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Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse


I remember about a week ago, over lunch, I was asked a question that I wanted to avoid answering. It had to do with the Mayan calendar ‘end of the world’ theories of last year. I was sipping coffee when a colleague asked: “Clyde I know you said the world wouldn’t end in 2012, but now here we are a year later and we have all kinds of weird weather, solar storms, and four comets in the morning sky that may or may not be harbingers of doom so… in your opinion what are the chances that we were wrong about the Mayan calendar and that instead of the world ending last year it will end this year?

I laughed nervously hoping he was kidding.

He wasn’t, because he decided to go into detail about how he felt as though that all of the doom events that people warned us about did not transpire, and that this year it seems that all of the events happening now may all come together in December and that, eventually, Comet ISON will be revealed to be the fabled crossing planet that people like Zechariah Sitchin spoke of and what the ancient Sumerians would depict in their murals.

He then said “I don’t know about you, but I would think that if all this was happening before the due date of December 21st, 2012 I would be a little concerned about the possibility that the world was soon ending.

I said to him “Well, I don’t think I would have worried about it.

After a few days, I thought about it and, in reality, I have to say that perhaps I would have concluded that circumstantial evidence would have indicated that the Mayans were right and that all of the anomalies would warrant a few white knuckles and prayers that the four horsemen of the apocalypse would pass us by.

It has been a year since we were faced with apocalyptic concerns about the Mayan calendar and whether or not the world would end just before Christmas in 2012. Then we all had a good laugh and breathed a sigh of relief when the destroying angel did not arrive before Santa Claus. There are a number of people that believe that all of the calculations that made the 2012 phenomena in the first place were wrong.

They believe that the new age doomsayers included year zero in the Gregorian calculations and that you don’t include day one in a zero year. The calculations by these naysayers did not compute an end of the world in 2012, but changes in the solar system and the earth somewhere around Friday, December 13th, 2013 and December 16th, 2013 which would end the cycle of 13 Katun Ahau which is believed to be a time of “collapse.”

This is based on a 256 year cycle and divided into epochs – or time segments – that are part of the Mayan astrology short counts and long counts. While going over the same doom cycles is not necessary to make the point, theorists are coming out of the woodwork now to say that they calculated this three years prior to the 2012 scare and that the ‘end of the world’ scenarios were pure speculation to sell movies and that the real “science” is calculating the possible changes that will happen in our solar system.

It is proposed that the Maya used these Ahaus, Katuns and bak’tun as a kind of cosmic biorhythm. The important thing to remember is that, contrary to popular spin, the Mayan usage of these fractal waves was not numerically – or mathematically – exact. They were used like we use days of the week and months of the year to better organize their lives.

They used historical patterns and historical echoes as a guide to planning for future events. With this knowledge they timed their rituals, their planting, harvesting and even fertility rites by these measures of time.

We have to understand that the so-called “predictions” of the Mayans were not meant for us or meant to apply to how we are living today. They should be used as a remarkable way of seeing – or at least trying to see – just how accurate they were at predicting activity in the solar system.

However, the debate remains and the question still lingers as to how accurate the Mayans were at envisioning a future sky and how we on earth in the future would see our planet in a turbulent ocean of asteroids, comets and solar flares.

The old hermetic axiom is “As above, so below” – therefore a chaotic solar system often means a chaotic earth atmosphere. There is no need to stop and ponder a possible anthropogenic climate change theory when the solar system itself is about to give us a lot to think about.

It may be wise to calculate that a harsh winter is about to arrive in all parts of the northern world in December. That we will see and feel the freeze and that – as we look up into the sky – we will see unprecedented activity, leaving many people wondering how much they can stand or how much time we really have left.

Cataclysmic cycles have always plagued the planet and this was why the Mayans were a people that used the sky for its guide to how it should plan for future events.

There have been examples as of late that should serve as a wake up call that the solar system is very active and that this activity may be having an effect on the earth.

It is now being reported that four comets can now be viewed in the morning sky. Comets ISON, LOVEJOY, LINEAR and ENCKE are being apocalyptically nicknamed the four “horsemen” since it is unusual to have four comets occupying the same area of the sky.

It is also quite an unusual for the appearance of the so-called celestial horsemen during the interlocking of religious celebrations during this celestial event. The day of Thanksgiving also happens on the same day as Hanukkah in 2013 and – if ISON survives its trip around the sun – we may see a bright “star” appear in the heavens much like the so called “star of Bethlehem that appeared over the birth place of Jesus Christ. This will happen appropriately during the Christmas celebrations December 25th, 2013.

It is also intriguing to realize that on November 28th, 2013, ISON will pass out of Virgo and into Ophiuchus. Using a bit of synchromystic language, we will see that ISON or ‘I the SON’, passes from out of the “Virgin” (VIRGO) into Ophiuchus the 13th house of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac.

