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Meteor Right: Object Wormwood


There is a kind of rush that goes with being in a news room and seeing headlines whiz through. The television monitors keep a watchful eye on the mainstream media and flash e-mails and updates also appear on screens signaling news that may need to be rushed to the news desk for verification.

During my show about the latest news from Japan about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, there was an immediate news flash about a huge burst of light that was seen off the west coast of the United States. At first the report was not clear as to what the flash was or where it came from. Lightning had been ruled out and no one had claimed to have seen a meteor in the sky.

My mind wandered into “War of the Worlds” territory because the story and the radio play that panicked America dealt with fireballs being seen in the sky and unexplained flashes near Grover’s Mill, New Jersey. Even in the remake of the classic George Pal movie by Steven Spielberg there was electrical charged lightning strikes, flashes and EMP’s that preceded the arrival of the Tri-pods that came from underground to destroy every human being that they had in the cross hairs.

The alien attack seemed to be a metaphor for a major celestial event where heavenly disturbances are a prelude to chaos on earth. The chaos in the case of the film was mass death and survivors becoming refugees in their own lands being uprooted and forced to relocate to a safer location.

I had to multitask my thoughts as I wanted to present information about Fukushima and, at the same time, wonder about what happened to the Pacific coast line in real time. I waited earnestly for hour-by-hour updates on the situation.

While there was no report in the mainstream news, it was peculiar that after the unexplained flash over the Pacific coast, CBS radio news was reporting that authorities underestimated the possibility of another meteor or asteroid strike like the one that happened in February over the Ural Mountains.

I was thinking to myself: Is the mainstream aware that perhaps a big meteor crashed into the pacific and are preparing people for the news that something big is going to trigger a tsunami or worse?

I know that all this year Ground Zero has devoted a lot of airtime to near-earth objects and the dangers they can pose. Coincidentally, on a night where we chose to speak of the topic earlier this year, the incident in Chelyabinsk took place and we were giving a minute-by-minute update on how a fireball exploded there with the force 30 times stronger than that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb and flashed 15 times brighter than the sun.

On every dash cam and traffic cam there was a moment of bright white light as if the entire landscape had been wiped away in a flash. Then came the explosion reminding everyone who could run that they survived a cosmic close call.

Sandia National Laboratories has concluded that Science has underestimated the frequency of space rocks heading our way and the danger that airbursts can cause as they burn up in the atmosphere. reports: “According to [researcher Mark] Boslough, when you add the Chelyabinsk incident to the 1908 Tunguska explosion over Siberia — along with a 1963 bolide blast near the Prince Edward Islands off the coast of South Africa — the data suggest that the incoming rate of small space rocks is actually much higher than asteroid experts have assumed based on astronomical observations. The Prince Edward Islands event was a 1.1-megaton explosion picked up by a global network of infrasound sensors, but not apparently seen by any observers.

Can you imagine an event like that where there is a flash and an explosion and no real sign of a rock making impact? It would be like the sky exploding with the concussion slamming whatever is in its way to the ground killing it instantly.

As we approach the due date of the appearance of Comet ISON, we are now seeing an increase of fireballs seen in the sky as we have reported months ago. The increase in these larger fireballs can be attributed to the sweeper effect that happened when large celestial rocks pass through our solar system and push ahead of them various meteors and other space debris our way.

Sweeper effects have been known to push space debris into earth’s atmosphere. There can be 300 to 400 pound pieces of space junk and rock that if they move fast enough can create several high level dangers forcing areas to go on alert.

The obvious observation that can be made is that the planet earth is like an ocean liner that travels in a very turbulent ocean called space. Everyone knows that the oceans on earth can be turbulent. Just think of it on a larger scale.

However, in times of prophetic concern there must be an important dialogue about how comets and meteors can be more than just scientific anomalies. The ancients saw them as more than just huge rocks and comic snowballs, they saw them as divine harbingers or symbols. In some cases the comets or bearded “crossing” stars were seen as dragons in the night sky.

Ancient Celts saw them as flying pig dragons and associated them with bitter or harsh times ahead. In the Hindu story of Baraha and the ten Avatars of Vishnu, there is an account of a comet that appears as a “boar” and then thunders through the heavens like an Elephant.

There issued from the essence of Brahma, the sky, a being much like a boar, white, and exceedingly small. This being, in the space of only one–hour, grew to the size of an elephant, and remained in the air. It uttered a sound like the loudest of thunder and the echo reverberated and shook every quarter of the universe. Shaking its full flowing mane, it plunged downwards, and disappeared,’ possibly falling into the sea.” – Story of Baraha one of the ten Avatars of Vishnu

The meat of the boar and the pig developed a reputation as being a “sour” or “bitter” meat. In some ancient religions it was forbidden to eat it because of its bitter or sour attributes. The flying pig, or bitter pig–dragon, was a harbinger of doom and an omen to war.

In old Ireland, the appearance of a flying “black pig” in the sky was considered a bad omen. The reference, of course, was a metaphor for the apocalypse.The Celts had roasted pigs and swine as their favorite meat. The pig and boar are frequent figures in Celtic metalwork art. The bearded dragon/pig myths were all connected to “bitter times” and the ancient Gods of War, and their relationship to the apocalypse.

