you go “5 Bank wars”‘

Point being the bankers in control will start WWIII over monetary dominance, they will kill presidents, therefore even and impeachment or resignation won’t improve SHIT.

Oh and all these idiots falsely claiming “false flag” over this new incident, it’s called poisoning the well, COINTELPRO types and their useful idiots are doing that.

Oh, and “woke-up” think I’ll be moving to Liberty county in Florida, their sheriff is bad-ass…..


McCarthy did not run a witch hunt. The “witch hunt” was run against McCarthy. Soviet agents presence in the US government was known then and was confirmed by the archive material released after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Those who resisted the truth were the ones running a “witch hunt”.

FDR, Truman, Eisenhower: they all had one thing in common. None of them lifted a finger when evidence, good solid evidence of Soviet agents, was presented to them.

FDR laughed. Truman listened and did nothing. Eisenhower did nothing

The press was more objective then, but still fell for most of the left’s lies, so well-propagated from their well-oiled machine.

One of the biggest examples was the NY Times’ Pulitzer Prize-wining reporter Walter Duranty.

He covered for Stalin’s crimes in the Ukraine with his many articles talking about “food shortages” rather than the truth: widespread famine with millions dying from ruthlessly conducted confiscation of farmers means of subsistence.

Nixon helped Chambers, ex-Soviet agent who testified to the widespread infiltration by Soviet agents of the US government, make his case against Alger Hiss. The knives of the American press were forever out to get Nixon for his role in all of this.

But Nixon stepped in it and they got him.

Today’s press is more akin to the post-Nixon press of SF that covered very well for Jim Jones.

Over the last one-and-a-half generations, the character of the typical top-tier college graduate has become ever more secular, leftist and anti-nationalist. They have come to be, as Whittaker Chambers called the left in the ’40s and ’50s, “virtual communists:, whose character reflects the absence of spiritual values. For Chambers, the absence forces the embrace of the kind of politics that Obama espouses and practices: a kind of antechamber to an Animal Farm state.

One other note: Dan Rather got caught in his own personal Watergate. He lied, cheated and got caught. He didn’t get fired because he said something bad about “W”, but because he got caught lying in the Age of the Internet where hitherto anonymous, powerless experts could out him on his lies using their knowledge of forensic documents.

My question is: when does some hacker, pro-Snowden, anti-NSA, hack the sealed records of one Barrack Hussein Obama.

That would lead to his resignation in a flash.


“Mindless Media: News anchors from over a dozen US networks all reading the same script.”

This is common place too, they are all always saying the same things, using the same emotional “trigger” words to instill whichever emotion or opinion that’s desired.

Wish I could find more examples, Know I’ve seen far more, turn off the media.

Good points on the emotional divide and conquer side show with everything from gun control to homosexual rights, trying to force us at each others throats.


Every; Lawyer, Private Investigator, Judge, “Intelligence” Agent, on and on down the list is a conspiracy theorist… The president is a CONSPIRACY THEORIST, as he theorizes the Syrian government conspired and gassed it’s own people.

Of course I’d get labeled it for pointing out Israel carried out unilateral airstrikes in Syria this week, and that’s fact.


Cops, also conspiracy theorists.


Here’s part of why our “fourth estate” is so complicit;

“Children of CNBC executive murdered day after lawsuit announced

A terrible price is paid over a 43 trillion dollar lawsuit headline.”

(Anyone remember that story, oh, well, that’s because it was kinda swept under the rug as much as possible….)

Kinda fit into my whole “theory” about big money running the show, and being willing to assassinate anyone who poses any threat.

And probably why I’ll go ahead and shut up for the night, good show


Rereading my post of last night, I realized I needed to add something.

You have idealized the old press, Clyde, but you are not wrong. Just idealizing it. Left’s mantra has always been “objectivity for opponents of liberalism- collusion with those who support liberalism”.

Now it’s to the degree where we cannot but think that they are the propaganda wing of the Social Democratic Party and are co-dependents of Obama as an icon.

They haven’t been cowered. They have been “de-souled” in a Western culture that has been in spiritual crisis since the American and French Revolutions on through Nietzsche’s “God is dead”, through the Russian Revolution and WW’s I and II.

Now, the spiritual crisis affects the Everyman to an unprecedented extent.

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