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12/19: Synagogue of Satan w/ Tracy Twyman

12/19: Synagogue of Satan w/ Tracy TwymanBankers robbed children of their futures, politicians exploit dead kids as talking points and priests betrayed a child’s trust by molesting them. Well, the so-called elite love a little child sacrifice just in time for the holidays. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis welcomes Tracy Twyman back to the show to help us in the grim task of ‘Identifying The Real Synagogue of Satan‘!



You Identified it Clyde.
Jew,Muslim and Christian all have their Satanic Aspect.
But of course,as they all 3 are Claiming to be Abrahamic religions.
Abraham being the first Deceiver listed in the Trinity Of Deceivers.
Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.
Satan in Hebrew is Sha-Ta-Nu and means Nutrition-Covenant-Activity.
And is the Basis of Israeli Slavery now known as the Welfare State.

a child never forgets

Don’t forget doctors I had a real sico ad a child 40 years ago.they hide behind there title or fame mine was world famous. Then he took cowards way out when confronted .

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