Ophiuchus is known as the “snake handler” or Serpentarius. The Greeks saw that Serpentarius and the god Asclepius were one and the same.

Ophiuchus was a god of healing that could raise the dead with a rod that was intertwined with the serpent. Ophiuchus also shared the same attributes of Christ.

Anciently we were told of the ‘crossing star’ or the ‘heralding light’ that would arrive and signal the beginning of the final cycle of creation. Many people have called the crossing star Nibiru, Planet X or Nemesis.

Could ISON fit the definition of a crossing star through the ancient “horsemen” constellations?

There are four constellations that are symbolic of the horsemen. Sagittarius is the rider of the white horse. The Black Horse is Libra, and the Red is Scorpio. Ophiuchus represents the pale horse of prophecy and with his arrival comes pestilence and death. Later he uses the snake to heal the sick and raise the dead.

The crossing star has also been called the burning star that reaches across the heaven and poisons the earth’s oceans. The star or comet has been identified by several; titles. There is Abaddon, Apollyon and Wormwood. Wormwood has been said to come from the constellation Orion and eventually passes through Leo and Virgo.

Coincidentally, ISON entered our solar system from the constellation Orion between Taurus and Gemini and from there moves through Virgo in November and then Ophiuchus in December. Wormwood is a symbolic star or comet that passes over the earth can causes the waters to bitter, killing fish and birds.

Not to be changing horsemen in the midst of an apocalypse, but the meme of all these eschatological archetypes are somehow manifesting in our reality. Interpretations will vary, however the synchronicities cannot be ignored.

Anciently, comets have always been associated with wars, pestilence and seismic activity. At the moment, the world is curious as to whether or not Israel will attack Iran as tensions are beginning to become full-blown words of imminent attack.

As early as November 4th, 2013, saber rattling began between Israel and Iran which has raised some concern over the recent deal the United States has made with Iran. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton told WABC’s Aaron Klein that, “Israel does not have much time to make a ‘fateful decision’ about whether to strike Iran’s nuclear sites.” Israel now knows it will do it alone without the help of the United States.

Many see this as a sign of the eschaton since it is believed that the United States has turned its back on Israel. Having the four comets appear simultaneously on Hanukkah sends an even deeper iconic message to those who believe that these may be signs spoken of before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

It is also another coincidence that on November 21st, 2013 there were seven volcanoes that erupted in six countries – all within hours of each other.

IBT reported that, “In Japan, a volcano on Nishino-Shima Island erupted for the first time in 40 years. The eruption resulted in a new island in the Pacific. The Japanese Navy reported that the eruption caused boiling lava to meet sea water that gave rise to plumes of steam and ash.

In Guatemala, Mount Fuego lived up to its name and sent ash and smoke all over the area. The eruption was felt by Guatemalans as far as 6 miles away from the volcano. There were no damage reported just windows and homes were rattling in the aftermath.

Two volcanoes,  Mount Sinabung and Mount Merapi, erupted in Indonesia within hours of each other.

In Italy, Mount Etna blew sending ash and a rain of fiery rocks over Italy.

Finally, the Yasur Volcano erupted in Vanuatu in the pacific. There were also reports of seismic activity at the Yellowstone caldera where the ground heated up and rose 10 inches.

The Earth will pass through the debris field of Comet ISON’s tail around January 12th through 15th, 2014.

ISON’s debris field is so ominous that the entire sky might light up as rocks will fall from the sky and burn up in the earth’s atmosphere. There has also been the age old idea that comets are also markers of the death of kings and rulers and the fall of empires. Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006 around the time of the appearance of Comet McNaught. During the appearance of Comet Lovejoy Kim Jong IL died in North Korea. When comet Hale Bopp was seen in 1997, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa died.

While these are cosmic coincidences, I am sure there will be deaths of notable dictators, kings, princes and leaders that will be attributed to the arrival of ISON.

As I have said in previous articles about doomsday scenarios, especially with regards to the Mayan speculations of last year, the world is constantly demonstrating to us that it can be a very hostile environment.

In these times we see the need for humanity to try and figure out why they are sitting ducks in an uncaring and chaotic cosmos. We realize how adrift we are on a huge space ship of water and mud and hope that it all has to be under the control of something intelligent out there.

We secretly hope that whatever or whoever is piloting this planet will save us from this cosmic tempest that we are moving through. If there is no one out there to save them, then there has to be a “scapegoat” for the tribulations that face the planet when everything cosmic seems to be out of control. The government will make it all one big political opportunity to tell you that they can save the planet, but it is the people that must face the brunt of the sacrifice.

