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11/7: Meteor Right

11/7: Meteor RightAs we approach the appearance of Comet ISON, we are seeing an increase of fireballs in the sky, just as we reported months ago. Is the mainstream preparing people for the news that something big is going to trigger a tsunami or worse? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis tracks a ‘Meteor Right: Object Wormwood‘!


Christopher Kimball

Everyone needs to wake up and smell the coffee things are getting very interesting lately ,asteroids ,shootings,gun rights its all in front of us Wake up


Why did XM Siris cancel Clyde’s show?


Not a technical cancel. They have a deal with iheart so everything on the 2 channels is gone. Luckily I have the app for kxl .


Love you Clyde! I always listen to you on my podcast in the mornings while I work, sometimes I have to stop what I’m doing and ask myself, “What the hell did Clyde just say?!” The best show on radio and even better than t.v. keep fighting the good fight sir, you are an inspiration. God Bless, Thank You.

vera fryman

love love your show clyde your a blessing and i listen every night you really make me think you have open my mind and my eyes love your beautiful spirit you are an amazing man thank god for you so many people keep you in their prayers dont change a thing about you love you just the way you are !


Pretty lady! Hey was Clyde on last night? I heard soccer on kxl streaming.

Papa Geiorgio146

Why in the world did you guys pick a night that you only had a three hour show for the fireball topic. Two hours for most. You need your own app like AJ, his seems to work well…. Take a look at the new asteroid pics from Hubble that were just released. The Sept. 10th pic looks a lot like an angel to me. What do you think? Love the show but I get a little Ill when I can’t get all five hours.

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