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11/26: Zombie Portfolio w/ Pam & Brian Crissey

11/26: Zombie Portfolio w/ Pam & Brian CrisseyWe don’t need a rainstorm to prompt us to build an ark, all we need to do is see the powers-that-shouldn’t-be preparing for emergencies. It’s not healthy to ignore things, because nowadays, uncertainty is the only certainty. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes authors Pam & Brian Crissey (‘Common Sense In Uncommon Times‘) to help take stock of ‘The Zombie Portfolio‘!



Two words describe what a person should stock up on for emergency food supply.They are the most cost effective and store for about 4 years and longer.
RICE and SEEDS,I would state rice and beans.but there is more seeds than beans that should be stocked up on.
People can put up large storages of Rice and Seeds quite easily.
The seeds should be in the form of dried beans of several varieties,dried peas ,dried chick peas,lentils and barley.
All the beans peas and lentils can be used as sprouts and also grown fully for fresh beans and peas.Corn can be dried and later sprouted along with popcorn.
Black beans grow yellow pods,red and white beans grow green pods.
Keeping a 25 # box of mung beans on hand is good also as their sprouts are very healthy including vitamin c.
Bulk mung beans and much more available thru the mail from
A few hundred dollars purchases alot of peace of mind


Another thing for longer term famine food is Rutabagas.
Somehow they got a bad name,but they are very easy to grow and the seed packages have many seeds as do Broccoli and Carrots
Strategic seed saving is the key.
Believe me,nobody is gonna rob you for your rutabagas,the zombies don’t like them as they all watched Bugs Bunny when they were baby zombies were they were made fun of.

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