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12/12: Santa Claus Is Going To Drown

12/12: Santa Claus Is Going To DrownThe idea of Christmas in all its religious and secular forms gets dashed on the rocks by people who not only loathe Christmas – but also loathe themselves and the humanity that surrounds them. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis sings the latest holiday hit, ‘Santa Claus Is Going To Drown‘!



A guy with a magic flying sled.who can shape shift to enter homes is concerned about raising water levels.sure


No I am not talking about Waco,Ruby Ridge or Sandy Hook.

I am talking about the very first Conspiracy that turned every child into a Conspiracy Theorist by the age of 10 and that is the Story of Christmas and Santa Claus.

Then as the little children grow up they learn that the same holds true for their religious leaders selling Salvation,Heaven and Hell.
When will the Conspiracy’s End ?


In response to the lady who called in who believes kids will be drawn away from religion when they find out santa claus isn’t real. For those in a Christian family they will know that there was a Saint (santa) Nicolas (Nicholas) and he was a patron saint of gift giving. He was then commercialized into Santa Claus. God works his miracles not just by making miracles happen outof nothing but also working through us via the holy spirit and the fact that parents spend hundreds getting gifts for their kids creates this miracle of Santa Claus.

There’s a religious and a secular aspect to christmas. TThis post is not to preach this view it is just in answer to the lady’s question.


I am not responding to you to poke fun at your belief but to simply make a point that Clyde asked why some people don’t want christmas trees or any other religious symbolism in public buildings.
Your comment about God and Holy Spirit fits the same type of thing.
First of all the name God came from a Pagan Deity of Good Luck and that is a fact.
The name Holy Spirit is a Generic name for both good and evil Spirits .
Did you know that the pictographs symbols of God is a foot and a door ?
And people do understand your religion is about just getting your foot in the door.
And it is has been historically been done by the Characteristic of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob who were the 3 patriarchs of Deception.


A lot of christian symbols did come from pagan practices. I was merely answering the lady who asked it in a purely religious question. There is quite a divide in the religious christmas and the secular one with santa claus. As for religious symbols like thechristmas tree in public buildings. I see no problem with. We are a country founded on an idea of religious freedom. A lot of the colonist were fleeing religious persecution soif an owner wants put a tree or any other symbol for any other religious holiday then they should go for it.

And ill have to look into the three patriarchs of deception. I haven’t heard this before.


I will clarify the 3 Patriarchs Of Deception.
I call them that because as the Bible shows they all 3 got their starts in wordly wealth from using Deception.
Abraham ,and Isaac both misrepresented their wives as their sisters to extort Land and Livestock.
Jacob Shook Down his brother Esau for his Inheritance for a bowl of Lentil Soup and Impersonated his Brother to Steal his Blessing.People don’t want to hear these Truths.
And what it implies.
Moses was Obviously Sociopathic if he even was a real person other than being a Personification of Thoth Moses.
In the story of the Golden Calf Aaron Deceived his people into handing over their gold jewelry to make a Gold Calf Idol.Aaron then lied to Moses and told him the Gold Calf just appeared out of the fire.Moses was supposed to have melted the gold into dust and mixed it with water to make the people drink it.Another unrealistic notion that that could be done with the gold.
And then Moses ordered the Levi Preists to go around and murder citizens which totalled 3000 murdered.
After Moses speaks of the Blessing the Lord had given them that day (the gold stolen from the victims)
Moses also writes of a punishment to be inflicted on his people for committing a sin.
So what was the real sin that day ?
The sin was the murder of 3000 innocent people.
But that is not what is taught by Christianity.
What is typically taught is that it is OK to murder people who worship idols and they totally dismiss who was actually behind it all.
Aaron was for sure a Liar about the situation.
If anyone should have been executed that day it should have been Aaron who was the Leader that made to Gold Calf and then Lied and said it Magically Appeared out of the Fire.
So another question is appropriate.
Do you believe in Magic or the Obvious ?
Most Christians simply build upon the Deceptions in their Bible and therefor are Workers of Inequity for it would be Equitable to not continue the Lie.


Unfortunately disqus is not working on my computer… any suggestions would be nice. It seems to just be continously loading with a little note that says it is taking longer than usual.

