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Santa Claus Is Going To Drown


It never fails. When I receive angry emails from listeners, they always seem to come from people who are trying to pin me to a political ideology. Some days I get emails telling me that I am right wing. They tell me that being right wing means that I am a hateful and joyless person. I am told that my conservative views make me a hypocrite and that when I speak, I am delivering hate filled messages.

At times I receive emails that say I am a liberal. I have learned that when I am a liberal, according to the emails, I am a nasty, immoral liar that supports homosexuals and Zionism. I am told that if I don’t talk a lot about the Federal Reserve then I most certainly am avoiding the conversation because I am being told by my Jewish superiors that I will be axed.

That is absolutely not the case.

To be frank, it is all absolute nonsense that I have to lean towards a certain political ideology in order to do a radio show about strange news stories, alleged cover-ups, conspiracies and paranormal phenomena.

It is estimated that 91% of all talk radio is right wing or conservative. With an over-saturation of one ideology, isn’t it valuable to somehow give a somewhat objective view of all of the information? That we can somehow have a view point that does not have to be political when we can see time after time that politics are reactionary and fatalist exercises that betray us every time we try to apply them to our lives?

I have said many times that what I do on my show is quite literally “old school” talk radio where all that is avoided or marginalized by the mainstream news is covered. Much of what I talk about seldom makes it to the networks and this is both an asset and a liability to what I do.

It is an asset only because I am proud of the hard work that me and my staff do to get you that unique story that will open your mind. It is a liability because if the mainstream never talks about it or if it just so happens to not be shared outside the circle of my audience, then it will wind up in the memory hole and not be remembered.

That is often the thankless part of what I do.

When many talk show hosts will tell you that they are giving you truth or fact even though it is opinion, I mix it all together along with the invitation to consider what I say and know that what I am trying to do is be honest with my thoughts and feeling and hopefully when the phone lines open we can hear what others feel and say without judging them politically.

There was a lot of controversy generated when I stated that the ‘War on Christmas’ was a political myth generated by Fox News and, while I still stand by that opinion, I was told that the bottom line is that Christianity is under attack – not Christmas.

While there is a tendency for Christian values to be challenged, and in the extreme cases Christians are being killed in other countries, there always seems to be a tendency for topics like the ‘War on Christmas‘ to dovetail into First Amendment interpretations such as the ‘separation of church and state‘ and whether or not it applies in the first amendment and whether or not nativity scenes, menorahs, or even statues of the ten commandments should be allowed in court buildings, schools or any other government building.

Well, the cynicism of the season rears its ugly head in matters like these and every once in a while there is a case where you have to stop and ask: How far do we go when it comes to the idea of religious plaques, sculptures and paintings in government buildings?

A New York City-based religious organization that calls itself The Satanic Temple, has offered to donate a monument on behalf of Oklahoma Satanists for display upon the capital grounds. The leaders of the Satanic temple wanted to point out that while the Oklahoma City Council has been trying to get bills passed allowing for religious icons in public places to promote what they call religious diversity, they would have to accept an Satanic monument.

The Satanists contend that they have a case to have the monument at the capital since they are a faith-based organization consisting of Theistic Satanists. They claim that if the bills and laws truly promote religious diversity then they should accept their monument.

It is not surprising that incidents such as these demonstrate that both political correctness and the way it breeds cynicism backfires at times and we realize that measures for religious diversity are not what they are cracked up to be and we tend to see cynical an fatalistic debates become the norm.

It can be compared to watching an ideology or a spirit that is supposed to be filled with cheer eat itself until all that is left is a shell of a thought that once had some value.

The idea of Christmas in all forms – both religious and secular – gets dashed on the rocks after it is thrown down by people who not only loathe Christmas but also loathe themselves and the humanity that surrounds them.

An example that illustrates my point is the latest public service announcement provided by the environmental group Greenpeace. The video features a disheveled Santa that looks more like Fidel Castro in a dimly-lit room. There is a flashlight on this Santa that looks menacing, telling children that because of “global warming” he is going to have to cancel Christmas. In the background, you can hear the dripping of water indicating that the North Pole is melting and that Santa and his elves may face the same fate of the so-called drowning polar bears.

Santa looks into the camera and says grimly:

Regrettably I bring bad tidings. For some time now, melting ice of the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible, and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas.

Santa continues with his grim announcement adding that he has written to world’s leaders such as President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He growls that they have responded with indifference, adding that “these individuals are at the top of my naughty list.

Santa then scares everyone with his final warning that stockings may never be filled again “forever more.”

When I saw it for the first time, I was hoping that it would improve and become a humorous commercial. Instead it became a wanton attack on the childlike innocence that comes with the belief – or at least the mythology – that is magical about Santa Claus. I was ashamed and outraged that now Santa Claus was not able to escape the politically fatalist views of ‘global warmists.

I was thinking, would anyone see this as part of a war on Santa Claus, an icon that has had its share of unchallenged derision?

Can anyone see that this ad was just one more in a sick and sadistic series that indicates that – not only is global warming a poison science – but it also is an excuse to promote fatalism and death fetishism?

