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Doom Is On ISON


On December 18th, 2004, eight days prior to a major earthquake in Indonesia, hundreds of people in northwest China’s Gansu Province witnessed an unidentified flaming object roaring through the sky about 11:30 pm, followed by earthshaking sounds that sounded like roars or trumpets. They also reported that an ensuing tremble was felt within 100 square kilometers around Lanzhou. The local public security department confirmed that more than 700 reports were filed on the case, many claiming that there was a large earthquake accompanying the fireball that was falling from the sky.

China Daily reported that, “Liu Yanan, astronomy professor at the Northwest Normal University, said that it might have been a large meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

On Sunday, December 19th, 2004, one week prior to the devastating earthquake that killed thousands of people; an unidentified fireball was seen hurtling toward earth close to Jakarta. The incident happened at approximately 7:30 am as explosions and the local residents could hear rumblings. The explosions were heard just west of Jakarta, and witnesses could see trails of fire in the skies above them. The story was reported on el Shinta radio.

The Indonesian Air Force first reported that radar registered a huge unidentified object, falling down to the ground at a very high speed.

The reports were numerous what were originally thought to be bombs detonating turned out to be huge Meteorites that were falling to the ground and were tracked by radar. The Indonesian Air Force confirmed that the meteorites were responsible for explosions in Jakarta.

These NEO’s-turned-dangerous-meteorites were a major surprise for the region and the increased seismic activity may have been triggered by these anomalies.

Many of us remember the Indonesian earthquake that triggered a large tsunami, but many people may not know that my radio program was the first to report that there may have been some odd space weather that could have been responsible for triggering seismic disturbances that eventually became one of the most devastating earthquake recorded in the new century.

The earthquake near Sumatra registered a 9.1 on the Richter scale and triggered one of the most devastating tsunamis in history. After the December quake there was a huge gamma ray burst that came from the area of the solar system known as Ophiuchus. It was a massive electromagnetic message from space that bent the magnetosphere.

Astronomers are always reluctant to admit that gamma-ray bursts – or flare bursts – affect the earth in such devastating ways because there seems to be no real evidence connecting them to quakes but if there is a clash between the magnetic field and a shift in the longitudinal wave process we could see a plausible connection. It is quite interesting to see how solar flares and gamma bursts, even meteors coming into the earth’s atmosphere can trigger earthquakes.

One of my guilty pleasures is going out on a limb and declaring, much like Immanuel Velikovsky, that we live in an electric universe and that all things are connected electromagnetically. His theories apply when we see seismic events coincide with passing meteors or even comets.

Call it ‘junk science’ if you wish, but looking back at 2013 and how it’s been a remarkable year for near-earth objects exploding in the Earth’s atmosphere and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have accompanied them is a remarkable coincidence.

After Asteroid 2012 DA-14 had its close call with Earth, we can all remember that, while NASA scientists were high-fiving themselves about how proficient they are at math and near-miss trajectories, Russia was not so lucky. The Chelyabinsk meteor shot across the Ural Mountains leaving an enormous trail of smoke. What started as a small light in the morning sky became a huge fire ball creating a blinding flash.

It then rocked the sky with epic sonic booms, the force of which blew out windows and leveled buildings. I remember the night we were on the air discussing Asteroid 2012 DA-14, producer Brian Trotter informed me of a swarm of earthquakes being reported in the Ural Mountains of Russia just prior to the report of the fireball that exploded.

Just after the fireball was reported being spotted, I immediately thought of 2004 and Indonesia. I was saying that the pattern was there and that the earthquakes preceded the fireball and there were actually continuing tremors and “skyquake” trumpet like sounds well into the next day.

What troubled me was what was to come and that was the arrival of Comet ISON. I was not at all worried that the comet would hit the earth, I was more curious as to whether or not this comet would fulfill its reputation as being an apocalyptic marker.

Apocalyptic thinking is endemic to the United States at this time and we are particularly sensitive to biblical prophecy. I was pondering was whether or not Comet ISON would be a portent or omen of war, pestilence, and earth disasters.

The prophet Nostradamus always used comets and cosmic anomalies as markers in his prophecies. There is one particular passage where Nostradamus refers to a “bearded star” – which is an age-old term for a comet – and how its appearance will most definitely affect world affairs.

At the time the bearded star is seen,
Three great leaders will become enemies,
Earthquakes and disaster falling from the heavens,
The Po and Tiber Rivers,
A serpent is seen on the shore.” — Century 2 Number 43

As a spooky couplet connected to contemporary news, Nostradamus takes a shot in the dark and in his cosmic cold call has hit the nail on the proverbial head with regard to what could be applied in today’s headlines.

With ISON as the focus of our celestial preoccupation, we coincidentally can see that tensions between world leaders are now at a fever pitch.

Barack Obama’s new deal with Iran was a surprise to most Americans as it reversed typical dealings with a country that has called us the “great Satan” and has quite possibly created a rift between the United States and Israel. It is remarkable how leaders can become enemies over night and how he world is wondering how this is all going to work out for countries who fear Iran’s capabilities of uranium enrichment.

In the meantime, there have been earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have been occurring and more evidence of a sky above us that is very active as exploding fireballs continue to rain down in various areas around the world.

While about and average of 50 or 60 volcanoes erupt a month in the ring of fire, it is remarkable to see how many volcanoes since November 21st, 2013 have all erupted within hours of each other. There were 6 that erupted in 7 countries within hours. As of this writing there are now 35 active volcanoes that are wreaking havoc on the planet. Of the 35 currently erupting volcanoes in the world, seven are in Indonesia.

