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11/25: Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse

11/25: Changing Horsemen During An ApocalypseGlobal events are exciting to view from a distance, but believing you’re not going to experience any of the repercussions is premature and illogical. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is ‘Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse‘!



Check out the pyramid stone found in Ecuador.


The pyramid monument is interesting.
The inscription on the bottom means

The traditional Ya pictograph is a human arm and means “to make”or”work”,
In a personalit sense Ya means courage or fear,depending on if the view is proper or anti.

Traditional Sha pictograph is that of human breasts and means “nutrition”or “consume”.
In a personality sense Sha means Truth or Deception depending on if the view is proper or anti.

Traditional Wa pictograph is that of a stick known as a tent peg and means “connect” or “secure”.

In a personality sense Wa means Action or Sloth depending on if the view is proper or anti.

The traditional Ay pictograph is that of an eye and means “watch” or “look”.
In this particular scheme the Ay has been used to keep the phrase a mystery and indicates Eye of Ra and hence the pictograph Ra which is of a Human Head and means “person” or “highest”

The insrciption is the name written in scriptures and attributed to Jesus who was the Mythical Name of Ya-Sha-Wa.

In this ancient for of naming (as hebrew as somewhat copied),a name denotes the character of the entity.

In this case Ya-Sha-Wa indicates Courage-Truth-Action and is the Actual Real Trinity.Everything else people were taught about trinities were teaching exercises whether they were positive or negative meaning proper or anti.

And Ya-Sha-Wa-Ay means Courage-Truth-Action-Person which is an accurate description of the Ya-Sha-Wa-Ay or Jesus story.

All the other descriptions or character that are typically used are religious in nature,such as “anointed” .
Actually Christ does not even mean anointed it means the action to anoint which is to smear.
And that is what the story of Jesus is about.
It is about a man of Courage-Truth-Action that Smeared the Government and Religious Leaders of his time.All just to prove a point that the Religion and Government was Corrupt.

And after Ya-Sha-Wa being murdered the religious leaders made a new Religious Sect that supported their barbaric practice of Ritual Blood Sacrifice of Innocent People.

This Ancient Blood Sacrifice of Innocent People was known as Holocaust.
And was First Practiced on Mount Zion which is now called Mount Aqraa.
There have been many Religious Cults to use that Mountain as a Blood Sacrifice and Burnt Offering place and is the Place that the scripture Matthew 24:14-!6 is about.
The Abomination that creates Desolation.

This is where Humanity has to make a Stand.
The Stand must be made in Principal and not at the location persay.

Murder of Innocent People for Profit must be Stopped.

A good example of Holocaust and Murder for profit can be found in Exodus 32 where Aaron tricked the people into handing over their gold to make a Golden Calf which was a Symbol of the Age of Taurus.
When Moses arrived and turned some of the Gold into Dust and Mixed it with Water and made the people drink it,was a Symbol of entering the Age of Pisces.
Then the Blood Sacrifice was ordered.
And the Blessing then Identified was the Stolen Gold left over from the Event.
Ritualistic Murder of Innocent People for Profit is what took place then and takes place now.
Headed by the Very Same Groups.
Red Shield is the War for Profit Symbol of the Founders of Israel.
The Temple Money Changers as today we know as International Bankers who Profit the Most of any War and always have.
Israel and the Abuse and Murder of Palestinians must be stopped.
And it looks like their own is gonna Sacrifice Them Again !



Derived from the Hebrew moed (מועד), meaning “assembly”. Thus, “Armageddon” would mean “Mountain of Assembly,”

The battle of Armageddon is a battle over control of the Ancient Sacred Mountain Of The Assembly Of The Gods.
Also known as the Elohym that is translated as “Children of EL”.
The Children of El were the Gods of the Semitic Pantheons.
And the Temple Of Assembly is located on Mount Aqraa in Syria.
The location is even documented and has been excavated back to the Hellinistic Period.
That means that whatever is left over from the time of creation story has been untouched and could be included is the statue of Adam facing eastward.
“represented by a huge mound of ashes and debris, 180 feet wide and 26 feet deep, of which only the first 6 feet have been excavated, in which the excavators reached only as far as Hellenistic strata before closing down”

I would like to add,that pile of ash and debris is from Noah’s Ark.
Noah’s Ark was not a boat.
It was a religious ark.
Perhaps of foreign derivation; a box”
Typically made of clay and was used to hold religious items by the tribesmen.

So basically Noah,which is actually Noach.
Built a large wooden temple in a community of people whom lived in tents.
And they all mocked him until the heavy rains came.
The boat story is more exciting,but the truth must be told.
And the huge pile of ashes obviously the Ark was burned.

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