The Golden Calf.
Moses goes to Mount Sinai where God instructs him on how to build his temple among other things. He is to be gone for fourty days and fourty nights. I have been to Israel and if you have ever been there and around the Hebrew culture you will learn that their day begins in the evening (that is considered the next day). So Moses is gone for fourty days and fourty nights. The Israelites calculated it off the morning and thus had the wrong time for Moses returning. To them on top of Mount Sinai where Moses was speaking with God it was ablazed so they assumed something had happened to Moses and he wasn’t coming back. So the Isaelites go to Aaron and ask them to build a god to go before them so that they can worship it. Aaron does not have to decieve them for they asked him to build it. So he collects there golden jewelry and builds a calf (10th century jeroboam made golden calves as thrones for their lords and the calf became a symbol for the strength of the lord). Israelites were told they were not to worship idols and to represent theLord under any visible form. Moses returns and sees them all dancing and singing and worshipping this calf so he melts it down and grinds it up and puts it in water to make them drink (this is actually possible.. there is water out there now with gold in it that you can drink as well as vodka. Also if you have ever seen in gift shops where they sell gold it will be very small flakes floating in water). Moses then tells all who still follow the lord to come to him and those who do kill the ones who dismissed the lord for the calf. God debated just killing them all for he was quite a wrathful God in the Hebrew culture. Moses and the Levites did God’s will be destroying the calf worshippers while also allowing God to have mercy and let those who apologized and came back to him to live. Yes killing 3000 is still a sin and if you look at David.. he kills as God wishes but then he is not allowed to touch a stone of God’s temple because he has killed (and then eventually he falls to adultery and loses his firstborn)


So lets get this straight.

What instructed Moses on Mount Sinai ?

Exodus 19:3 claims Moses went up unto ELOHYM and YHWH called unto him out of the mountain.

Exo 19:3 And MosesH4872 went upH5927 untoH413 God,H430 and the LORDH3068 calledH7121 untoH413 him out ofH4480 the mountain

Do you understand what ELOHYM and YHWH are indicating ?

The scriptures show Aaron to be a Liar as the scripture claims the Gold Calf Appeared out of the Fire.

Do you think such Magic really does happen ?

And the people who are blamed for telling Aaron to make the Gold Calf were murdered by Moses Instruction in the amount of 3000.The rest for sure were Terrorized by that Sight.

I will get back to this if you could answer the few questions I have here.


On Mount Sinai Moses was instructed by the voice of God out of the gray mist or clouds that surrounded the mounts which to the israelites below looked to be a giant blaze of fire. Elohym is the mountain of God and Yhwh is the Lord. Aaron collects the golden jewelry and tossed it into the fire creating the golden calf using a hand tool. Yes he lied but he aslo admits it and ask for forgiveness. The people however ask for the calf and don’t ask for forgiveness.

I don’t believe in magic.


“On Mount Sinai Moses was
instructed by the voice of God”
The scripture is clear that the voice was of ELOHYM not God. And the ELOYHM was clearly YHWH which was a Deity of War

“out of the gray mist or clouds that surrounded the mounts which to the israelites below looked to be a giant
blaze of fire. ”

No such thing as an Israelite,they were Israelis as Israelite is a Greek Name and not a Hebrew Name.
The rest is debatable as to what the actual Hebrew Scriptures Insinuate.

“Elohym is the mountain of God ”
So you are implying that Mt. Sinai and ELOHYM are 1 in the same ?
With such an implication what is inferred is that Mt Sinai is the mountain of the assembly of the gods.
That mountain is now known as Mt Aqraa.
What is truly not known is this ELOHYM of the mountain Deities or Physical People.

ELOHYM in the context of Exodus 19:3 would leave the knowledgable person still not actually knowing.
ELOHYM was a Tribe of People and one group was the Alahmu Arameans who were Pastoralists and the Lead Traders of the region and is why Aramaic was a Dominate Language that the other Languages came from.
Elohym is also indicative of the Canaani Pantheon of Gods and includes the Pagan God YHWH
So Moses could have been consulting the Tribe of Elohym YHWH Represntative or he was Conjuering Up Spirits.

“and Yhwh is the Lord. ”
Yes the Name YHWH was covered over with the Name Lord.
But isn’t your Lord Supposed to be Ya-Sha-Wa and not just Ya-Spirit-Wa-Spirit ?

Your missing the most important part.

“Aaron collects the golden jewelry and tossed it into the fire creating
the golden calf using a hand tool. Yes he lied but he aslo admits it
and ask for forgiveness. The people however ask for the calf and don’t
ask for forgiveness.”
The Witnesses to Aaron’s Act were Murdered and Terrorized by the Murders.
With Moses being the one to not only Order the Murders but keep the Written Record Also.

“I don’t believe in magic.”
You do however go along with Sorcery.
Magic is a Manipulation of Physical Energy
Sorcery is a Manipulation of the Mind

And the Written Record Shows Moses To Be A Sorcerer.

And those definitions are another thing that churches do not teach properly as they are guilty of Attempting Both Magic and Sorcery on a Regular Basis.

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