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Illuminaughty List


As the world turns and we pass along another revolution around the sun, news organizations and other media groups begin that task of making their lists of individuals they feel most influenced the year or should be considered in some honorarium for their influence.

A week ago I had been perusing the Time Magazine list of contenders for person of the year. The list of notables were “Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Pope Francis President Barack Obama, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, NSA leaker Edward Snowden and gay rights activist Edith Windsor.

There was one contender that was mentioned and I could not believe she was even being considered. That person was Miley Cyrus. The argument for the inclusion of the twerking pop star was that power is not just political but cultural as well. While the point is well taken, the thought of Cyrus being on the cover of Time as influential may indicate that there may be some truth to the rumor that there may be a hidden hand somewhere in the music, TV and film industry and that whatever their motives are they are certainly using whatever means necessary to normalize or at least demonstrate “sexualized innocence” in the pop culture using singing artists like Miley Cyrus.

If you read what is being said by some of these artists and highly critical observers, there seems to be this undercurrent of talk about the influence of the Illuminati in the music industry and popular culture in general.

The Illuminati or the idea of the so-called “hidden hand” seems to take the brunt of accusations that they have been involved with the shaping and molding of society and that while there have been accusations in the past of Satan ruling the music industry, this time it is blatantly evident in places where you would least expect it.

In the past pastors and church leaders would warn their younger members that heavy metal and rock music was influenced by Satan. From the notion of backward satanic messages on albums to the idea that some band names have some hidden satanic meaning, the idea that the devil runs the music industry is really nothing new.

However, the Satanic majesties that once ran the music industry have now put on new bling and have set out to now take popular artists, country singers and hip hop acts into the realms of darkness under the guise of an age old enemy called the Illuminati.

Even if you don’t believe in the Illuminati, it doesn’t hurt to question the structures and actions that we are surrounded by in our everyday lives.

While there are internet conspiracy theorists that the Illuminati is everywhere and that sudden deaths of pop stars and movie stars are Illuminati hits, there needs to be a bit of restraint and critical thinking about such accusations.

This does not mean that perhaps the Illuminati does not have some power in some situations, but most internet conspiracy theorists do not know the extent of that power and while some people can string together “coincidences” and high weirdness with any event, the theorist really does not know where the power of the Illuminati begins or ends and what motive a nebulous organization such as the Illuminati has.

We just assume that they make the rules, that they have plans and that everyone wants to be in on what they are doing or what they are about to do next.

There are plenty of websites where conspiracy theorists thrive on illustrating how a particular rich and powerful person is using a “hand sign” or “secret handshake” . While many of the hand gestures appear to be strange and “curious”, there has to be a critical way of ascertaining whether or not it is a “sign” being sent to their Illuminati handlers – or just a ‘copycat effect’ where someone sees one hand gesture and then duplicates it like a pop culture hundredth monkey effect.

I have seen websites that have shown people using the “I love you” gesture with their hands in public only to be listed on the “Illumi-naughty” list as making the hooked horns gesture which is linked to witchcraft and Satanism.

The hooked horns or ‘el mano cornuto‘ sign was used in cultures to ward off bad luck or the evil eye. It has also been adopted as a gesture used in heavy metal rock and roll shows. Two influential rock stars Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath and Gene Simmons of KISS have argued their origins. Dio claims that he used the Cornuto gesture in it’s true form while Simmons indicated that it was a natural “hello” as his two middle fingers would pluck the base guitar and he would raise his hand with the thumb extended which is the universal deaf sign for I love you.

Either way, all arguments come to an end when Illuminologists make the claim that all forms of the hand gesture are Satanic. I believe that this has always been an exaggeration on the part of theorists.

The power of the Illuminati is fueled by the public and, at times, the public falls for a whim or a conspiracy theory that is only theory based on wild speculation. This is by design and we can say that the Illuminati is behind it, but we can also say that there is an orchestrated conspiracy to make all conspiracy theorists look like they are chasing their tails with regard to who is behind the hidden hand.

For the record, there have been numerous artists, musicians, and actors who have stated that there is most certainly a hidden hand that guides the music, movie and television industry.