Global events such as these are exciting to view from a distance; however, believing that you are not in any way going to experience any of the repercussions from these events is a premature and illogical notion.

Events such as these affect a planet in many ways; it affects humanity in various ways. We see psychological effects, physical effects, and financial losses happen within just moments of an initial catastrophe.

While I wouldn’t say that the Mayan doom forecast is off by a year, that does not mean that just because one doom day passes without incident that there is not a date in the future where we could experience such upheaval that we will think that we are most certainly heading for the end.

For now, we can only gaze into the sky and marvel at how archetypes and mythical figures in heaven that have been created out of stardust and ponder that fact that we too were made with the same material.

As above, so below.


11/25: Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] Global events are exciting to view from a distance, but believing you’re not going to experience any of the repercussions is premature and illogical. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis is ‘Changing Horsemen During An Apocalypse‘! […]

Foreign Kate

Awesome write once again Clyde, great topic ! Ison or Isore ? We’ll have to wait and see !


It would be nice if you could provide more direct links to just exactly what you’re saying, or where you get your information from. Such as the commentary on how Wormwood was predicted to come out of such and such constellation and go through another. I mean just linking to google search results is garbage.

And what’s with the alleged “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” commentary coming out of Iran…. ? That’s like the awfully convenient though horribly inaccurate interpretations given by the MSM on what Ahmadinejad said months ago. And yes those quotes from Ahmadinejad where he’s said to say he wants to destroy Israel are highly contested. Though he did express displeasure at the Israeli government for kicking Palestinians off the Palestinians own land, and securing squatter communities by force…. and that that mentality, of the State of Israel needs to go, which allot of people agree with


Go away– you hate it when I embrace Muslims you hate it when i criticize Obama for accepting a Trojan horse and call me a Zionist shill. You are just pathetic.. call Vanna White I hear Clues are available for purchase.


Oh, nobody in Iran is capable of hyperbole….? No exaggeration for dramatic effect? Not from Iran, of course Israel though, they hold thousands of Nukes, have conducted unilateral airstrikes in Syria recently, are pushing the U.S. to was with Iran…. As well as use all sorts of hyperbole, when the Zionist aren’t having a psychotic episode and actually wanting to engage in the threatening shit they discus…, And all that’s okay?

Almost needles to say your links don’t back your bullshit today, as with many other days…

Turned off for coming across like a Zionist shill, have fun, AIPAC is still listening…


Oh I see I am a Zionist shill especially when I had a guy named James come on my show and spout how he hates Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. Now I am an anti Semite, Zeke have a balloon animal, and some floppy shoes and an ass hat..I provide hotlinks in the article if you can’t find them take off your red nose and look for them. Sometimes you come off so naive and pretend like you are so intellectual.. sorry the grease paint is showing and really it is time to do children s parties and have pies thrown in your face. You don’t really listen to my shows or know my thoughts and calling me a Zionist shill makes you look like a hateful jack wagon. Go troll elsewhere.. I am tired of your nonsense.

Gary Graham


Jeanne Bodenberg

Zeke you are a da. If you can’t / don’t enjoy Clyde’s articles on any level esp. entertainment value then why the h3ll are you even here? Just to Troll around spouting your stupidity in order to ruin the program/articles for those of us that do enjoy them? Go back to whatever hole you squirmed out of and let us have a moments peace without your self righteous spewing.

Edmond Day

B-52 idiot bombers challenge China. All this garbage while we leave our SW border defenseless. ANOTHER RED LINE but this time the REDS will fight.


This article is very interesting. I believe there was one person who said comet ISON or SION was nibiru and that was the world bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes, who retracted her statement that ISON was nibiru. Well, we will just have to wait and see, the Mayans never said it would be the end of the world but the end of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun. During the age of the fifth sun, humanity will finally learn what it means to be human. Compassion, love, harmony, transparency, honesty, and responsibiilty is what the Mayan Elders say the era of the fifth sun will be. But before that era begins, disclosure must occur where every lie becomes known and humanity finally learns of what has been kept hidden.
Overall, I stay positive becuase if drastic earth changes are going to occur then so be it, lfe does not end when the flesh dies, death is an illusion and i fear not.
Whatever you do, do not live in fear, enjoy life, tell your loved ones how much you love them and appreciate them and live by the golen rule, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.
The era of deceit and darkness will be over and humanity will finally come to know what it really means to be human.

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2013: The Year Of The Serpent Government

[…] Ophiuchus was a god of healing that could raise the dead with a rod that was intertwined with the se…. The symbol that is associated with both Ophiuchus and Asclepius is the Caduceus. The symbol of intertwined snakes running up a pole is usually associated with the gods Hermes and Mercury. […]

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