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1/2: Iron Law

1/2: Iron LawIt’s downright peculiar to see through the looking glass of history darkly and understand that the ‘iron law of the oligarchy‘ was just as real in 1914 as it is now. So we ask ourselves: Is 2014 a good year for a great war? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis lays down the ‘Iron Law: 1914 2014‘!


Charlie Bates

First, as an aside, the American public should be reminded that the patron saint of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, ,worked, vigorously for the eugenic elimination of the “defective” and the enfeebled all her life. She worked eagerly hard, often with the help of black ministers, for the mass abortion of black babies. Sanger was a monster equally as evil as Hitler himself,
As for tonights subject, the catalyst for war will undoubtedly come from the deliberate economic destruction of the US economy, ,made possible not only by elite politicians but also by politically compliant “news” organizations, these latter as great a group of traitors as ever walked the earth. The fight against the oligarchy will be further complicated by Obama’s impending closure of the last lead smelting facility in Missouri by the EPA to stop the manufacture of domestic weapons ammunition. Hence the massive arms purchases by various agencies of the US government.
Finally, take heart that if enough Americans keep faith in God, the oligarchy must fail. I have personally confronted Satan and know that with the power of Christ Evil Spirit cannot prevail. Hence, Satan backed tyranny must also fall.

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