While all of the paranoia about what you choose as entertainment shifts to heightened awareness there are still exceptions to all of this metaphysical rationale for avoiding that which is destructive, there needs to be a bit of critical thinking that has to be used before we buy into or fall for well placed disinformation on such topics.

It is well known that there is a war against the conspiracy theorist on the Internet.

Cass Sunstein, the United States’ “regulatory czar”, co-authored a paper in 2008 entitled “Conspiracy Theories Causes and Cures”:

He states that “those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups.

Sunstein is in a position of power and the frightening thing is that no one has pointed out the obvious about this stupid and extremist plan. Cognitive infiltration is flawed because it is nothing more than a means to create an elaborate conspiracy to infiltrate groups of people who believe in conspiracy theories, this is supposed to help them eliminate any idea that there are conspiracies being carried out by our governments.

We will come to point where no one will smell the excrement until their noses are rubbed in it at gunpoint.

That might sound extreme to some, and many people won’t see or even feel the effects of the paranoid government trying to confuse you or trying to recruit you into believing that everything you read on the internet is paranoid delusion.

That is why there really needs to be discernment with anything you read on the internet with regard to the hidden hand – because the hidden hand of the Illuminati can fool you into falling for anything and everything that goes up on you tube or winds up in print.

We have been programmed into thinking that there is a threat lurking everywhere and so we must expose those who are not following the social norm. This can be counter-intuitive and it can also be used as a weapon in the information age.

The threat is real, but the extent of the threat and the power is based on the public’s ability to expose and in some ways empower the meme of satanic panic, even with regard to the so-called Illuminati.

We all had a rock band that we liked that our church authorities would tell us is some corporate attempt at selling Satan.

In my youth it was KISS. I was told that their name meant “Knights in Satan’s Service” and that they were devil worshipers. When I got older I realized that all of those scare stories were just that.

Paris-Jackson2However, today artists no longer hide their fondness for the dark side and many of them are either aware of what message they are sending with their choice of images and lyric content – or they are being forced to present it to the public.

Before his death Michael Jackson warned in the song, “They Don’t Really Care About Us” that there are cabals that abuse the world. In the music video for the song he sings “Will me thrill me you can never kill me” and hit me, kick me, you can never get me,” whilst standing next to an all seeing eye painted on a wall.

Paris-jackson-3After Jackson’s death and during the time that the world was shocked at the death of Whitney Houston, Jackson’s daughter Paris tweeted some pictures warning that the Illuminati is everywhere.

On June 5th, 2013 Paris Jackson was rushed to the UCLA medical center where her father died because of an alleged suicide attempt. Apparently Paris Jackson cut her wrists with a meat cleaver and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets. It was later reported that she did it for attention because she was told that she could not attend a Marilyn Manson Concert.

Paris-jacksonShe said that she really did not want to die and that she made a mistake. Paris was released from the hospital but was actually confined to a treatment center because doctors thought she was danger to herself. Afterward, Marylin Manson dedicated a song “Disposable Teens” during a concert to Jackson and then simulated the act of slashing his wrists onstage.

Another interesting case of documented Illuminati presence in the music industry happened in May when singer Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in jail and three months home confinement for refusing to pay $500,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. IBTimes reported that “During her trial, Hill was ordered by the judge in Newark, New Jersey to undergo counseling because of her belief in “conspiracy theories” – including that artists are being oppressed by a plot involving the military and media.

Before Lauryn Hill was arrested, she wrote a diatribe set to music called “Neurotic Society.” The rap was a disparaging attack against the music industry and the way the country was being run. She also apparently made the mistake of exposing the Illuminati conspiracy in the music industry.

Jay- Z, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, and many other music artists have spoken about the Illuminati and new world order in their music.

One of the most outspoken critics of the music industry and the possible influence of the Illuminati on the music industry is an independent journalist media analyst, political activist, and author Mark Dice.

Recently, Dice has been on the radar because of his recent book “Illuminati and the Music Industry“ and his critical views on the recent allegations of MTV star Tila Tequila – that the Illuminati is “destroying her career” and is out to kill her.

Surprisingly, Dice has been critical of Tequila’s claims prompting accusations that Dice is trying to protect the Illuminati even though he has been highly critical of the Illuminati and their hidden hand in popular culture.

