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2013: The Year Of The Serpent Government


In February of 2013, when the lunar New Year became the ‘Year of the Serpent’ or the ‘Year of the Snake‘, no one really could have contemplated how the serpent would quite literally be the icon for what transpired in the United States. Not only was the 13th year a year of the snake, but it was the first full year that the 13th house of the zodiac Ophiuchus was recognized, a result of axial precession and the need to add the old symbol or house of the “snake” or “serpent handler” into the mix, making for an interesting synchronicity with regards to our focus on health and healing in this country.

Ophiuchus is known as the “snake handler” or Serpentarius. The Greeks saw that Serpentarius and the god Asclepius were one and the same.

Ophiuchus was a god of healing that could raise the dead with a rod that was intertwined with the serpent. The symbol that is associated with both Ophiuchus and Asclepius is the Caduceus. The symbol of intertwined snakes running up a pole is usually associated with the gods Hermes and Mercury.

HermesThe cult of Hermes Trismegistus in Alexandria was one of the main occult inputs into the Gnosticism of today. There are many people who see the symbol as an evil symbol with strong occult ties. Traditional Christians have decried Gnosticism as “Luciferianism,” or to the extreme “Satanism,” and that it will be the state religious philosophy in the end times New World Order as Hermes was considered the replacement for Jesus Christ as the perfected man and god.

The antichrist of course will make the claim that he is the leader of the Hermetic order and will be the replacement as the perfect man and god in apocalyptic scripture. His order will have the symbol of the dragon or the serpent.

Many times on Ground Zero we have spoken of the revelation of the method and how occultists use symbolism to communicate with other occultists because some things have to be hidden in plain sight because they merely can’t be openly discussed amongst the unwashed masses and most people don’t notice or recognize the symbolism unless it is pointed out to them.

Most of the time, highly charged symbolism resonates with people and they don’t know why they are mesmerized by symbols like the Star of David or the Swastika or even the rising sun symbol that is associated with the new dawn, a symbol that is now used by the Obama administration. Adding the symbolism of Hermes is significant because of how the rise of the New World Order wants to use health knowledge to wield their control over the affairs of the world.

The symbol has now been combined with the Obama symbol as the official symbol of Affordable health care. There have been eschatologists that have worried that the Obama logo – combined with the symbol of Hermes – is intentionally combining the substance of leader, messiah, healer, and alchemist.

Health care, DNA databases, genetics directives, and groups that have the power over life and death are now being put into play and the symbolism is only part of the plan.

A plan that with all of its difficulties is being embraced by those who do not understand the art of mesmerism and the programming that is used to make an impression on “groupthink” or “crowd psychology”.

If anyone notices the symbolism and what it indicates, then the ambiguity of the symbolism always allows it to be denied and the finger pointers ridiculed:

The caduceus symbol was originally associated with trickery and negotiation. The symbol later evolved and its meaning changed. It became the universal symbol of alchemy and in the 19th and 20th centuries became the official symbol for medicine and health care in the United States.

The symbol, when used as a medical symbol, has been met with controversy and has long been frowned upon by medical professionals because of its original association money and commerce.

Many believe that its mistaken use as a medical symbol originated from the military and to this day we see the symbol on ambulances, doctor’s offices and in hospitals. It is becoming the symbol of universal health and healing as more people are adopting the symbol unaware of its mistaken identity. The great irony of it all is that, in the Chinese ‘Year of the Snake’, the snake on a pole has had more meaning because of the supercharged concerns of the future of health care in the United States and its relationship with commerce.

What is intriguing is Hermetic symbolism of commerce and the association it has with Obamacare is not only hidden in the logos but in the associations and business relationships that are part of the deal.

When we hear that the symbolism is the ultimate in trickery and negotiation, there has been some concern about just who Obama is doing business with and who exactly is involved with processing your insurance plans.

The British company Serco, which many people in the U.K. have already nicknamed ‘SerpentCo’, has now become a major partner in the delivery of President Obama’s health care insurance. Serco is getting $1.2 billion dollars to process insurance claims for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Serco has been said to be the company that runs the British government. The Serco Group owns public and private transport, provides services for traffic control, handles aviation, military and nuclear weapons contracts, creates and manages detention centers, prisons and schools and also oversees surveillance operations and security.

Serco is a major player in electronic tagging and electronic sub-dermal chip production. The company has a litany of lawsuits against them, mostly for fraud and illegally tagging both dead and living prisoners electronically.

There are many conspiracy websites, both in England and the United States, that are saying the partnership between Serco and the Obama healthcare plan seals the deal on the possibility that Obama and the Royal Family are trying to establish a partnership that will eventually lead to a world Government alliance in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States.

This is also fueling the rumors that Prince William will be the universal king and that he will literally be the world leader that establishes relationships with world governments in the areas of health and worldwide commerce quite literally becoming the antichrist.

With the help of Serco, Prince William, along with Obama and other world leaders, will require that nations under their rule will become a chipped society and that it will be required for insurance identification and other transactions in the future.

Always remember that ‘global sustainability’ can be achieved through a process known as ‘endgame strategies’. Which include controls on ecological systems such as food, water and air. Using information on an implantable chip a government can utilize end game strategies by limiting and controlling your health care options, consumption of water, electricity, and use of transportation.

Those who are not chipped would have to obtain these services illegally. Those caught would be fined or imprisoned.