In the New Testament, the book of Revelation speaks of Wormwood, a star falling from heaven which gives us several years of bitterness. The rivers oceans and streams are poisoned or soured and the fish die. There have been many listeners to my program that are concerned that perhaps Comet ISON that we are going to see later this year is the prophesied Wormwood.

Comets and meteors do seem to be harbingers of death and the last time we saw the evidence of this was in 1997 and the appearance of Comet Hale-Bopp. That comet appeared after a major UFO sighting in Arizona which was followed by a massive cult suicide, the death of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

The obvious observation that can be made is that the planet earth is like an ocean liner that travels in a very turbulent ocean called space. Everyone knows that the oceans on earth can be turbulent. Just think of it on a larger scale.

Statistically speaking, each of us is 1,000,000 times more likely to die from an asteroid than to win the lottery. But strangely enough you are more than likely to die from the effects of a direct asteroid hit than a terrorist attack.

We always seem to think that asteroid direct hits are rare occurrences and that they only happen within ranges of billions of years. However, as the New York Times reported in 2006, “a large asteroid or comet, the kind that could kill a quarter of the world’s population, smashed into the Indian Ocean 4,800 years ago, producing a tsunami at least 600 feet high, about 13 times as big as the one that inundated Indonesia” in 2004.

Meanwhile, the flashes of light seen over southern California on November 6th, 2013, were not caused by just one fireball, but many according to witnesses as 911 switchboards were filled with panicked people wondering why there were so many being seen in one night and why they were so large and so bright.

Astronomers are saying that the fireballs that are being seen are part of the Taurid meteor shower. However, the Taurid shower is supposed to be at its peak later in the month. It is estimated that this shower is going to be frightening for some as 10-20 huge fire balls will be seen every hour for two solid nights.

Another possible worry for scientists is that there is a minor possibility that with this much activity from space including the arrival of ISON, we may see the arrival of a new microorganism on earth. Scientists have been making arguments for some time now that life on earth may have began as organisms that hitched a ride on Comets and Meteors creating what is called panspermia.

Interestingly, a news item that has not been reported in the mainstream is hinting at the possibility that a space microbe has found its way into spacecraft cleaning and decontamination rooms at NASA. The microbe is being called tersicoccus phoenicis and apparently is remarkably different from any other known bacteria. It has been classified as not only a new species, but also a new genus. The microbe has been found in South America; however, it is rare.

So could this be proof that strange micro-bacteria can hitch a ride on a space craft, a meteor or a comet?

Panspermia has been talked about since the 1960’s, however, the idea of living cells coming from space was dismissed based on the possibility of contamination from earthly contact.

The obvious implication of space microbes or new genus life is that if life blocks are spread through the universe through comets and asteroids that impact on planets, the possibilities of life that uses the same blocks on other planets is a very real one.

Back in September, Ground Zero presented ‘ISON: THE PANDORA STRAIN‘ raising the rare possibility that rare microorganisms may be found on earth or perhaps non-earthly microbes may be discovered as the sweeper effect creates more fireballs and comet dust settles on earth.

The UnMuseum reports: “The Fall of Jerusalem in 70 BC was “foretold” by a comet four years before. In 79 AD the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius which destroyed the city of Pompeii was attributed to a comet. In 1665 a comet preceded an outbreak of the Black Plague that killed almost 100,000 people in London.

There has always been a preoccupation by scientists about whether or not the tail of a comet produces poisonous gasses that could kill things on earth. While most of these notions have been proven to be fraudulent, there has always been a concern that solar winds and perhaps the tail of the comet can leave behind space seeds that later mutate into emerging diseases.

One such disease is called Pandoravirus salinas and Pandoravirus dulcis. Back in July of 2013 it was reported that French scientists discovered a very large virus in sediment found off the coast of Chile and in a shallow freshwater pond near Melbourne, Australia.

What is frightening about the discovery of this virus is that 93 percent of pandoravirus genes resemble nothing known on planet Earth and their origin cannot be traced back to any known cellular lineage. This leads some scientists to believe that the virus could be extra-terrestrial, brought to earth by way of asteroids and comets.

The Pandoravirus finds its way into amoebas that can find their way into humans. Amoebas can enter into humans in aerosolized water sprays from shower steam or contaminated ocean water.

This brings us full circle to the thought of the biblical Wormwood, a falling star or comet that contaminates the water of the earth killing the fish and wildlife.

To be infected with an amoeba carrying a pandoravirus parasite would be a rare event, however very possible and with what we know about space viruses, could very well be a risk with the arrival of Comet ISON and the various fireballs associated with a sweeper event.

When someone suggests that perhaps a microbial life form could survive extreme conditions or mutate, it is usually laughed at because it seems that many people believe that conditions for life anywhere, including space, are narrow and rigid.

We are told that in order to find life on a planet, it has to be so many miles away from a sun, there has to be a certain temperature for life to exist, there must be water, and the air has to have certain components to keep the organisms alive.

Anaerobic life that lives beneath the earth’s crust can survive without oxygen. In fact, it is estimated that bacterial life forms that live inside the earth are far greater than the mass of life above the crust. If this type of life can exist here on the earth under extreme conditions, then logic dictates that extraterrestrial microbes almost certainly exist and it is imperative that we understand that not only could there be microbial life that is harmless, but microbial life that can infect us.

This could change the way we see alien invasions – not like the “War of the Worlds,” but more like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”


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