Albert, a listener that has family in Mexico’s Yucatan, called the Ground Zero show on Monday, November 25th, 2013, to report that the area of Oxkutzcab was rocked by a minor earthquake and then an explosion in the sky on Sunday November 24th, 2013. Residents say that the sky buzzed and the Earth shook right before a huge halo of red light lit up the sky, after which a loud explosion was heard around 20 to 30 seconds later.

On November 26th, 2013, at about 8:00 PM EST, a huge fireball exploded in the sky above the Quebec Ontario border in Canada. The area from West Montreal to Cornwall, Ontario to upstate New York was reportedly rocked by the sound of a massive explosion and a huge blue flash illuminated the sky.

Meanwhile, it was reported on November 27th, 2013, that a young boy in Florida was playing is yard and was hit by a meteorite.

The family of a 7-year-old boy says their son was hurt after small meteorites fell from the sky while he was playing outside.

Click Orlando reported that, “Steven Lippard was in his driveway Saturday in Palm Beach County when he began bleeding. The family initially thought he may have been hit by a golf ball or a bird, but then found several small rocks nearby. The rocks were taken to Florida Atlantic University. Initial tests showed the rocks were metallic and could have come from space. Experts are now doing more tests to confirm the possibility.

The wounds were so bad that the boy had to have three staples put into his head to help the wound heal.

The idea of celestial near-earth objects affecting the Earth in some way has always been marginalized by mainstream science critics. If you ever want to read something that is joyless and full of apologist pap, just read how highly-paid debunkers scramble to explain how NOTHING of significance happens during the appearances of comets or fireballs and see how they go into ad hominem attacks on people that try to explain an electromagnetic change or the response of an electric universe during times of active space weather.

It is quite baffling that the same old stories are given by angry astronomers. They hate to have their thunder stolen by people with speculations and coincidences that prove – time and time again – that a comet or a meteor affects us psychologically and that it makes one aware of how hostile planet Earth will be.

Stanford University reported: “This past April, an incredibly bright flash of light burst from near the constellation Leo. Originating billions of light years away, this explosion of light, called a gamma ray burst, has now been confirmed as the brightest gamma ray burst ever observed. Astronomers around the world were able to view the blast in unprecedented detail and observe several aspects of the event for the first time ever.

It is believed that the data could lead to a rewrite of standard theories of how gamma ray bursts work. However, don’t expect this anomaly to be explained to the masses and we can hold our breath till we are blue waiting for the rewrites in science books.

History, however, paints a picture of devastation and Earth activity that responds to all things coming from space. CME’s, meteors, asteroids and comets all play a role in demonstrating the power of Mother Nature. To make finite conclusions without allowing for complex science models makes the critics look like shills for some cooked up agenda to keep normal people out of the loop.

Earth most certainly has awakened with strange sounds of “skyquakes” that resemble the trumpets of angels, fireballs exploding, and many comets seen in the morning sky.

You can call it an apocalyptic sign or an ancient reminder of an alien sky that early man tried to explain. When he couldn’t explain it, he discovered that the planets and space anomalies were there gods. Many mythologies based on events in the sky still survive to this day and there are many more contemporary myths to be spun out the events that will transpire in the heavens above us now.

Much of what I have reported to you – a lot of it speculation – has seemed to be happening as Comet ISON makes its journey to the sun. The fireballs, the explosions and the earth changes have all been predicted and we can safely say that they are transpiring.

No one is saying the world is ending, it is only demonstrating how it can make changes and it is our challenge to adapt to these changes – or perish.


11/27: Doom Is On ISON w/ David Talbott | Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

[…] The fireballs, explosions and Earth changes that have been predicted appear to be transpiring. No one’s saying the world is ending, but it is changing and it’s our challenge to adapt to these changes – or perish. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes David Talbott of The Thunderbolts Project back to the show to see that the ‘Doom Is On ISON‘! […]

Charlie Luerssen

A friend in Plattsburgh, New York the other night felt a tumor in the earth and other around the area and across the Canadian border saw a flash of light and loud sound. What have you heard?


Don’t know what you got to trip on the U.S. being called “the great Satan” for…?

(Want to bring up Rev. Wright too, remember “Goddamn America”…. think both had good points btw.)

You know the U.S. is rather Satanic sometimes, and on a “great” scale.

You know who’s Iranian, that’s right Cheech Marin, the world would be allot better place if more people were Iranians like Cheech… Nice stoned peaceful Iranians…

But no, you got to hold on to a little bit of drama and keep throwing out pissed off Iranian rhetoric. It’s not like Israel hasn’t been threatening to destroy Iran for years, with weapons we gave them….

I’d far more trust the Iranian government telling me they were seeking peace than the U.S. government though, look at recent histories…….



Seriously how many nukes does Israel already have and how violent are they? Should we ask Palestinians, or American Palestinian Activist Rachel Corrie…?

Oh wait Rachel Corrie was run over with a bulldozer by an Israeli soldier for protesting a settlement…. She can’t speak to the violent tendencies that are pervasive in their culture, anymore….

Oh no, but we’re worried about Iran. When Israel hasn’t even accounted for murdering U.S. citizens.

Allan Collison

Much of what I have reported to you – a lot of it speculation – has seemed to be happening as Comet ISON makes its journey to the sun. The fireballs, the explosions and the earth changes have all been predicted and we can safely say that they are transpiring.

No one is saying the world is ending, it is only demonstrating how it can make changes and it is our challenge to adapt to these changes – or perish.

Rob Matheny

Hey i like the artowrk from the headline graphic, any idea where to find that piece online?

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