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12/9: An Image Of God

12/9: An Image Of GodSpirituality and pop culture have never been good mix for institutional religion. But it’s great for business when your job is to generate money off of a world fixated on the apocalypse. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis looks at ‘An Image Of God: Religiously Seeking The Biblical Hollywood‘!



Clyde it is interesting that you don’t like the idea of Hollywood remaking Biblical Stories.
If you read English Versions of Bible then you don’t know any of the actual stories conveyed in the Hebrew Scriptures.
Here’s one for you.
The story of Adam and Eve was not about the first 2 Humans on Earth and right from the very first verse of Genesis,The English Versions are incorrect.

So the New Hollywood Myths may not be the same as your favorite Inaccurate Biblical Myths,But are they really any more inaccurate ?


Heres the real take on the Giants of Gen 6

Giants was translated from Nephil

נפל נפיל
nephı̂yl nephil
nef-eel’, nef-eel’
From H5307; properly, a feller, that is, a bully or tyrant: – giant.

The Giants were not Huge People.
They were Bully’s / Tyrants
The Truth is not as Exciting as the Fiction Translations.

Bob from Oregon

Perhaps you can throw some light on a statement like the one below for me.

“You will find certain nephillim in scripture
that have “six fingers and six toes”. Another nephillims weapon and armor
are recorded in the bible to have weighed between an estimated 300 to 400
pounds! Another giants “bed” is recorded in the bible as being 21 feet
long by 13 feet wide (this is based on the measurement of a cubit, which
can not be exactly determined today. I’m basing this measurement on the
27 inch cubit). Ancient Hebrew myths and legends record the nephillim as
being 300 feet tall!” – (in the ‘Whats in a Name’ section)

Are there no “huge people” in the Bible, or..? Thanks for your time!


If you want me to answer then you are gonna have to give specific references for your questions.
Your 1 link leads to a whole bunch of someone elses writings.
Which by the way agrees with the same Bully/Tyrant reference I gave.
Though your leader neglected to highlight the Name Bully.
So give specific scripture reference and I will help you with this.

Nephil can also be translated as Nu-Ph-La =Life-Speak-Leader and indicates a Dictator.
Remember I only used Gen 6 as my reference.

Bob from Oregon

My leader? What are you implying exactly? It sounds as if you are implying I hold the author of that wall of text in high regard. I assure you that I do not. I only linked it so you could see the source of my quote and I directed you to it’s location so that you wouldn’t have to read it all. I’m sorry it overwhelmed you.

Forget my question, I’ll go elsewhere.


Your link and vague reference lead to something that needed definition as to what you were actually asking.
What actually many people have done is Translated Nephil to mean Giant/Giants and then take other words translated as Giants and meld them together to make sense of the surrounding text.
Why did they not use the more obvious Translation of Bully’s or Tyrants ?
Because they wanted to give a different impression.
The problem is that that Different Impression leads away from Truth and Reality.
I mean Com’on,we have a ton of people speculating Alien Races and Angelic Races when the Underlying Meanings say otherwise.
The problem is that people have been fed a ton of garbage thru their religions .
And things have to be brought back to the beginning to straighten them out.
That is why I went back to Gen 6
And the author you led me to had quickly jumped over Gen 6

I will tell you this.
In the Ancient Languages a Name Denotes Character.
But the more specific charcter is to be found in Decyphering the name symbol by symbol.
Not merely looking at the Diction Meaning.
Some hold true thru diction meaning and some don’t.
But that is because the Powers (Elohym) cunfused the language.
Nephil holds true to the Tyrant /Bully Diction meaning as Nephil =Nu-Ph-La = Life-Speak-Leader which is a Dictator and those that would have Confused the Language thru Dictates/Diction.
If you just want to Troll around to Bog Down Truth then I am not gonna waste my time.
If you seriously have a question then I would even do some research if needed,
But you have to be more specific.
What you tried to do was to get me to make sense of someone elses writings as though they were mine.
I could crytique them.
But again,you have to be more specific as the Devil is in the Details and his Supporters have Weaved quite a Web.

Jen from SoCal

Let’s give Hollywood a break here and call the passion out for what it is: a movie by Mel Gibson.
His passion for gore doesn’t represent all of Hollywood.

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