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11/18: Iron Mountain Conspiracy

11/18: Iron Mountain ConspiracyGeorge Carlin once said, “The limits of debate are established in this country before the debate even begins… They’ve made that something that can’t even be entertained for a minute – that powerful people might get together and have a plan? Doesn’t happen! You’re a kook, you’re a conspiracy buff!” Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis begins a week of international intrigue with ‘The Iron Mountain Conspiracy‘!



Sounds good!


I will check it out tomorrow at work on stitcher radio.Keep up good work Clyde.


Never thought about some of these angles Clyde. Things definitely fit together these last twenty five to thirty years after listening to your program on the iron Mountain report. People who are right or left ideologues should be forced to listen to this with open minds (they could listen but most would still ignore and pick only their side.) I have been in the military and am now in L.E. in NY and can see some of these changes in law enforcement happening right before our eyes. We need someone who is well regarded by all to come out and broadcast this information or we will continue to slowly boil like frogs together. Scary to think that the only option to change this path might be the most violent and dangerous, with the possibility that it would also not end up as a return to the America of our ideals, but one which could be worse than we are even dealing with now. Thank you for being on Stitcher, we only get portions of your show otherwise. Chris in Upstate NY.

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