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11/11: Camp For Useless Eaters

11/11: Camp For Useless EatersAs America gives lip service to honoring veterans today, some cities are following Big Brother’s real marching orders and are just locking up the homeless since “returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.“. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis sends you away to the ‘Camp For Useless Eaters‘!


chris easler

Hey Clyde thanks for taking my call tonight, i am going to keep a close eye on this situation and share and post as much as possible. I was injured in desert storm and suffer three parts brain damage,but Im blessed that the va gives me disability each month.. Many vets hardly get enough to survive off of,this would account for the homelessness. Its very difficult to hear any american say they could agree to this,people are very quick to judge others before knowing thier circumstances. Many of your callers tonight seem to think this is ok,but its not,some people cant work because their health issues and are judged by those who think they are perfect. I agree with you totally about building homes for these type of people,but as we both know our government wants to do away with all those who cant better society. Well again thanks for taking my call,Chris in florida


clyde, I was recording music last night , and I was changing cables from my interface’s input and when I was holding the end of the 1/4 in. cable, I hear a voice come through my hand, through the cable, to the interface, into my computer and into my headphones, and I thought wait I know that voice, and it was you! so I thought, his radio show is no where around being broadcasted, I have to find you via stitcher or on the internet……. pretty crazy to me since I just got turned on to your broadcasts, good work, common sense.

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