The society then becomes a technocratic wet dream where people are cataloged and treated as if they are machines or parts in an even bigger machine that serves the war profiteers and defense apparatus for the New World Order.

The main value that exists in the technocratic paradigm of medicine is separation. There is the principle of separation that states that things are better understood outside of their context, that is, divorced from related objects or persons. Techno-medicine continually separates the individual into component parts, the process of reproduction into constituent elements, and experience of childbirth from the flow of life. But first and foremost, it separates the human body from the human mind.

The transhumanistic and technocratic style is more or less without the obstacle of a soul that literally gets in the way of the process of treating the body like a machine that may be in need of an artificial part or substance to sustain it.

Mechanizing the human body and defining the body-machine as the proper object of medical treatment frees techno medical practitioners from any sense of responsibility or care for the patient’s mind or spirit. In the future and at times in our present we begin to see that medical doctors do not necessarily have the need to engage with an individual who has a medical condition. They merely use language that reflects a more mechanical view of the patient. You go from being a named patient with a bad knee, to merely the knee replacement coded and signed ready for tracking and prepared in room 223.

The passage in the Obamacare proposal page 1,001 illustrates this perfectly. The Affordable Health Care Act Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry reads:

The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of post market safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘and is ‘‘a class III device; or ‘‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

There have been many attempts to downplay this section by those who don’t want to believe that this may entail an implantable device – namely a transponder or chip – however, this is exactly what this is meant to address along with other devices that can be used to prolong and sustain life.

In fact, the very purpose of these devices are to collect data in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.

These provisions are necessary in order to restructure that which is seen as being an old system. The Affordable Health Care Act was proposed and made into law, not improve health care, but to control who gets medical care, who is need of new technologies to prolong life, and to regulate reproductive health in order to identify and observe those with genetic defects or mental problems.

Yes, this is all part of a surveillance and eugenics program that many people think is all for the benefit of the people.

It is for the benefit of the corporate, militarized security apparatus. Now you know why Serco has been called ‘SerpentCo’.

Serco is being dubbed the military beast the system of the great 666 since they are “the largest company no one has heard of” and has its hand in so many things in worldwide corporate control. Serco is so powerful that they control how we view and record time as they even owns the contract for setting Greenwich Mean Time.

They are also a company whose CEO says they are being guided by God.

Serco operates a number of churches across the UK, and is the United Kingdom’s licensed producer of holy wine and wafers, having bought out the Vatican’s patent in 1999. The Serco Seminaries at York and Canterbury have also produced a number of notable archbishops. Serco’s New Age branch promotes alternative therapies as well as Gaiaist gatherings, and is a regular presence at music festivals in the UK and Holland. Currently, Serco Ecclesiastical Publishing are negotiating for exclusive EU rights to republish definitive translations of the Bible and Holy Qu’ran.

Serco may be the very octopus that has been talked about by conspiracy theorists. It reaches out with tentacles from one body and, like a spider, weaves a web of intrigue. Meanwhile, the world wonders how a New World Order can be established and a worldwide corporation can control our every move from one centralized location.

It all sounds like dystopian science fiction, but in the ‘Year of the Snake’ – wouldn’t it be an injustice to not point out just who the predatory vipers are before we sell our souls to the devil in 2014?

Millions of people are just waiting to sign their names on the dotted line.

2014 is the ‘Year of the Horse’. Let’s hope it is not a white one.



Excellent article !


There is a biblical account in Numbers about a snake on a staff healing people. This was long before any Greek gods were around.

Num 21:8-9
8 Then the Lord said to Moses, “ Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.” 9 So Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived.


Serco has an employment ad for Texas. Interestingly, the ad states that it is not an “active” ad, but appears to be gaining a pool of people with those qualifications. Great show Clyde!


What’s with the “Let’s hope it is not a white one.” (horse) statement at the end? Not sure whether that rider is Christ of some minion….? There is no consensus, but considering what follows, and paying attention to details…

Not necessarily a fan of excessively apocalyptic type people, or those “Christians” that use the; “Well Jesus is going to fix it it here shortly anyway.” types either, but if it’s the end it’s the end, Thank God.

That’s like funerals, everyone is so sad… Why? You’re getting out of here, or your loved one is, and God is just whether or not we always perceive it.

Idk I hope God’s will be done either way, and I’ve learned that no man here today or appearing in the future can say just exactly what that is. God’s rather secretive like that, it’s his revelation to reveal.


“Those taking the most resources will be the ones they come after…”

Really they going after the CEO of GM and such, they cost us 11 Billion the other day when the government dumped the last of the stock they got in the bailout deal…..?

Anyway, glad you caught that before you went into suggesting that people on medicaid and medicare were the biggest burden, and therefore likely to be targeted by the government upon death….

Don’t see it happening, those people don’t have very much to take, but hey as long as Lush Rim-Job’s fan base keeps calling spreading male bovine excrement……


Questions: What does it mean to say “Serco operates a number of churches across the UK?“ Has the Church of England contracted with Serco to operate the churches? Or are these other churches? REALLY?
And what does it mean to say that “Serco is United Kingdom’s licensed producer of holy wine and wafers, having bought out the Vaticans patent in 1999? Since when has the Vatican owned a “patent” on holy wine and communion wafers? If we’re talking about the Vatican, we must be talking about the Roman Catholic Church, which only requires that sacramental wine be wine made from grapes, and that the communion bread be made from wheat.

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