For another example, in the United Kingdom, an elaborate and violent advertisement produced by a group called “Plane Stupid” showed large polar bears being dropped from an airplane. The bears are graphically shown raining from the sky, slamming into buildings, hitting with a bloody splat on the pavement below and one even smashing into a gray Lincoln Continental. I had commented on the ads at a public gathering, after I was treated to a viewing in Washington state at an environmental awareness rally.

After the hideous display of death on the screen, it was explained that the whole purpose of the ad campaign was to illustrate that 880 pounds is the average weight of a healthy polar bear and that every plane flight emits about 880 pounds of carbon-dioxide when it flies over.

I guess the metaphor was lost on many people because they were offended by the carnage depicted on the screen. Sometimes imagery can overwhelm the message. That is why it is important to note that the advertisements depicting death does nothing to further the movement or even the so-called science. It is nothing more than a cynical and hateful smack in the face by death fetishists that marvel at the death and carnage. They love to paint a dark side with no solution.

There was also the 10/10 ad controversy where on October 10, 2010, Sony advertising pulled their support of an environmental campaign that lasted only a day because of how bloody and graphic they ads were. The ads once again make a clear statement that many people within the environmental movement are sadistic and resort to death fetishism to make their point. The series of videos supports a coercive “groupthink” mentality by saying “there is no pressure” to support the pseudo science of global warming however if you choose not to follow the group you will be decimated.

The first in a series shows a teacher talking to her students about the ’10:10 Movement’. She encourages her students to do things like recycle, reduce car usage, insulate houses, use energy efficient light bulbs, and take the train instead of planes. The students seem enthusiastic enough, but two students seem to be skeptical. When class is about to be dismissed she pulls away some papers to reveal a black box with a red button. She presses the button and the two students who were not as excited about the environmental wash explode.

Blood and chunks of body parts hit the other students. The other TV spots are basically the same with a boss telling his employees to work on energy saving practices. Those who refuse get the button and are obliterated. A football player is decimated and even Gillian Andersen gets blown up – in a studio recording the voiceover’s for the 10:10 campaign! –  because she believes that just doing an ad is enough to help global warming efforts. It is quite disturbing to see blood oozing down a studio window and, if your stomach can take it, eyeballs are seen crawling down the glass.

The short film’s campaign was, itself, short lived. It was described as horrific, cynical, sadistic, and crude. It prompted Sony and to pull their support from the 10:10 global campaign.

Many of the advertisements that are to illustrate the global climate dilemma are aimed at killing or placing humans in harm’s way. In Finland, a television ad that was praised for its effectiveness shows a mother placing a baby in a bathtub. She turns on the water and the baby splashes happily not realizing that the mother will not return. The camera zooms out to imply that baby is going to drown as the water continues to fill the basin.

While the message is in a different language, the dark images of a baby drowning speak to everyone.

Now, according to the fatalists at Greenpeace, Santa Claus is going to drown and their new ad campaign – along with all of the other ads that are morose – reinforces my resolve that I do not want to associate with people that have no hope and no sense of what is appropriate in order to convey their message.

I sincerely believe that I am on the right side of the argument and that gives me the courage to report without shame that the Arctic has seen a 29 percent increase in ice in 2013 after a chilly summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year, which was reported recently by the Daily Mail.

What post people do not know is that the militant arm of environmentalists have a death fetish and a cynical and hateful view of human beings. They also seem to have the same disdain for everything that breathes on planet Earth. There is nothing that is sacred to them and they use extreme examples in television ads and in their conversations about global warming and climate change.

There have been a few outspoken global warmists that have compared climate change deniers to holocaust deniers.

This type of behavior is exactly why Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, resigned. In 2005, Moore criticized what he saw as scare tactics and disinformation employed by some within the environmental movement, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.” Moore calls global warming the “most difficult issue facing the scientific community today in terms of being able to actually predict with any kind of accuracy what’s going to happen.

He maintains that there is no scientific proof that man-made global warming is a reality. He went on to say that many of the environmental issues have been dealt with, however there are people within the movement that want to invent doom and gloom scenarios to win over the non-believers.

The environmental movement romanticizes the idea of the cataclysmic model and wants to see a world where people become peasants and pay for their abuses on planet Earth – for many offenders, that includes death. The simple message that is being sent out is: you don’t have a right to be here.

It most definitely is becoming anti-human and now anti-Christmas.



It’s clear you have what would appear to be more “right” leaning ideas on a few things, not all, of course then again with the market saturated and people listening to the “right-wing” mostly, seems you’d have to cater a little.

Good to analyze both sides though, from the commercial image and the nuanced divisions and differing within the wings. Of course the commercially viable neo-cons and neo-libs anymore don’t seem to represent anyone but the most ignorant/brainwashed among us or their fellow oligarchs, still good to know your enemy. Truthfully they’re just two wings of the same 1 party that’s controlled the country for a long time with divide and conquer.