Dice also has been critical of all of the outrageous claims that actor Paul Walker’ death was an Illuminati hit.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Walker was a victim of an internet a death hoax where he allegedly died in a car crash. From there they somehow include the death of Brian Griffin the dog on ‘The Family Guy’ as foreshadowing Walker’s death, because Brian was the name of walker’s character in ‘Fast and Furious’. Then comes the Illuminati accusations of how his car was rigged to kill him and his partner because they were about to expose that sinister forces were funneling money from his charity “Reach Out Worldwide.”

There is also is speculation that Walker’s friend and driver, Roger Rodas was a target of the drug cartels in Central America. Others say that they have proof the Illuminati killed Walker because he made only 33 movies in his career. Of course, the coincidence proves no connection to the Illuminati only that it’s a number that is connected to freemasonry.

How did they kill him?

Well, the convoluted stories claim that either the brakes were sabotaged to a damaged fuel line or a missile fired from a drone.

What we are seeing is a group of people wanting so badly to believe their own theories that they seem to forget that conspiracy theories are just theories and – while there are cases of Illuminati trappings in any conspiracy – that does not mean that the culprit is an all or nothing subtotal of Illuminati involvement.

The very idea of disinformation muddying the waters is nothing new, but the reaction to someone who questions outrageous theories is equally suspicious.

We know that the reason we have conspiracy theories is because governments conspire, and secret organizations conspire, people conspire. That is the nature of the beast and situation normal in the apocalypse.

You can’t write off all conspiracy theories, but there is really no conspiracy to dismiss all theory as many people do the right thing trying to make sense of this complex world.

There always should be a responsibility for anyone entertaining such ideas of conspiracy or Satanic machinations to keep what is accurate and throw away that which can’t be shown to have any merit to getting to the bottom of what really happened.

The more information spreads, the more we will see speculation of conspiracies, cover ups and a failure by the media to give us all the answers we seek. We must always understand that while claims of an Illuminati have been shared by various artists and others there is an evolution of events and history that must be considered and pondered while evaluating proof or even empirical evidence.

This could become a social meme out of control, that we no longer can trust the media, government or anyone that claims to be reporting the truth. This becomes a vicious circle that will end up canceling itself out, leaving people with the idea that there is no longer an honest assessment of anything.

This will give precedent to erode freedom of speech even more than it already has been. Keep that in mind the next time you want to believe a theory that was placed online only to misinform, confuse and generate hits on a website or YouTube channel.

It is a conspiracy to destroy the idea of conspiracy – convincing the world they don’t exist, like the Illuminati.


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Reported today that the Director of Tila’s show was shot and killed.


Fuck that fuck….. The bitch draws more attention to Hollywood prostitutes by offering them lip-service, probably literally too, by “exposing” their Illuminati garbage.

No Dice, we didn’t know who the hell half of those prostitutes were until you took interest and starting airing partial music videos along with your critiques. Thank god I forgot already who most of them were, after some sheeple sent me to your youtube.

And how hard is it to aggregate news stories and historical shit, and copy the Orwellian rhetoric model, rewriting a bunch of articles and historical facts you found online….. And upper middle class “awake” people think you’re so with it, as they masturbate with their iphones to your image. Lovely….

God, you’re both fucking fakes, advertisements, total fucking bore to anyone who’s developed beyond age 12. And the level you like to stay on… My god so much is missed due to oversimplification, it’s hard not to feel as if you’re both controlled opposition.

Oh-well, maybe you can bring Michael Aquino on next week and toss his salad for him as you’ve been promising Clyde, then I’ll really have a reason not to waste my time…..


as I have said you will not be missed. So smile and realize that your pap is meaningless.


what a buffoon… presented absolutely no information other then your vulgar ignorance……


I heard this guy on C2C on Saturday and I usually have an open mind with all guests, I do believe there is an illuminati/new world order/whatever, but really all this guy is doing is promoting his moralist agenda to pimp his book. Plus he oversimplifies it. Not ALL of these people are dirtbags because they are successful in their careers. Professor Griff has a much more substantive and sound take on the illuminati and the music biz, and he doesn’t preach. Dice reminds me of those book burning/censorship freaks. The world is not black and white and you don’t have the answers. ~TA in Brooklyn

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