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Looking back over the year it can be said that if there was ever a year of disillusionment 2013 would be a record year for it. The unfortunate part is that the disillusionment has been carried over from previous years and that the tolerance level has reached its nadir.

It is also unfortunate that whenever an honest American wants to talk about this disillusionment they are often canned up and labeled like a can of beans. The disillusionment is not just the product of dare we say a “right wing conspiracy” it is most certainly the result of years of persecution and being ignored by a government that has promised that it is looking out for its citizenry.

The 13 years that have been fraught with lunacy, oversensitivity, hatred, polarization, and conflict are about to become more heated in the year to come as the evidence continues to mount that we have chosen a police state lifestyle and a nation that has now become a war state.

The Obama Administration has consistently justified its broad exercise of military powers by pointing out that it is executing what Congress has authorized it to do. We all know that laid the groundwork for a police state during the Bush administration.

The dialogue that was raised about the Patriot Act I and II and the Project for the New American century’s section 5 was completely ignored because the nation was still trying to recuperate from its trauma after the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

Most of these provisions were supposed to have an expiration date, however now we realize that they have outlived their shelf life and President Obama has allowed for the loose interpretation of constitutional law, and the American people are slowly losing their grip on what citizens are entitled to under the constitution.

The mainstream media still has its grip on American opinion and as they move into the new year, they still do not have the ability to be cynical and skeptical about political moves in this country. It can be a liberal media that praises the left or a Conservative media that praises the right and still the American people are given nothing but platitudes that supply their already rigid thinking about that issues served up like bad school lunch.

It might as well be food for thought scraped from the dumpster because as the media is still caught up in the Duck Dynasty fiasco, constitutional freedoms and the American way of life is being brought down in a controlled demolition.

The liberties and freedoms that our forefathers have died for are being mocked and destroyed and it is becoming clear that the attitudes of most Americans is that we had this coming, or that it is not surprising and cannot be stopped.

As I have said many times, criminality immediately severs all ties to political party, religious affiliation and citizenship.

If you are a criminal you lose all of those affiliations, because of what they represent.

Good Christians, Muslims and Jews are not criminals. Great leaders no matter what party they are from lose their label of “great” when they commit a crime against humanity. If you are an American and you commit a crime against the constitution you are a traitor. You are no longer a true American and your loyalties are not to be trusted.

It appears that what we once called honorable men and women, are more than likely lying to you, stealing from you, and making a list of enemies that they can see eliminated if they pose a threat to their power.

This year we have debated as to whether or not Edward Snowden is a traitor or a hero. I often cringe when I hear people publicly state that he is a traitor when he pointed out the obvious truth about the American evolution into a police state.

Snowden told us the obvious and it is baffling to hear people defend the new cybernetic panopticon that is growing unabated.

Today I awakened with the radio on. A special news bulletin that was read made me jump out of bed enraged. The headline read was “Federal Judge now says NSA spying is Constitutional.

That ruling came courtesy of US District Judge William Pauley, who decided in favor of the NSA and the American government. This was in response to a case filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Reuters reported that Judge Pauley admitted in a decision penned in the Southern District of New York court that the NSA “vacuums up information about virtually every telephone call to, from, or within the United States,” but that no evidence exists that the spy agency abuses this program to spy on people without terroristic ties.”

Pauley also made the insipid statement that if the NSA wiretapping existed prior to 2001 the government could have predicted the 9/11 attacks.

These statements should be publicly shamed because those who know better would point out that a memo that was declassified in 2007 stated that as far back as 1997, Osama Bin Laden was already making waves as a CIA blow back, plotting an attack on U.S. soil. In 1998 his attacks on Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania had already sent a signal that he was becoming a formidable enemy of the United States and its interests.


It can also be noted that in 1996 that there was concern that terrorist operatives were planning an attack on the Atlanta Olympics. In fact at one high-level planning meeting before the Olympics in 1996, White House Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke had even theorized that terrorists might hijack a 747 and crash it into Olympic stadium.

So, does Judge Pauley really stand by his ignorance with this unconstitutional decision? Has the mainstream corporate media taken the time to point out that his statements are ludicrous? Absolutely not, we are still trying to ascertain the intent of Phil Robertson the so called “duck commander” with is statements in GQ magazine and why Jesse Jackson has been thrown into the circus.

This alone should convince you that there is a conspiracy to selectively present information in order to sway the public towards a police state agenda. What we are not told is what really can hurt us in the New Year.

In the battle for your liberty you must know who your enemies are and how they are fooling you into thinking that just because they hold lofty positions in the community that they can avoid being on wanted posters or have their mug shots posted on the internet.

There are other enemies that I encourage you not to tolerate and that is the pandering politicians who sound the desperation alarms by declaring that these unconstitutional moves are needed for security, when it is obvious that the security they speak of is their own, because they know the tolerance level is about to give and that when the dragnet goes out and citizens demand accountability they will be indicted on charges that demonstrate utter contempt for constitutional law.

Also be warned of trolls that linger in Social networks that use malicious attacks to try and discredit independent reporters. They are all quick to take reporters out of context, and label anyone they see as a threat to their “party” as an “agent” or a “gate keeper.”