I’d have to agree Christianity is under attack though, there are allot of angry atheists, and allot of angry Christians, a few who reject the mainstream state endorsed, if not sanctioned, “Christianity” that’s fed to us. I like Christ, like his model, and to be Christian you have to follow it, but most of those claiming to be “Christian” bear no resemblance to their savior, in spirit or action….

People have done allot of evil things to me and loved ones while parading under the banner of “Christianity, it’s horrible. I’ve personally known of “preachers” to engage in every manner of absolute child abuse, including child rape, to the point if someone tells me they are Christian I generally don’t trust or believe them from the moment they speak the words.

Anyway, point being there are people like me that will never escape the pain or trauma leveled at us by “Christians”, and there IS all manner of war being waged against those frauds, and some who look at it kinda like me but make no distinction, as in to some, they are all frauds. But when you’ve known a few people you really cared about to be permanently damaged by some “Christian” rapist or something, it happens.

So the “war on Christmas”…, totally real, from the ones warring with the commercialization, and loss of reason for the season, to those who just want Christians to die slow and go to that painful hell they’re threatening everyone with…. Leaning more to the forgiving side myself, I just wish “Christians” were actually Christian and would quit hiding behind Christ while acting like (maybe stereotypical) Satanists.

Hey and we can loathe what should be “humanity” without hating ourselves thank-you.

What’s with the “Santa then scares everyone with his final warning that stockings may never be filled again “forever more.”” line….

Really, the death of a LIE (popular SIN around Christmas dying a bad thing?) corporations and parents tell children, the end of Christmas consumerism a bad thing….? That’s not scary at all, it may be bull leading up to it, but then end message is solid.

Hateful is what the Satan Clause is…… Er I mean “Santa Claus”…. Not that it’s a clause in society that any time there is a spiritual holiday, that could and probably should be sacred to believers has to be overtaken by overt Satanism or anything…. It’s more of an unspoken law, not real a “clause” so much.

Anyway, defending Santa, and ignoring Jesus, not the coolest…… Santa was essentially INVENTED BY COCA COLA…. At least in his present celebrated form, but let’s defend a corporation, one that has recently came up with a campaign to quit serving people complimentary water when they go out to eat, simply so Coke can, you guessed it sell more Coke….. Yeah defend their puppet?

Oh and the add is sick, not real sadistic, unless you claim the right to lie to children from the earliest possible ages essentially codifying mistrust the rest of their lives….?

Still all the Global Warming profiteers and their “useful” idiots propaganda is outrageous though, gotta admit that much. Death fetishism and fear mongering, I was hearing that about how we’re going to kill off all those on medicaid and medicare, taking all their property once it’s done, but that was yesterday.

Mercury bulbs.. Love that “green”-energy btw…. Hypocrites everywhere….

Let’s not forget the real environmental devastation going on though. From the “great Pacific garbage patch” that’s as big as the US at this point, to the “hydrofracking” ruining our aquifers, BP creating a massive “dead-zone”, and making Gulf seafood unsafe to eat. Tons of other things. There are real environmental concerns, you know this though, being a down-winder…

Oh and you know who else “romanticizes the idea of the cataclysmic model” and that would be the “Christians”….. May be a different context, same ideology….

Boring, it’s all to oversimplified, but in fairness, with the attention span of house-flies being the audience of the day…. One could barely scratch the surface and hold anyones attention. So I can’t hate you for it….

Still defending Santa, and overlooking serious environmental problems, as if to say they’re all just paranoid hate mongers, that would be like saying all Christians are in fact fake hypocrites…. But I’ll shut up, the truth has gotten more of my role models killed….. making it unsafe to be too honest.

Jason Scanlon

Speaking of “oversimplified”…It troubles me that even thoughtful people get caught up in the language. Right and left are the two lobes of your body and don’t intrinsically have any correlation with the collections of policies that have been associated with them. I could say an “up” political leaning means you are against long pants and agree that it is uncouth to walk near walls. The arbitrary assortment of opinions that compose “conservative” or “liberal” views might make sense for an individual person to have, but for all people to be categorized that way is preposterous. That is why people who defend these groups find themselves defending things they don’t actually agree with. They feel in order to have validation for one belief, they have to accept whatever is packaged with it for them. This crap makes real discussions difficult. We need to define our terms before we can communicate. Maybe then, people realize these kinds of terms were never useful (to us)

linda barnett

welcome to being misunderstood, Clyde. this has been my experience my whole life. it could be that those who tend to be whole brain thinkers (left and right hemispheres) are simply comfortable living in a state of ambiguity, which some people cannot relate to. I have been called every name in the book but the labels are about 99% wrong. maybe “bohemian” was one I could say applied…? :). I did not realize I was comfortable in a state of ambiguity until one of my grad professors told me so. I guess it is true, but I just try to be open minded. there is a huge unknown paranormal world out there and a huge scientific world we know nothing of, yet. how can anyone be a know it all?

Dissident America

Yes I realize the Right will say you’re Left and the Left say Right which by my own basic understanding that makes you open-minded and hence puts you with us Independents i.e. Libertarian.

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