It is appropriate to point out that many of these trolls call themselves “activists” that come on the scene to tell the world that they are here to destroy “hate speech” when what they are really doing is destroying any and all contrarian stance against what they feel is important for their political agenda.

If you don’t speak enough of the alleged Jewish Banking Conspiracy, you are an agent. If you speak against the Illuminati, you are an agent. If you do not talk about Obama’s illegitimacy as president you are an agent. If you don’t support prayer in the public schools or the Ten Commandments in court houses you are an agent.

I suggest that these trolls are agents. That they use push button “crisis” like the media does in order to inflict a credibility conundrum. It is time to declare that petty little agendas get in the way of true crime and constitutional negation that will thrust America into full on martial law in 2014.

I never have understood how this type of nonsense gets heard, and why so many people do not realize that there will be a time when independent thought will considered precedent for pre-crime by the government.

You can’t tell me that if Edward Snowden or Glenn Greenwald were to just show up one day in the United States appearing on TMZ or Good Morning America, that they would not be hauled away and put in a prison without a trial. That is just how bad we have become in this country with regard to the sickness of knee jerk and bumper sticker patriotism.

There are plenty of people out there that would demand an execution in the public square for any and all that expose these ignorant and unconstitutional decisions because the media has not discouraged these judges and politicos from spreading disinformation.

America will return the day we can tune into the nightly news and hear the talking heads declare that there are people in power that have abused their positions. That they have revoked the public trust, and have conducted themselves like mobsters.

If they could just say the truth about how we are seeing before us a small group of men that are leading through intimidation and coercion. These so called leaders are banking on the ignorance of the American people and making decisions that become bulletins without consequence or challenge.

There are Americans today that have a default setting of hate for anyone who does not necessarily agree with them politically or religiously. However there must be an agreement where people can set aside their programming in order to acknowledge that powerful men and women conspire. They do so in order to retain their power and keep their bulging paychecks.

Anymore, we see that there are people on the internet that try to sound the alarm and are met with mobs of people who are more than likely capable of meaningful dialogue on an issue kill it with a joke, or pretend like that they are in some half baked reality show.

The truth is we can make amusing comments and pretend it is alright, or claim that all people who believe that the government is corrupt are conspiracy nutcases, but the truth is that the idea of police state has now trickled into the television format of C-span.

On December 26th, 2013 C-span opened their phone lines and asked the provocative question “Is the United States a Police State?” The overwhelming majority said yes.

I don’t know what is worse, admitting to it, or doing nothing about it.



Just wondering what “Good Christians, Muslims and Jews” are…?

And if they fall under the categories, American, and taxpayer, I have serious reservations about calling them “good”, since their taxes are in fact funding human rights violations around the globe.

Basically committing crimes against humanity by proxy, therefore losing their rights to be called “great” or “American” by your and my logic anyway, but that hits a little to close to home for most “Americans” to be willing to own up to. Nor will you or many others acknowledge the fact as true….. (now you see why I have so much time for such, the truth is not a respecter of persons.)

And Snowden, worst case scenario he’s a limited hangout and his intentions aren’t pure, a legitimate question when Glenn Greenwald is about to profit immensely off the Snowden leaks. Not really a “traitor”. Just a sad statement on how Americans love controversy and celebrity, especially considering most of what he’s released was pretty well accepted as fact if not “known”, by anyone willing to take the time to research the world we live in…. People too lazy to look into their world themselves have turned him into some celebrity whistle-blower. No the government has just preformed illegal experiments on it’s people most of the 20th Century, no way they’d have a full on police-state by the 21st….?

And anyone who seriously can suggest Osama Bin Laden was anything but a patsy…..? He’s just who the government wanted blamed.

I’d also be far more cautious of those media personalities in even the “alternative” media, than a troll, I have no doubt the establishment uses them like puppets as much as possible as well. That’s like the tea-party started off as one thing, and is now totally different, controlled by the same ones controlling certain establishments agendas at this point.

That’s cute “alleged” Jewish Banking Conspiracy, no sure the Rothschild name just happens to be “Polish” or something. And so is Rockefeller, most of the heads of the Federal Reserve, yeah all those names, nothing in them suggesting a link to Israel or the Jewish people there… You probably should spend more time on the subject by the way, but neglecting to do so doesn’t make you a “shill”.

Tell you how messed up it is though “The Wolf of Wall Street” opened Christmas Day, that’s how much Wall Street and Hollywood think of us unsheered masses.

A big portion of the trolls are “agents”, then again allot of us are “inconvenienced” by our strong ethical, moral, or even spiritual convictions and refuse to have normal “jobs” and pay taxes that go to murdering foreign babies and such, so we typically have more time on our hands to be vocal.


I just listen to your show for a few laughs. You have disturbed people calling in with their wierd conspiracy theorys. I have to ask how come it seems like when a person calls in they are the only one that really knows what is going on in the government? Might be a sign that these conspiracy theorys are a bunch of B.S.
It is not a secret that there are people in the government who only look out for themselves, and do break the law. But that is the case in all of history. And about a police state, the police have been getting more powerful as time goes on. And the government does protect us from foreign enemies. The people in government have been watching us ever since this country started. Nothing wrong with that.


troll alert!!!

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